Starting a business is not an easy task, as it seems, especially when it comes to the SaaS business sphere. The proper business idea and its implementation will definitely prove to be a pinnacle of success. Similarly, in the case of getting innovative real estate app ideas for 2021.
Here, we are going to discuss a number of innovative real estate app ideas that can be a good business opportunity in 2021 and in near future as well. The real estate industry is widening its horizon, thus easy and quick access of details and information are in great demand. 
If you are wondering how you can create a real estate startup that can attract more users, don’t worry. Here, we have prepared a list of high-end SaaS startup ideas that can be a clear innovative real estate app ideas for 2021 businesses.

Innovative Real Estate App Ideas

1. Property Finder App

A one-stop solution in the form of a property search app or property finder app. It allows users to buy, sell, and rent through the real estate mobile app.

2. Property Investment App

The online users mostly look for good deals in buying properties in the market. In this reference, this app can be one of the good SaaS startup ideas. Here in-house experienced specialists can answer all user queries, giving them solutions to their issues and in making good investment choices.

3. Repair Estimate App

This real estate app idea requires a lot of calculation accuracy and can provide you and users with a precise property estimation. The app can access all the repairs and fixes required and provide an estimate for the same.

4. Locality Review App

Using a locality review app, anyone can rate a locality and scores can be maintained based on different factors like education, weather, and distance from the main town, living, amenities, and more.

5. Real Estate AR/VR App

AR/VR technology is one of the booming real estate business ideas. These technologies virtually help people visit properties at any time and from anywhere.

6. Document Library App

The app will help users to collect all important documents in one place and categorize them as per clients to make it available easily. This makes it simple to display documents to clients through  smartphone devices.

7. Online Auction App

Online auction is an attractive real estate business strategy and is effective for making fair property deals.

8. Calculating or Estimator Apps

Such apps can be handy to the property sales person who can easily and swiftly carry out mortgage calculations or any other costs involved with the property at the time of sale without wasting the time or losing momentum with the client.

9. Shifting/Moving Service

Provide online service to easily reach to responsible companies to shift or relocate your house, office, or any other movable things from one place to another.

10. IoT App For Predictive Maintenance

The buildings are now having sensors embedded in them at strategic points, thus, the IoT apps allows predictive maintenance of the properties where things like upkeep and cleanliness are concerned.


Real estate businesses provide a wide horizon to be filled, as there are plenty of available opportunities and ideas that need to be implemented. Thus, get any of these ideas to introduce a SaaS startup in the real estate industry. 
Hope these ideas have ease your search and now aim for building business and developing the feature-rich app. For this, you need the right development agency and you don’t have to hunt for this as well. Just share your business idea with us and in a short time you are going to get the best match and top business solution.