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December 17, 2021

What is the Cost of Salesforce Implementation Services?

salesforce implementation services
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The Salesforce implementation phase can be the deciding factor of a SaaS adoption rate and successful use for quite a long time in the coming years. Therefore, it is important to analyze the cost of Salesforce implementation services before getting into the implementation phase.

​Protection from change is not out of the ordinary, yet companies require their employees to learn and understand the tech, develop new and unique processes, and eliminate workarounds and legacy behaviors.

Cost of ​Salesforce implementation varies broadly depending on the size of the implementation partner, your overall spending on Salesforce, and the number of customized features and processes required. However, Implementation costs also vary depending on whether you are migrating your data from an existing platform or having a fresh beginning.

In contrast to that, if you intend to implement a customized salesforce then, average costs range from 10-30% of your annual expense. Whereas, a big organization with multiple customizations could pay about 50% of their yearly spend. So, if you like to analyze the cost of salesforce implementation then let’s check it in detail.

Salesforce Products Model and Pricing

1. Sales Cloud Pricing

The cost of salesforce implementation cloud product introduces outstanding features and benefits that promote the sturdiness of business sales that can effectively manage leads, accounts, contacts, opportunities, and other details. Whereas, the salesforce sales cloud is available in four different versions.

  1. Essentials Sales Cloud- It is an effective model for small businesses that supports a team of a maximum of 10 users. It is available with basic features only and costs $25 per user.
  2. Professional Sales Cloud- It is available for all sizes of companies and is available with forecasting features. It offers proper and complete customization and costs $75 per user.
  3. Enterprise Sales Cloud- It is a suitable model for mid and large-sized companies and provides high-level customization. Enterprise sales cloud provides advanced features, such as forecasting and advanced reporting. It is available at a cost of $150 per user.
  4. Unlimited Sales Cloud- It is a premium version of sales cloud or feature-rich edition. It supports high quality sales automation and provides 24×7 toll-free customer support. It is available at $300 per user.

2. Service Cloud Pricing

As its name depicts, the salesforce service cloud allows customer care executives to inspect details about customers. Hence, the executives can deliver customer-centric solutions based on the customer support case. The service cloud product is also available in four different versions.

  1. Essentials Service Cloud- It is an effective model for small businesses that supports a team of a maximum of 10 users. It is available with basic features only and the cost of salesforce implementation for this model is $25 per user.
  2. Professional Service Cloud- It is available with more extended functionalities and features, such as milestone tracker, order management, etc. It is available at a cost of $75 per user.
  3. Enterprise Service Cloud- It supports advanced levels of customization to facilitate the organization’s demand. Enterprise service product also introduces easy integration using web services APIs and also supports advanced reporting features and service process automation. It is available at a cost of $150 per user.
  4. Unlimited Service Cloud- It is a premium version of unlimited service cloud that delivers a highly customized solution. It supports high level configuration and provides a 24×7 support service. The cost of salesforce implementation for this model is $300 per user.

3. Marketing Cloud Pricing

It is a one-on-one marketing model platform that supports salesforce implementation services businesses to send engaging marketing emails, online advertising, send text messages, etc. It is available in different modules and each module has its unique functionalities, features, and price. 

  1. Customer 360- It allows users/marketers to unify, categorize, and capture all customer data. It is available in three different versions;
    1. Corporate: It is a suitable model version for mid-sized businesses to unify and grow data assets. It cost around $12,500.
    2. Enterprise: It supports large-scale enterprises in segmenting, activating, and unifying all data. It costs around $50,000.
    3. Enterprise Plus: It provides premium services, such as super messages, and engaging events. However, the cost of salesforce implementation of this model is around $65,000.
  2. Loyalty Management- With this module, businesses can efficiently build, track, and deploy their customer’s loyalty programs. It is available in three different versions;
    1. Business2Business Loyalty: The B2B loyalty module is available at a cost of about $30,000.
    2. B2C Loyalty: The B2C loyalty module is available at a cost of about $35,000.
    3. B2C Loyalty Plus: The B2C loyalty plus module is available at a cost of about $45,000.
  3. B2B Pardot Pricing- This salesforce business management module is available in four different versions.
    1. Growth- The growth module is available at a cost of about $1,250.
    2. Plus- It is available at a cost of about $2,500.
    3. Advanced- It is one of the most famous modules and is available at a cost of about $4,000.
    4. Premium- It is available at a cost of about $15,000.

4. Lightning Platform

The Lightning platform supports the most vital component of the salesforce implementation platform, as it helps businesses to increase efficiency and growth. It is available in three modules.

  1. Platform Started- It is available at a cost of about $25.
  2. Plus Platform- It is available at a cost of about $100.
  3. Platform Unlimited- Its price is customized.

Cost of Salesforce Implementation Services

The cost of Salesforce implementation service is available at different rates ranging from $25 to $300. Based upon your choice, most of the products are accessible at a yearly agreement however, membership terms of Salesforce vary, such as Salesforce Essentials presents monthly, yearly, and even multi-year subscription options.

However, the final cost of salesforce implementation for your product relies on the size of your company. Salesforce offers its product for every individual user, so the cost multiplies by the number of key users dependent on the version. As the number of key clients increases the expense will also get increased. Therefore, you should strategically choose the users who need to strategically use the platform.

Cost to Hire Freelancers for Salesforce Implementation Services

Freelancers follow their own standard charges on an hourly basis. The total number of working hours dedicated to the project will impact the total cost. The charges of each freelancer vary so, some may charge low, some average, or some may charge even too high. Despite that, the overall charges can be negotiated, if you are having an extended project requirement. 

Standard hourly charges of a Freelance Salesforce implementation service provider are;

  • Salesforce Developer – $70-$150 per hour
  • Salesforce Administrator – $60 – $120 per hour
  • Pardot Consultant – $70 – $100 per hour
  • Salesforce Technical Architect – $60 – $180 per hour
  • Marketing Cloud Developer – $70 – $130 per hour
  • Salesforce Solution Architect – $80 – $140 per hour

Cost to Build Your Own Salesforce Implementation Team 

Building an in-house team can be more costly than seeking assistance from professional experts. However, to let you analyze the cost difference, below is the cost that you will be paying out at different stages;

  • Recruitment Process can cost about $ 4,000 to $ 7,000
  • Payroll, benefits, and bonuses will cost about $50,000
  • Employee onboarding cost.
  • Training an employee can cost you about $1,500 for each individual.
  • Hiring a Manager can cost around $80,000.
  • Sales tools can cost you about $5,000.
  • Opportunity costs.

Factor Influence the Cost of Salesforce Implementation Services

1. Level of Implementation

When you hire any Salesforce implementation service provider, the first and foremost thing that you need to do is to define the level of implementation. The basic level of Salesforce CRM implementation requires a minimum expenditure of cost and time. In contrast to that, the complex implementation process could result in higher expenses in terms of time and money both and overall affect the cost of salesforce implementation services..

Thus, understand your requirements, and then proceed accordingly.

2. Company Objective

Businesses who require basic things from a CRM, for example, the ability to track customers. The implementation cost of such a basic CRM will undoubtedly be lower. On the other hand, for people who are trying to enhance customer experience, customer support, or boost their brands, the implementation of such products will take more time and cost higher.

3. Recurring Cost

Don’t consider CRM as a tool. It delivers such features that support expense reduction and ultimately promote revenue. However, it not only follows the sole purpose of generating huge revenue. For an organization, it is a brilliant investment that supports overtime. Hence, to yield the best results from CRM, you should consider it as a platform rather than a tool. 

Thus, to make it possible, you should maintain your recurring expenses which arise from regular platform maintenance. Recurring expenses also include technical support,  licenses, ongoing maintenance and upgrades, and programming expenses.

4. Data Migration and Customization

Data Migration is an expensive process, which includes multiple processes before successfully and accurately importing the organization’s data. However, the data migration may further require custom tools development that is used for automated data transfer. Ultimately, it makes data migration extremely expensive.

Salesforce customization refers to coding and customized development to further include enhanced and powerful features of the CRM platform. Therefore, based on the organization’s platform customization demand, the customization expense increases the overall cost of Salesforce Implementation services. As a result, customization expense is quite higher than data migration.


In this informational blog, we tried to cover some of the major aspects and scenarios that you might encounter while going through the Salesforce Implementation process in your organization. Hence, we tried to provide you with an overview of the cost of Salesforce implementation services. Whereas, the original price of salesforce implementation will only rely on your organization’s size, project requirements, depth of customization, and many more.

So, if you’re planning to introduce the salesforce platform in your organization, then you can look to hire from reliable sources on Supersourcing. For more details, you can reach out to the right salesforce companies to take things ahead.

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