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Andile Ngcaba Youtube Play

Andile Ngcaba

Chairman at Convergence Partners Investments

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Co Founder 4Thought Global

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Stephen Ngala

CTO at Inq Digital

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Shubhramnyam Kasibhat

Founder of Vegam

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Pramod Venkatesh

Group CTO at INQ

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Tarun Adani

Co-founder of One More Light

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Abhishek Dubey

Founder & CEO of Muskan Dreams

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Rihen Ajmera

Founder of AraFrames

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Tunde Dada

Group Head IT BCM at INQ Digital

client Baxolile Mabinya Youtube Play

Baxolile Mabinya

Founder of Deviare

client Akshay Pruthi Youtube Play

Akshay Pruthi

Founder of Calm Sleep

client Lakshmikant Singh Youtube Play

Lakshmikant Singh

Founder at MOKI

client Rupam Gogoi Youtube Play

Rupam Gogoi

Founder at Needle Innovision

client Evans Kachusha Youtube Play

Evans Kachusha

BDO at Inq Digital

client Mohamed Meman Youtube Play

Mohamed Meman

CEO of Payload

client danny schwartz Youtube Play

Danny Schwartz

Founder at Showground

Hire the top 1% of NodeJs Developers

Lakshay S

Lakshay S

Node.js Developer

7+ years experience Full-time availability

Verified Skills

check Node.js - 2 Yrs | Expert
check React.js - (2 Yrs) | Expert

Other Skills

HTML5 Javascript PHP MongoDB +3
Shubham V

Shubham V

Node.js Developer

4+ years experience Full-time availability

Verified Skills

check Node.js - 2 Yrs | Expert
check Typescript - 3 Yrs | Expert

Other Skills

HTML JavaScript Kubernetes Testing & QA +3
Piyush B

Piyush B

Node.js Developer

4+ years experience Full-time availability

Verified Skills

check Node.js - 3 Yrs | Expert
check JavaScript - 4 yrs | Advanced

Other Skills

Angular React.js React Native PostgreSQL +3
Mahesh J

Mahesh J

Node.js Developer

7+ years experience Full-time availability

Verified Skills

check Node.Js - 7 Yrs | Advanced
check Angular - 7 Yrs | Advanced

Other Skills

Typescript Ionic Bootstrap 4 MongoDB +3
Saurabh N

Saurabh N

Node.js Developer

8+ years experience Full-time availability

Verified Skills

check Javascript - 7+ yrs | Expert
check MongoDB - 8+ yrs | Advanced

Other Skills

Node JS github Web development Debugging +3
Sameer G

Sameer G

Node.js Developer

9+ years experience Full-time availability

Verified Skills

check Reactjs - 9+ yrs | Expert
check Java - 9+ yrs | Advanced

Other Skills

Jira C++ Bootstrap 5 Javascript CSS +3

Hire NodeJs Developers for Work like

From food to FinTech, thousands of companies use Supersourcing to hire, scale and grow faster.

Developing Complex Applications

IoT Ecosystems

NodeJs developers can play a significant role in the IoT ecosystem by building efficient, scalable, and modular applications that can handle real-time data processing and integration with a variety of hardware and software components.

Establishing MVC Architecture

Single Page Application Development

NodeJs developers play a key role in the development of single-page applications by building both the server-side and client-side logic and by using build tools to optimize the application for production.

Mobile App Development

Real-Time Messaging/Chat Applications

Real-time communication involves the use of server-side events and push notifications – which can be handled easily using NodeJs’s Event API.

Creating Templates

Collaboration/Team Tools

The capability of NodeJs to handle multiple Input/Output requests on the same app makes it suitable for developing teamwork applications. Its event-based architecture assists with this functionality.

Creating Reusable Code Modules

Streaming Platforms And Applications

NodeJs has an inbuilt Stream API, making it highly suitable for developing streaming apps. The comprehensive interface in NodeJs for reading/writing various streams makes it a great choice for such apps.

Defining Dynamic UI

Virtual Emulators

NodeJs provides the right runtime environment to base virtual emulators on, enabling a NodeJs developer to test applications on multiple hardware configurations/platforms.

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Hire NodeJs Developers

Want to work with the best NodeJs developers in the business? Trying to hire NodeJs developers for your upcoming project can be a challenging experience. Without the right approach, your project could be at risk of being overrun by a lack of expertise. Using NodeJs allows you to scale the development of network applications, which is why we have compiled a list of the top NodeJs developers for your consideration. Review the company descriptions, previous clientele, and significant projects to hire the best fit for your business.

How to Hire NodeJs Developers?

Hiring a NodeJs developer can be a competitive process, so it's important to take the time to find the right candidate for your team. Let's look at how you can locate and hire NodeJs developers to carry out your plan. You can accomplish this by following the five suggestions shown below:

Make a List of Your Requirements

Maintain the highest level of clarity and specificity while presenting your vision. It will assist you in developing a set of requirements that will help you focus your search on only those NodeJs developers who possess an adequate set of talents. The list may be longer or shorter depending on what you specifically need and desire, as well as your personal preferences.

Find the Best Option Possible

It is time to start looking to hire NodeJs developers who will be worth your money and deliver results. Competition is fierce in the IT industry. It is far from ideal on the employing side, as it is nearly impossible to discover qualified candidates when working under a strict deadline. Hiring a NodeJs developer is only half the battle; establishing an influential organizational and product delivery culture is a time-consuming and expensive undertaking that can potentially divert resources from the product itself.

Look at their Previous Projects

Always check with the freelancer or the development consultancy you're considering to see if they have any experience similar to what you are looking for. Take a look at their previous projects before hiring them.

Examine Technical Skills

Look into their expertise. Work on a project together. You can also give them an individual assignment to work on to gauge how they perform and whether or not they can keep their word.

List of Skill Sets in a NodeJs Developer

What specific skills should you seek when you want to hire NodeJs developers, and how should you proceed with making your decision? If you're looking to recruit a NodeJs developer for project management, here is a list of skills to look for in a NodeJs developer:

1. A good grasp of the NodeJs Frameworks

NodeJs developers should be familiar with the fundamental NodeJs frameworks such as Express, which serves as the language's foundational framework, and other frameworks such as Koa.js, Hapi, and Total.js, which extend the language's basic functionality. It's a plus if they are familiar with other MVC frameworks like StrongLoop, Sinatra, Ruby on Rails,, Meteor, ActionHero, Derby, etc., Angular.js, Blaze, React, and other sophisticated frameworks.

2. A lot of experience

An experienced NodeJs developer should have past experience with NodeJs projects. Their involvement and efforts in previous NodeJs projects enable them to understand the internals of the NodeJs framework better.

3. Database Management in the Workplace

Database administration is one of the key abilities required to effectively develop NodeJs applications. NodeJs developers should construct database schemas that represent and assist business processes rather than simply storing information. Additionally, web developers should seamlessly combine numerous data sources and databases. This is critical in setting up apps to effectively support any firm or organization's business operations.

4. Knowledge of REST APIs as well as API Communication

Every NodeJs developer must be familiar with parsing existing API codes to incorporate them into projects. They must be able to deal with the interplay of numerous systems. NodeJs developers must also have a thorough understanding of and the ability to create bespoke ReSTful APIs.

5. Extensive Knowledge in Data Security Implementation

Security is a serious concern in today's digital environment. When it comes to establishing data protection mechanisms in online apps or programs, NodeJs developers prioritise security. This reduces the likelihood of hacking incidents, security breaches, and data theft.

6. Managing Deadlines with Ease

If the design process doesn't adhere to strict deadlines, it can postpone the product's debut or product delivery. The product design process usually has deadlines that must be met to avoid product launch or client delivery delays. If NodeJs developers fail to set milestones and handle the project promptly, they might become a significant burden.

7. The ability to test and deal with errors

A skilled NodeJs developer is efficient in developing test-driven applications and in the rapid resolution of issue reports. The developer's activities should be in sync with the testing project's requirements. You need dedicated developers who can communicate with your software testing manager efficiently and ensure that every product component is adequately tested before, during, and after the product's official launch.

8. Working knowledge of front-end website designing

In addition to designing the backend mechanics, a skilled NodeJs developer should understand how the program that is being developed will appear to others. As a result, they should be well-versed in front-end web development, including the basics of front-end programming languages, design views, and creating software from wireframes.

Interview Questions You Should Ask to Hire NodeJs Developer

What is the JavaScript Runtime environment?

The JavaScript Runtime Environment refers to the environment that makes your JavaScript environment. It gives JavaScript and NodeJs developers access to a versatile collection of built-in libraries and objects to make development more efficient and make the code work.

Is NodeJs a good choice to build web apps?

The NodeJs framework is a good choice for developing web apps owing to the benefits this framework offers:

  • Easy sharing feature speeds up the web app development process.
  • Google's V8 engine enables NodeJs to run codes faster.
  • NodeJs comes with helpful libraries and features for developing real-time web apps.
  • NodeJs allows developers to use scripting language for the client-side and also the server-side.
  • NodeJs has proven to decrease app development costs for organizations by 55%.

What are the applications of NodeJs on Mobile App Development?

NodeJs is definitely useful for mobile app development and some of the different types of apps that can be built with NodeJs include IoT applications, Real-Time Chat applications, Single-Page Applications, Apps that require a microservice architecture, and more.

How do you manage packages in your NodeJs project?

NPM may install packages on a global level, allowing all NodeJs applications running on that computer to import and utilize the packages that have been installed. It is possible to use a package that has been installed in the node modules folder in your code. You can use unstopped packages in your projects without any restrictions.

How is NodeJs better than other frameworks most popularly used?

Due to its various advantages, JS is extremely popular today. Compared to RoR, JavaScript is outpacing the competition in terms of the number of modules produced in a short time. For the most part, NodeJs provides an operating system for JavaScript server-side applications, whereas RoR is in and of itself used for creating software applications.

What are some commonly used timing features of NodeJs?

Timer modules in NodeJs are composed of various functions that you can use to regulate and adjust the timing of code execution in multiple ways. It is used to create delays in the performance of programming.

What is fork in NodeJs?

Using the fork method in NodeJs, a built-in operation of the child process module, you can create a child process connected to the primary approach that is presently executing your code. Instead of performing on the same node process as before, it generates a new technique with the help of a command.

How do you create a simple server in NodeJs that returns Hello World?

You can create a single JavaScript file and give it the name of the app. The js file is located in the FirstNodeExample directory. To do so, open this file in any text editor you want, such as Microsoft Notepad ++ or Visual Studio. Now, create the app.js file and save it with the previously written code.

What is the Cost of Hiring a NodeJs Developer?

When you hire NodeJs developers it will cost you anything from $12,000 to $150,000 per year, depending on your required experience. The hourly rate for hiring freelance NodeJs developers ranges from $20 to $90 per hour, depending on the employer. Hence, to hire NodeJs developers remotely is the most effective method.

Although the high demand and growing wages in the world of software development is making it difficult to find top-tier talent, it is not impossible. When you hire NodeJs developers working on an hourly basis, they charge between $30 and $45, depending on their experience and location. This way you're not tied to your staff and can switch NodeJs developers at any time if you are dissatisfied with their results.

List of Deliverables for a NodeJs Developer

If you hire NodeJs developers, they must be well-versed in NodeJs based services to be a suitable fit. Skilled NodeJs developers can produce data exchanges that are reliable, fast, and secure. The following is a complete list of the duties and requirements for NodeJs Developers.

  • Working in collaboration with front-end programmers on the integration of various components.
  • Creating and maintaining all network functions on the server-side of the equation.
  • Ensuring that the central database performs optimally and that the front-end is responsive to queries from users.
  • Designing UIs and backend services for various business operations for customers.
  • Keeping up to date with the most relevant developments in the NodeJs development sector.
  • Making recommendations for and putting into action changes in procedures and technologies.
  • Ensuring that diagnoses and repairs are carried out and offering technical support.
  • Documenting Node.js operations, including database structures and providing reports.
  • Achieving optimal levels of protection for sensitive information and efficient methods for storing it.
  • Creating code that can be tested, reused, and optimized for good performance.

FAQ on Hiring NodeJs Developers

How do I hire a NodeJs developer?

When you hire NodeJs developers, please make sure that they are familiar with the fundamentals of how the front-end and backend of a website operate. Before selecting one, be confident that you are certain of your requirements and the NodeJs skills of the prospective candidate. If you are planning to hire a dedicated team, it is best to evaluate every resume attentively. You also must decide on whether you want to hire on-site or remote NodeJs developers.

How much do NodeJs developers get paid?

The average annual pay of NodeJs developers is $117.139. Freelance NodeJs developers get an hourly wage of $60.07. The average yearly salary for entry-level positions is $100,000, while the yearly average wage for experienced workers is $149,187.

What does a NodeJs developer do?

NodeJs developers typically use JavaScript to write server-side scripts, create server-side APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), and build the backend of web applications. They may also be responsible for integrating the backend of a web application with the frontend and working with databases to store and retrieve data.

How do I hire a NodeJs developer?

Start by listing the duties you want the developer to perform for your NodeJs development project. Conclude the deal with the sales team based on the selected developer and technology. We will set up everything and put you in touch with the developer, get started with the NodeJs development process, as soon as you confirm your participation.

How much does it cost to hire a NodeJs developer?

According to the developer's location, the usual hourly rate for NodeJs developers is between $81 and $100. Depending on the length of your project, when you hire NodeJs Developers, they may charge you differently. Fixed-price contracts might vary significantly depending on the size and scope of your project. Also, if you want to hire a dedicated team for your project, the costs might vary again.

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