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Experienced Xamarin Developers

At Supersourcing, we believe that to achieve success in building a Unicorn startup or a digitalized enterprise product, it is essential to have experienced and certified Xamarin developers on your team. That's why we put our applicants through a rigorous interview process, and only the top 1% make the cut.

Hire Xamarin developers from Supersourcing, who have a wealth of industry experience and have successfully completed a variety of complex projects, including software, websites, and apps. When you hire Xamarin developers from Supersourcing, you can have confidence that your team will be able to hit the ground running and deliver top-notch work from the start.

Immediate Availability

If you're tired of losing valuable employees to other companies during their notice periods, Supersourcing can help. Our platform provides access to immediately available Xamarin developers, allowing you to quickly build the team you need without waiting weeks or months. In reality, using our platform to hire 1–10 developers only takes three days or less.

No Freelancers

While freelancers can be a suitable choice for certain short-term or one-off projects, such as content creation or logo design, they may not be the best option for more complex, collaborative projects. Many companies have had negative experiences with freelancers, particularly when using freelance platforms, and it can be risky to rely on them for in-depth involvement in a project.

At Supersourcing, we understand how crucial it is to have an experienced Xamarin developer working on your project. That is why we exclusively employ full-time developers and never independent contractors. Your project will receive the undivided attention of our developers, who are totally committed to it. You have the option to hire them on a full-time contract without any hassles following a six-month trial term. This gives you the opportunity to "try before you buy" and ensure that the team is a good fit for your needs before committing to a long-term relationship.

Certified & Verified Xamarin Developers

While it may be challenging to find and hire Xamarin developers who are highly skilled and reliable among the pool of talent on various hiring platforms, Supersourcing makes it easy. We ensure that all of our Xamarin developers are certified and verified through multiple checks to guarantee that they have the expertise and experience required to deliver high-quality work.

In fact, only the top 1% of applicants are able to pass our rigorous interview process. Our commitment to quality has paid off - we have over 700 positive reviews, and a 99% customer satisfaction rate and 95% of our business comes from repeat customers.

When considering potential Xamarin developers for your project, it is important to consider their past experience and expertise in order to determine their suitability. We gather various data points to help you make an informed decision when you look to hire Xamarin developers. These include the industries in which the developer has worked, the stages of product development they have experience with, who they have reported to in the past, and their patterns of work, including whether they contributed ideas and helped design architecture. All of these factors can help to determine the developer's level of experience and expertise and whether they will be a good fit for your project and team.

  • Industry experience:

    By evaluating the industries in which a developer has previously worked, such as Fintech, Healthcare, Loan management, Dating, SaaS, and IoT, we can assess their familiarity with the specific challenges and requirements of your industry and determine their suitability for your project. Experience working on similar projects in your industry can indicate a developer's understanding of the sector and their potential to effectively contribute to your project.
  • Project Stage:

    To understand the depth of Xamarin developer's experience, we inquire about their involvement in different stages of product development, including the idea stage, growth stage, multi-location expansion, and PMF stage. This information helps us determine if the developer has the skills and knowledge to handle projects at various stages of development and how well-suited they are for your project.
  • Reporting structure:

    We also ask developers about their past reporting structure, including who they have reported to, such as clients, CTOs, Sr. Engineers, or others. Developers who have reported to CTOs or other high-level leaders in the past may be more experienced and proficient due to the additional responsibility and leadership opportunities that such positions often involve.
  • Contribution:

    We seek to understand developers' patterns of work, including whether they simply complete assigned tasks or also contribute ideas and assist in designing architecture. This information helps us evaluate the quality of their work and determine what role they would be most suitable for within your team.

Detailed Profiles

Traditionally, the information available about a potential hire is limited to what is listed on their resume, which may not be enough to fully assess their suitability for your project. At Supersourcing, we offer a more comprehensive solution by providing digital resumes for our Xamarin developers that include not only their technical skills and project experience but also assessment scores and an introduction video.

This allows you to get a better understanding of the developer and their abilities before making a hiring decision. Our goal is to make the hiring process as efficient and effective as possible, which is why we are working on creating detailed profiles that include the results of our pre-vetted interviews, past work, and quality scores. This way, you can hire Xamarin developers that are the best fit for your project without wasting time on unnecessary interviews.

24/7 Human Support, No Bot!

When you need support beyond the initial hiring and onboarding process, it is important to have access to real people who can assist you immediately rather than relying on ticket-based support or automated responses.

At Supersourcing, we prioritize this type of personalized support by assigning a dedicated account manager to our Xamarin developers. These account managers are experienced in handling large accounts in your specific technology and industry, ensuring that you have access to expert support whenever you need it. We believe that our commitment to customer service sets us apart from other providers in the industry.

Why Hire Xamarin Developers from Supersourcing?

Xamarin Cross-Platform Application Development

Our Xamarin developers at Supersourcing use C# to program native apps, simplifying the process of coding in multiple languages. This cross-platform development approach using Xamarin enables native functionality across all operating systems, including iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile. Xamarin also allows access to device feature APIs such as the camera, accelerometer, gyroscope, geolocation, and network.

Native Mobile App Development

Xamarin allows for the creation of mobile apps with native user interfaces, API access, and performance. These apps have a standard appearance and functionality that users are familiar with, and they have access to the full range of features and capabilities of the device and platform, including ARKit and Android Multi-Window mode. Additionally, Xamarin apps are compiled for native performance, resulting in improved app speed.

Mobile App Features Development

Xamarin's advanced debugging, unit testing, profiling, and UI test generation capabilities result in the creation of high-quality mobile apps. When you hire Xamarin developers from Supersourcing you will get developers that are skilled at building, integrating, and modifying native mobile apps for Android, iOS, and macOS. It is also easy to launch web applications with support for ASP.NET Core, and Visual Studio allows for the publishing of apps to the cloud directly from the integrated development environment.

Xamarin Cross-Platform Development

The Xamarin cross-platform development tools enable our programmers to develop apps on either a PC or Mac using Visual Studio, a comprehensive integrated development environment. Visual Studio for Mac also facilitates Xamarin iOS development with a customizable experience. Collaboration with other developers is made simple through the ability to easily share code.

Cross-Platform Games

Xamarin app development allows for the creation of cross-platform games using Unite and Visual Studio for Mac. Our developers at Supersourcing build customized games with engaging graphics and user-friendly features that can be played on all platforms. The powerful coding, refactoring, and debugging capabilities of Visual Studio for Mac enhance the quality of these games.

Xamarin Advanced Technology

At Supersourcing, our developers are experts in the Xamarin framework and its supporting technologies and have the skills to deliver versatile apps for deployment on iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile operating systems. Our Xamarin developers use their extensive experience with native platforms to create applications that adhere to UI and UX guidelines for each operating system, ensuring that they are accepted by app stores.

Supersourcing Vs. Freelancers

Factors Freelancers/Others Supersourcing Developers
1. Quality When collaborating with freelancers, it can be difficult to gauge their level of transparency and reliability. You may be unsure of their qualifications and the quality of their work, leading to uncertainty about the outcome of your project. Supersourcing offers a different approach by thoroughly vetting all of our Xamarin developers and providing them with access to specialized tools and resources to ensure they remain up-to-date on industry trends and consistently deliver high-quality results.
2. Security As freelance developers often work with multiple clients, it's important to ensure that information is kept safe and protected at all times. We take the confidentiality of your data very seriously at Supersourcing. Our Xamarin developers are bound by stringent non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) and we have implemented strict protocols to ensure the secure delivery of all our solutions. You can have confidence that when working with us, your data will be treated with the utmost care and protection.
3. Cost Working with freelancers can be uncertain due to several reasons, one being that it can increase the cost of your project, and another, the risk of unexpected departure, leading to unfinished work and lost resources To avoid these issues, many startups and established companies opt to hire Xamarin developers remotely. This approach can save up to 70% on development costs and still produce quality results. At Supersourcing, we provide various options for remote developer hiring that can help you cut costs and decrease risks, while still acquiring the necessary support to finish your project successfully.
4. Onboarding Hiring freelancers can be tricky as there's always the possibility that they may not fulfill their obligations, which can be an unfortunate and costly experience particularly when they quit before even starting. To avoid these issues, it is crucial to collaborate with a dependable provider that can provide immediate access to developers ready to join your team. At Supersourcing, we have a wide selection of skilled Xamarin developers who are ready to begin working on your project as soon as you need them. This ensures a smooth and effortless onboarding process without the fear of delays or unexpected departures.
5. Motivation Freelancers often have a primary focus on financial gain, which can lead to a lack of dedication or interest in your project. At Supersourcing, we hire Xamarin developers who are genuinely passionate about technology and want to make a meaningful impact. Our culture is not bound by the traditional 9-5 job mentality and our Xamarin developers are driven to actively participate and be part of your team.
6. Commitment Freelancers may not stick with you till the end of your project. They may leave for better offers while you may have to start your project from scratch again. At Supersourcing, all of our Xamarin developers are bound by such contracts, which ensure that they won't leave your project until the job is done and all deliverables are met. This guarantees that your project will always be completed on time and to your satisfaction. When you hire Xamarin developers on remote from Supersourcing, they’re committed to strict contracts. Hence, your team will work for you until it is delivered successfully.
7. Negotiation Once you become used to the services of a specific freelancer, they may suddenly increase their rates and that could cause the hassle of new negotiation. At Supersourcing, we match you with developers who fit your specific budget requirements, while the cost is detailed in the contract.

Hire Xamarin Developers in 4 Easy Steps

Xamarin Developer Job Description & Requirements

Begin with clearly listing your specific requirements for the Xamarin developer role you’re hiring for. List and describe all the technical skills, project experience, industry/domain experience, and personality traits in your Xamarin developer job description to make sure that you find the best tech talent and the right fit.

Find the Best Matches

Supersourcing features a diverse pool of 100+ pre-vetted developers who are experts in Xamarin. Once we receive the job description for Xamarin developer and the requirements, we will find the top matches from among all our Xamarin developer profiles to send you the best 5 profiles that fit your requirements perfectly.


Our expert vetting team verifies the profiles sent to you through multiple in-depth reference checks, code tests, background checks and more. We also share with you valid ratings and feedback from their past employers to help you select the candidates you want to interview.

You’re all set!

Once you’ve chosen your favorite profile, they’ll sign the contract and be onboarded immediately without any delay so that your project can be started and completed successfully on the scheduled time.

Xamarin Developer Job Description

We’re looking to hire Xamarin developers who are innovative and experienced to be a core part of our development team. You will mainly be responsible for helping development teams develop high-performance applications using the Xamarin framework. You will also need to demonstrate strong communication skills since you’ll be collaborating with multiple teams to ensure a seamless app infrastructure.

Xamarin Developer Roles and Responsibilities

  • Assisting with designing and wireframing review to associate a technical perspective with solution implementation
  • Identify relevant complex issues while assessing, suggesting, and executing the best alternative or resolution
  • Collaborate with development teams to define and modify how the application works, along with the design, look, feel, and features
  • Design, implement, and deliver custom and feature-rich solutions for users
  • Write regression-free code, maintain accurate documentation and supervise unit testing sessions
  • Test solutions to ensure seamless and efficient execution of solution, while adhering to business and technical requirements
  • Developing code that aligns with outlined product requirements and design specifications
  • Align operational business strategies with custom technical solutions
  • Manage and improve quality function, performance, features, and user experience
  • Support and work on improving proprietary SDK to build robust native mobile applications for Android devices
  • Maintain and Support all existing Xamarin-based Android applications
  • Support and supervise AWS cloud-based services for game leaderboards and social channel connectivity
  • Lead development of new Android apps features

Xamarin Developer Requirements

  • Interest in support projects with good communication skills and willingness to get familiar with other new technologies
  • In-depth knowledge of solution deployment and client interfacing skills
  • Individual contributor in leading roles
  • Proficiency and understanding of design patterns, databases, SQLite, Realm, Visual Studio, or other REST Services
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or related fields
  • Reliable programming skills in C, XAML, MVVM patterns, MVVM Cross Fresh
  • 3+ years of experience in solution architecture, design, and development
  • Managing volumes of dynamic data JSON XML Xamarin Forms
  • Proven experience with tuning applications, database and SQL performance
  • 5+ years of experience with C#, C++, XML, JSON, and Relational Databases
  • 3+ years of experience developing software applications with Xamarin
  • 2+ years of experience creating loosely coupled software components and services that are scalable, high performance, and scalable
  • Experience in automated unit testing, Xamarin development best practices, and design methodologies
  • Familiarity with agile processes and methods, preferably Scrum

Create the Perfect Xamarin Developer Job Description in 5 Simple Steps

A detailed and custom Xamarin developer job description will help you lay down and the applying candidates understand the specific skills and personality traits you’re looking for. WIth a good JD you are more likely to find the best matches to hire Xamarin developers.

Once you have your list of requirements ready, it’s time to look through potential developer profiles. We select the best developers who are available to work full-time on your project and also join immediately.

Team Supersourcing will assess your Xamarin developer requirements and find the top 5 matches to share with you. Before we share these profiles with you, our dedicated vetting team will verify all the information shared by each and every developer so that you can interview only authentic candidates.

You’ll be guided by detailed profiles and verified feedback from previous employers, so that you can know you’re hiring the right fit.

Let’s take a look at some tips to help you define your project’s objectives and technical requirements.

Outline the company's vision and project goals:

Provide a clear understanding of the intended outcomes of the project and how they align with the organization's mission and values. Specify clear and measurable objectives, such as increasing revenue or enhancing customer satisfaction.

Explain the steps the team will take:

Include details on task assignments, established deadlines, and defined roles to help the candidate comprehend the importance of adhering to schedules and their own role in the project.

Establish benchmarks for each objective:

Create intermediate goals to be reached throughout the project that keep the team accountable. Make sure the benchmarks are specific and quantifiable, such as raising sales by a certain percentage per month.

Identify the target audience:

Recognizing the intended audience will assist in creating a tailored job description and adapting the project to their needs. Factors such as age, gender, location, and interests should be considered

Specify technical necessities:

Detail the exact software and hardware needs for the project, as well as any scalability strategies that might be required to meet projected growth trends.

Technical questions to ask a Xamarin developer

  • What is App.cs class in Xamarin?
  • Outline the steps to navigate from one page to another
  • How will you store simple Key-Value data?
  • Differentiate between Margin properties and Padding properties.
  • Describe the basic architecture of any Xamarin.Forms project
  • Explain Lifecycle methods of Xamarin.Forms app
  • How will you display static HTML string in Xamarin.Forms
  • Differentiate between ListView & TableView
  • Define Xamarin.Forms and list the benefits of using it
  • Which Languages Xamarin development support?
  • List at least 3 popularly used Layout Controls
  • List the differences between Xamarin.Forms & Xamarin Native
  • What is the purpose of Pages in Xamarin.Forms?
  • What are Triggers? List a few types of Triggers available.
  • Differentiate between Xamarin.Forms and Xamarin Native
  • Define ViewCell and the different types of built-in Cells

Top 5 Global Companies using Xamarin & Why?


FreshDirect is a well-known provider of online grocery delivery services in the United States. It offers customers the ability to order a wide range of products, including locally sourced and organic produce, prepared meals, fresh seafood, and custom meat cuts, all for fast delivery to their homes.

In the past, the company had developed mobile apps using platform-specific languages for Android and iOS. To meet the needs of its customers and to allow for growth, FreshDirect transitioned to using C# instead of Java and Objective-C/Swift.

Novarum DX

Novarum DX specializes in creating diagnostic tests for identifying diseases such as HIV, AIDS, and Ebola, as well as hazards such as contaminated water sources. The team at Novarum DX aimed to develop and release an application that would enable users to analyze test results using just their smartphone camera.To achieve this, the team utilized the native camera feature and applied the same code across multiple platforms to develop the Novarum Reader, the first diagnostic app of its kind. To build all of their apps, the company employed a single development team using Xamarin which allows it to have a single codebase for all platforms.


United Parcel Service (UPS) is the biggest package delivery company globally, delivering over 19 million parcels daily to more than 220 countries and territories. The UPS mobile application allows customers to manage shipments, track packages, and more, all from a mobile device. Similar to FreshDirect, UPS originally developed its mobile apps using platform-specific languages, such as Java for Android and Objective-C for iOS. By utilizing the Xamarin framework, the company experienced increased developer productivity, fewer lines of code, and faster product release.

Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines, another well-known app built using Xamarin, serves over 44 million customers annually with flights to over 120 destinations across 5 countries. The Alaska Airlines app allows users to browse options, book trips, check in, navigate airports seamlessly and access all flight-related information. The development team at Alaska Airlines created cross-platform native apps for iOS, Android and Windows using C#.

BBC Good Food

BBC Good Food is a popular global food media brand that provides a wide range of online recipes and food-related content covering health, travel, and family topics.As customers increasingly shifted to mobile from desktop, the company adopted the Xamarin framework to ensure easy access to its content across all devices. BBC Good Food worked together with NV Interactive (a Microsoft Gold Partner) and released fully revamped applications for iOS, Android and UWP using the Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Xamarin and Visual Studio App Center.

Q&A for Hiring a Remote Development Team

Is it accurate to say that in-house teams are more productive than offshore development teams?

Contrary to what is commonly thought, studies have indicated that remote development teams often see an increase in productivity. This could be attributed to the flexibility of creating one's own schedule, improved communication, reduced stress, and increased motivation. Research has found that remote development teams have reported 77% more productivity than teams that work on-site.

Does bringing on a remote development team affect the work environment and corporate culture?

A remote work setup does not need to hinder team cohesion or corporate culture. Through the implementation of efficient communication and collaboration tools, remote teams can still foster strong bonds and connections with each other. It is crucial for organizations to provide such tools when recruiting remote developers, to ensure they stay connected to their coworkers and the company culture.

Is working with a remote development team a cause for concern about data security?

Data security is of paramount importance when working with any team, particularly remote teams. To safeguard sensitive data, it is essential to have all team members sign strict non-disclosure agreements (NDAs). Additionally, companies should invest in security infrastructure, and implement security measures like password management and two-factor authentication to prevent potential data breaches and misuse.

What advantages come with working with a remote development team?

Having a remote development team has several benefits. This can include exposure to a larger talent pool, cost savings on office space, increased flexibility in scheduling, and higher productivity due to less interruptions. Additionally, remote work can foster an inclusive work environment, where all individuals are given equal chances irrespective of their physical location or time zone difference.

How to Maximize Post-Hiring Productivity of Remote Xamarin Developers?

Outline Duties and Responsibilities:

It's vital to understand the obligations of both the employer and employee when working remotely. Remote workers may need some time to acclimate to the company's code, so it is important to not have high expectations in their first week of work.

Familiarize with the Business:

To ensure the remote worker has a good understanding of the business, conduct induction sessions that align with the company's values and mission.

Provide Documentation:

By sharing documentation, such as coding standards, beforehand, the remote worker will have a better understanding of their role and how the system operates.

Express Gratitude:

Expressing appreciation through emails or messages can be an effective way to motivate and inspire remote workers.

Allow for Anonymous Feedback:

A suggestion box can provide employees with an avenue to express their issues and concerns anonymously, fostering an open and welcoming work environment.

Set Ambitious Goals:

Setting internal targets that are slightly above what the team is capable of achieving can motivate and challenge them.

Establish Communication Standards:

It's crucial to establish ground rules and standards for communication between the in-house and remote teams.

Regular Check-ins and Feedback:

Regular check-ins and feedback loops allow managers to track progress and identify the needs of their remote workers, and offer support and advice.

Organize Company Meetups:

Company meetups, whether work-related or for fun, can enhance morale and engagement among remote workers by enabling them to collaborate more effectively and bond.

Remote Hiring Fraud- How to Avoid such Risks?

Lack of Qualifications

When considering remote developers as hires, there are several potential issues that employers need to be aware of. One of these issues is a lack of qualifications, which can lead to wasted time and resources on a candidate who is not a good fit for the job. To prevent this, it is important for employers to verify credentials and skills through portfolios and certifications.

Billing Fraud

A potential issue when working with remote developers is billing fraud, in which employees are invoiced for more hours than they actually worked. To prevent this, it is important to establish clear agreements regarding expected hours and rates, and to monitor progress through regular time-tracking submissions.

Fake Resumes

One of the potential challenges when hiring remote developers is encountering falsified resumes, where candidates inflate their experience or expertise. To address this, employers should conduct comprehensive background checks, verify candidates' education and work history, and follow up on references to ensure accuracy of the information provided.

Misrepresentation of Skills

Another potential issue when recruiting remote developers is a candidate's misrepresentation of their skills. A candidate may do well in an interview but lack the necessary abilities for the role. To ensure that only qualified candidates are hired, it is essential to assess their technical skills through testing before making a hiring decision.

Poor Communication

Effective communication is crucial when working with remote developers, as it enables them to comprehend project requirements effectively and avoid any confusion. Miscommunication can become a challenge when working remotely. One way to overcome this challenge is by assigning a dedicated account manager to facilitate clear communication, this will help to minimize any misunderstandings.

Outdated Technology & Middlemen

Another potential concern when working with remote developers is the use of outdated technology or intermediaries. The use of outdated technology may hamper the ability to scale and make changes promptly. Communication may also be hindered when intermediaries are involved. To mitigate these issues, it is essential to collaborate with developers who are proficient in current technology and best practices, and to establish direct communication with them, as this will help to avoid any such problems.

Why Trust Supersourcing?

Supersourcing is a reliable option for platform development initiatives, thanks to its thorough recruitment procedure. Our cutting-edge AI technology and experienced vetting team ensure that only the most skilled and seasoned developers are chosen for your project. We also offer a broad spectrum of expertise to accommodate any needs you may have.

To safeguard your project and your organization, we insist that all our developers sign strict non-disclosure agreements. Additionally, we provide a dedicated account manager to each client to offer custom-made support and communication throughout the development process. You can count on Supersourcing to deliver outstanding results for your platform development project.

AI-Powered Vetting & Experienced Talent Team

At Supersourcing, we have a strict process of using advanced AI technology and a team of experts to thoroughly evaluate and confirm the qualifications and background of every remote developer, making sure that the team you hire is highly qualified and experienced. This way, you can be confident in the abilities and expertise of the developers you work with.

Wide Range of Skills

Supersourcing provides a wide variety of skill sets to cater to any development needs, offering expertise in technologies such as React, Node, Python, Angular, Swift, Xamarin, Android, Java, Rails, Golang, DevOps and Machine Learning.

Thorough Testing & Interviewing

OSupersourcing takes measures to ensure the competence of its developers by subjecting them to comprehensive assessments and interviews that are similar to the ones in Silicon Valley, including tests that evaluate over 100 different skills in areas such as data structures, algorithms, systems design, software specializations, and frameworks.

Strict Non-Disclosure Agreements

Supersourcing ensures the security of your sensitive data and confidential information by mandating all its developers to sign strict non-disclosure agreements. This guarantees that your proprietary information remains protected and confidential at all times.

Dedicated Account Manager

At Supersourcing, every client is assigned a dedicated account manager, to manage communication and promptly attend to any concerns or issues. This way, you have a dedicated point of contact and can receive assistance speedily and efficiently.

Long-Term Relationships

Supersourcing places a high importance on creating long-lasting partnerships with its clients, and over 95% of customers choose to continue working with the company, reflecting the outstanding quality of the developers and the team's skill in establishing strong connections with clients.

Trusted by Major Companies

Supersourcing has a proven track record of delivering excellent results, proven by its experience working with numerous prestigious companies, including 24 unicorns, 132 Y-Combinator funded companies and 17 Fortune 500 companies. This showcases their reliability and expertise as a company.

24/7 Support

Supersourcing provides 24/7 support to attend to any queries or concerns you may have with your developers, to ensure your recruitment needs are attended to promptly and efficiently, so that you can focus on other areas.

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