MERN stack framework is one of the most widely popular, preferred, and used web development tech stacks in this tech-advanced world. On the server-side, the MERN stack uses Node.js with Express.js, while it uses React.js on the client-side. MongoDB is only utilized as the database. The four technologies deployed combined in the MERN stack are utilized extensively, which is why they’re so sparsely popular. 

The best-in-class books, projects, and courses are the best ways to learn the MERN stack in 2022. Of course, learning JavaScript is the core aspect of learning MERN stack, but later on that. So, these things will help you to take a step closer to becoming a full-stack website developer. 

If you aspire to learn MERN stack web development in 2022 but are unsure of where to start, then you’ve come to the right place. If you’re a beginner without any idea where to start, this article is for you. Here you’ll get insight into the top three ways, which are mentioned briefly above, to learn MERN stack development from scratch. 

So, let’s start. 

An Overview 

According to the 2022 developer survey by StackOverFlow, the most popular web framework in the industry is React.js. The same survey enlists Express in the third position in terms of popularity, MongoDB as the fourth most popular, and Node.js as the sixth most famous programming language. 

So, conclusively, when these technologies are integrated as a MERN stack, each one becomes highly beneficial for full-stack web development. 

Due to the widespread popularity of these technologies, learning MERN stack development becomes crucial and rewarding as well. There’s a huge demand for professional MERN stack developers, and firms are ready to pay them high salaries. 

It implies that learning the MERN stack will not only help you become a more proficient web developer but also open the gateway to high-salary frontend developer jobs in both startups and big companies. 

So, here’s how to learn the MERN stack:

Top 3 Ways For Learning MERN Stack From The Beginning In 2022

You will have quite a few ways to learn the MERN stack. First, you need to learn every technology used in this stack one by one, and second, learn the whole MERN stack altogether. The latter way is a bit difficult, but having ample knowledge of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML can help you learn the MERN stack in that way too. Let’s see how you can learn these programming languages:

1. Online MERN Stack Training Courses 

Online courses are an effective way to learn something new, especially when it’s a powerful technology like the MERN stack. 

You can find plenty of paid and free MERN stack training courses available online. The MERN stack course that helps you learn all about NodeJS React, Express, and MongoDB is the one that’s best suited for you. 

The best course comes with total video content of above 20+ hours and covers all crucial aspects and concepts that you must learn to become a successful MERN stack developer. These concepts include React router 6, async/await, React hooks, Node with ES6, JWT authentication, and more. 

To learn MongoDB, Node, and React separately, you can opt for online courses available on multiple platforms. 

You can join more than one course at a time to learn the MERN stack in depth. So, if you feel like having additional choices, you can search the internet to find the best MERN stack courses available online for beginners.  

2. Books 

There’s no doubt that books are the primary and exceptional source for learning, especially when starting off with something as big as the MERN stack. 

For instance, if you go on Amazon, you can find this amazing book for beginners titled “Beginning MERN Stack: Build & Deploy…,” written by Greg Lim. This is an excellent choice of book, to begin with learning MERN stack. 

Also, look for other books to help you learn the basics of MongoDB, NodeJS, Express, and React. 

To learn something project-based, you can choose a book like “MERN Projects For Beginners” By Nabendu Biswas. It is an excellent book that has helped many beginners to learn the steps to create five outstanding web projects with the help of the MERN stack. 

3. Start Building Projects

MERN Stack is utilized to build fully-stacked website applications. So, if you complete learning the basics and concepts of the MERN stack, you should start focusing on developing fully-stacked website projects by leveraging the MERN stack technology. 

One of the best solutions, to begin with, is to build an eCommerce website application. While doing so, you must utilize React and the latest features that it comes with in integration with CSS to develop an appealing frontend. For the backend, you must utilize Express and NodeJS along with MongoDB. 

Here, you can even use libraries if required. 

If you want to pursue a project-based MERN course that enables you to practice alongside your instructor, you can consider the options available on the internet. In either case, it will be best to start developing a working eCommerce web application with MERN stack alongside an instructor in the case. However, you can also work on some other projects such as: 

  • Travel log app
  • Workout tracker app
  • Task management tool
  • Instagram-like app

Final Words 

With this, the comprehensive guide to the ways of learning MERN stack in 2022 comes to an end. It can be challenging to learn MERN full-stack development as a beginner. 

However, with ample knowledge of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, alongside excellent resources, you can learn this tech stack in no time. With the best books and by enrolling in the best courses, you can make your journey to learning the MERN stack easier and simpler. 

If you’re too nervous, the best solution would be to learn these technologies one after the other by taking separate courses. Of course, the project ideas and doing projects will make you a whole lot better than anytime before. 

So, until then, all the best!