Incorporating eCommerce functionality is an affordable means to spread the word about your online business and to approach people beyond your general business location.

When building eCommerce websites, an impressive design, regardless of which eCommerce platform you are using, is paramount. A well-designed, responsive, and appealing eCommerce template will highlight your products under the spotlight and skyrocket your sales.

About 57% of internet users claim that they do not recommend a business with a poorly designed website. In this article, you will come across some of the best software development companies that offer diverse expertise in various domains.

Free eCommerce Website Templates

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Here are 24+ free eCommerce website templates for all kinds of setups and personas to go with your website’s aesthetic appeal –

1. Minimal

As the name suggests, this theme offers a minimalist appeal to your web pages while still looking elegant. This theme is by Shopify and renders a neat design that keeps the focus on your products. 

This theme is suitable for slideshows, product image zooming, home page videos, product filtering, as-well-as product recommendations.

2. Brooklyn

Brooklyn is one of the many free eCommerce website templates offered by Shopify and is tailored to contemporary apparel stores which emphasize brand imagery. You get to choose from two different styles, namely Classic and Playful.

This theme offers features such as a header slideshow, dynamic product grid, slide-out cart, and home page video.

3. Coza Store

If your website sells apparel, the best approach to realizing it is to pick the Coza Store online fashion store website template by Colorlib. It is a minimal eCommerce website template that portrays a touch of elegance and simplicity.

This web design ensures that buyers experience a distraction-free shopping experience, regardless of the device.

4. Aroma

If you wish to have a creative and minimalistic web design, consider Aroma. It is a free shopping website template offered by one of the best outsourcing software development companies, Colorlib. 

Some of its features include fancy hover effects, a sticky navbar, and multiple shop pages. Besides, Aroma also comes equipped with login, register, tracking pages, and functional contact forms as well as Google Maps.

5. Modular

This template by Shopify helps you showcase brand imagery in a minimalist, grid-focused layout. Some of its features include continuous product scroll, quick buy, collection filtering in the sidebar, customer testimonials, and more.

This theme is mobile-friendly and offers built-in styles as well as color palettes that give it an exquisite aesthetic appeal.

6. Electro Store

Electro Store is a robust and flexible eCommerce website WordPress theme by W3layouts and is designed especially for an electronics store. However, it also goes along with different kinds of products.

This theme is ideal for digital electronic stores, food stores, games stores, devices stores, garden tools stores, organics stores, shoe stores, or other categories. 

7. Aranoz

This is one of the best eCommerce website templates by Colorlib and is meant mostly for furniture shop websites. This decent web design lets you promote and sell all the elegant furniture you have to offer professionally.

This template looks clean and minimal, ensuring a smooth shopping experience regardless of the device and platform used for surfing the web.

8. Venture

Venture is a free eCommerce website theme provided by Shopify, which is ideal for stores that sell different varieties of products. It comes in three different styles, namely Snowboards, Outdoors, and boxing.

Some features of this theme include a multi-column menu, promotional banner, product filtering, and several others. 

9. Supply

This theme is by Shopify and lets you easily showcase and filter massive inventories. The two different styles included are Blue and Light.

Some theme features include collection filtering in the sidebar, slideshow, featured collections on the home page, and more.

10. Shionhouse

Shionhouse is a stunning free clothing store website template offered by Colorlib. This flexible and extensible page canvas features an array of distinguished functions to enable seamless customization.

Some theme features include a slider, sticky menu, on scroll content loading, as-well-as social media icons. 

11. CreatePro

The CreatePro eCommerce website theme is offered by W3layouts, and is meant for multipurpose usage, and can be utilized for creative portfolios of designers or a design community. This theme features stunning grids with rounded edges that complement the look of the template. 

12. Ogani

Ogani is a template provided by Colorlib and is a magnificent, subtle, and modern free organic food website template to help you build an impactful eCommerce page.

Some features of Ogani include a top bar, carousels, various internal eCommerce pages, and a contact section. 

13. Express

Express is an eCommerce theme offered by Shopify and is ideal if you wish to get your website online fast but also do not want to compromise on quality. The theme comes in two different styles, namely Bistro and Pantry.

14. Footwear

This theme is by Colorlib and is a suitable choice if you run a shoe store/website. This template boasts a modern, elegant, and sophisticated web design that can instantly ignite anyone’s curiosity.

15. Bootie 

Bootie is a free eCommerce website template offered by W3layouts and is ideal if you wish to deploy an online shoe store. Some features of this theme include its clean and elegant design, full responsiveness, and seamless customization.

16. Divisima

This template is by Colorlib and might be what you are looking for if you run an online clothing store website. 

With this template, you can sell men’s fashion, accessories, bags, shoes, and other items. Not only does this template offer easy usage, but looks decent and blends in with any clothing website.

17. Vegefoods

Vegefoods is an outstanding fruits and vegetables website template offered by colorlib. This theme has a clean and minimal web design that showcases products right in front of the user’s eyes. 

18. Narrative

This theme is by Shopify and has been designed meticulously for brand and product storytelling. Shopify offers four different styles for this theme, namely Earthy, Warm, Light, and Cold. 

Narrative features a fixed navigation, an extensive layout, and a vertical slideshow and is ideal for stores with small catalogs.

19. Sprystore 

This theme is by W3layouts and is coated with dynamic colors. This template has the inherent quality of being an instant eye-catcher. It features a fully responsive design, simple customization, blog Sidebar, Google Location Map, and more.

20. Shopmax

Shopmax is a versatile and flexible free minimal eCommerce website template offered by Colorlib, which boasts of the niftiest web design. You can use this theme for an assortment of distinct online stores that sell apparel, shoes, accessories, bags, sunglasses, or anything else.

21. Simple 

Simple, as the name suggests, is a clean and minimal theme, ideal for showcasing products without putting extensive effort into your website template. Some features include product image zoom, sidebar menu, product recommendations, and more.

22. Fashion Hub

Fashion hub is a professionally built eCommerce website template by W3layouts, which is suitable for online fashion apparel stores. This template is ideal for men’s clothing, women’s clothing, kids wear and works with online shops of any scale. 

This theme features eye-catching hover effects, add-to-cart plugin, search form, register and login forms, about page, and many more.

23. Wines

Wines is a free winery website template by Colorlib that renders a clean and modern web layout. It is fully responsive, in harmony with all famous web browsers, and compatible with retina screens.

Some popular features of this theme include sliders, social media icons, testimonials, and blog pages.

24. Debut

Debut is a theme offered by Shopify and designed to showcase your brand and products on your website gracefully. 

Some features offered by Debut include pickup availability, predictive search, promotional banner, home page video, product recommendations, and many more.

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25. Winkel

Winkel is a modern, voguish, polished, and free online fashion store template by Colorlib. The theme features an intriguing split-screen slider with images as-well-as text and call-to-action buttons.

Winkel works seamlessly on web browsers and mobile screens. Some prominent features include a newsletter subscription box, a working contact form, blog pages, and Google Maps. 

26. Baggage

Baggage is an eCommerce website theme template by W3layouts and is designed solely for online stores that sell bags. The Baggage template is build in Bootstrap with HTML5 and CSS, this makes it extremely customizable.

This template features a delightful design with exceptional attention to detail. You can easily create new designs with this theme due to its ease-of-customization.

27. Minishop

Minishop is an eye-catching, responsive, and Bootstrap free minimal shop website template by Colorlib. This theme is suitable for fashion, bags, apparel, accessories, and other similar online shops.

Some prominent features of Minishop include a full-width slider, sticky menu, hover effects, a countdown timer, and on scroll content load.

28. LiquorStore

LiquorStore is an impactful and sophisticated free liquor store eCommerce theme template by Colorlib. If you wish to build an online store to sell drinks and beverages, this canvas will be an ideal choice. 

This theme features a drop-down menu, a testimonials slider, sticky navigation, social media icons, and a blog section.

Final Words

Over the years, there has been a surge in eCommerce stores that sell different kinds of stuff over the internet. Since every client operates a store with a different niche, there must also be varied templates for their website.

It is paramount that you implement an attractive theme and design to your website. 38% of people disengage with a website when they find the content or layout unappealing.

The list above can help you decide from a plethora of free eCommerce website templates as it mentions themes for distinctive types of stores, be it shoes, fashion, clothing, bags, gardening, electronics, or anything else.