The Bureau of Labor Statistics stated that job opportunities for web developers are likely to increase by 8% between 2019 and 2029. The estimated growth rate is faster than the average for every other occupation. At the same time, the need for remote workers will be one of the most prominent workplace trends at the current time. 

With the massive employment growth in the web development field and the remote market, this is probably the best time to look for remote developer jobs. But the job search process can be highly intimidating without valuable tips and guidance. Follow our in-depth guide to tread on the path of becoming a remote developer in 2022.

Work on Getting the Necessary Skills

You must have some technical skills to land a job in the remote development field. Both experienced, and newbie developers need to acquire the necessary skills to secure the job. As a developer, you must be able to integrate advanced technologies to deliver productive results.

Some skills that can help you progress in this field are as follows:

Programming Languages

Any good developer will be proficient in at least one programming language. When choosing the programming language to learn, you must consider your area of interest. You must be comfortable finding solutions in that particular language. Some languages preferred by developers include JavaScript, HTML/ CSS, and Python.

Data Structures and Algorithms

Employers look for developers with knowledge about data structures and algorithms. Knowing how to organize data and use them for solving problems is necessary to succeed as a remote developer. 

You might not realize the importance of learning this skill set during the initial stage of your career. But once you come across the issue of your code taking too much time or space, you will begin to value the knowledge of data structures and knowledge.


Developers must be comfortable working with databases and know about every operation like storing, creating, inserting, updating, and deleting records. Developers also need to manage the entire record of the organization and keep proper backups. 

Without the knowledge to work with databases, developers won’t be able to guarantee the security of company records. While SQL remains a popular database, developers can work with various other databases like Oracle, Cassandra, and Redis.

Networking Basics

In a majority of cases, developers work on the client-server model. The request goes to a server through the network. The client can access the application from any corner of the world.

The architecture wouldn’t be developed efficiently without proper knowledge about networking basics. As a result, HTTP request issues can develop over the network.

Encryption and Cryptography

Developers working on websites or applications using sensitive user information are required to implement an encrypted key to prevent cyber attacks. A developer must have sufficient knowledge about the way encryption algorithms, authentication, and cryptography methods function. 

Data encryption is carried out using a public key or private key. Cryptography enables the developer to build a secure system that promotes the secure transmission of output over the network after the request gets processed. It also allows protected error handling and facilitates the use of third-party libraries without security issues.  

Gain Some Experience as a Remote Developer

Your chances of getting hired automatically increase when you acquire practical experience as a developer. You can look for freelancing gigs on top websites such as Upwork or Fiverr. You can also volunteer as a developer on sites like Code for Fun and Donate: Code.

Employers need you to possess specific soft skills like discipline and self-motivation to consider you a reliable remote worker. When you are able to offer proven work experience, employers will be convinced that you have the ability to thrive in the remote workspace. Besides, the work experience also shows you can use developer skills to create practical solutions. 

Update Your Resume

Like the job search process in any other field, you need to prepare a resume before looking for developer jobs. Professional recruiters will help you find the job roles you are looking for when they see your resume. Employers will get a glimpse of what you can offer the company from your resume.

Several online job search portals will require you to upload your resume. You will be wise to convert it into different file formats. It will become easier for you to upload the document into various job portals.

Apart from your skills and work experience, your resume must include your educational background. If you have a professional degree in web development, your chances of getting hired will be high. Refrain from writing something cliche in your professional summary because it can help you gain chances of being interviewed.

Gain Some Knowledge About Your Earning Potential

The average base income of a web developer in the US is $67,442. The good news is that as a remote developer, you have the same earning potential as your in-office counterpart. In 2021, tech giants like Spotify declared that they are willing to pay employees the same irrespective of where they live.

In 2022, we can expect companies to bridge the gap between the pay scale of remote and in-office employees. As a remote developer, your pay scale will depend on the following factors:

  • Skills you possess like the programming languages you know and whether you are a frontend, backend, full-stack developer
  • Your level of seniority and the amount of experience you hold in the field
  • Whether you are working as a freelancer or employed by a company

Research the average pay scale of the position you are working for before negotiating your salary with the employer. 

Look for Remote Developer Job Openings

You can start by looking for opportunities on remote job boards. These are search engines and online locations to find positions in the remote developer industry. You will be able to use several filters to tailor the job search process.

You can also look for remote developer opportunities in community threads. People with similar backgrounds come together in community threads to discuss their industries. While community threads aren’t as formal as job boards or company websites, employers often turn to them for finding qualified professionals.

Job search websites will be the first place you will look for remote developer jobs. But you can use most of your time on them by signing up for email notifications. When you turn on email alerts for specific posts, you will be one of the first people to become aware of job openings.

You can also work with recruiters to ease the process of finding the best remote developer opportunities. Recruiters will also be able to provide tips to ace the interviews and constantly update you regarding the status of the hiring process. Lastly, get on company websites directly to find remote developer positions.

Ace the Remote Developer Interview

Once you get called for a remote developer interview, you must give your best. Even if you have the highest qualifications and top-notch skills, you won’t be able to land the job without impressing employers in the interview round. You must prepare answers to the following questions before interviewing for the role of a remote developer:

  • What tools do you use for collaboration, and how will you function when one of the tools goes down?
  • How will you describe your communication style, and how can you use specific tools for effective communication?
  • How can you keep yourself motivated without a direct supervisor? How to overcome productivity slumps and deliver your best to the job?
  • What programming languages are you the most proficient in, and why have you chosen to learn that particular language?
  • How to resolve conflicts and disagreements with your team without hampering the workflow?
  • Explain a challenging project you had to work on and how you overcame it.
  • What challenges are you likely to face while working as a remote developer, and how will you deal with them?

Take the interview as an opportunity to learn more about the company you are planning to work with. Don’t shy away from asking relevant questions to the interviewer. It will show that you are utterly interested in the job role. Some possible questions for your interviewer include the following:

  • How many hours do you want the person filling the position to put in?
  • What is the chosen communication strategy for you and your team?
  • Will I have to be mindful of time zone differences while working with the team?
  • How will I get feedback on my performance, and how often can I expect a performance evaluation?

Ending Note

If you want to succeed as a remote developer, you must possess the necessary skills and mindset. Remote work will get you ready to evolve personally and professionally to climb the ladders of success while working as a remote developer.