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UI/UX of mobile app development
Jun 14

Importance of UI/UX in Mobile App Development

There are millions of versatile mobile apps on the app store today. Some have been extremely successful while others have …

manual software testing
Jun 14

Pros and Cons of Manual Software Testing

With the rise of digital reliance, we see many new sites and mobile applications out in the market each day. …

implement a total quality management system
Jun 11

Steps to Implement A Total Quality Management System

Software Development requires a number of resources and time, thus results into a costly process. Any trade off in the …

types of software testing
Jun 10

Types of Software Testing – Supersourcing

It is hard to appraise the job of testing during the process of software product development. Its objectives are not …

AI in cloud computing
Jun 09

Role of AI in Cloud Computing

Cloud computing services have transformed from platforms, for example, Google App Engine and Azure to Infrastructure which includes the arrangement …