If you’re anything like me you’ll probably want to have excellent branding on the market. As the study of LinkedIn suggests, a strong employer brand can reduce up to 50% of hiring costs. Consequently, you must understand the best employer branding examples to learn and improve your brand image.

In this blog, we will walk you through 7 examples that you can take inspiration from and take your marketing and branding to the next level. So, follow along till the very end to create a brand where candidates feel attracted to join and improve your strategic recruitment plan.

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How These 7 Companies Nailed Employer Branding

Employer branding has become more crucial than ever in today’s job market. To attract and retain the top talents, companies need to showcase their unique culture, values, and benefits. Let’s take a look at the best employer branding examples. 

Employer branding examples


Google is one of the best examples of employer branding. The company has set the bar high by showcasing its unique culture, values, and benefits in various creative ways. Google’s employer branding strategy is based on transparency, inclusivity, and innovation, and it has been successful in attracting and retaining top talent.

One of the ways Google sets the bar in employer branding is through its employee benefits. The company offers a wide range of perks, such as free meals, on-site health clinics, and fitness centers, to name a few. These benefits not only make Google an attractive place to work but also contribute to the well-being and productivity of its employees.


Salesforce is a prime employer branding example. The company has a reputation for providing a great work environment for its employees, which is reflected in its high employee satisfaction ratings and low turnover rates.

One of the key ways that Salesforce stands out in terms of branding is through its commitment to social responsibility.

Salesforce 1-1-1 model


The company is known for its 1-1-1 model, where it donates 1% of its equity, 1% of its time, and 1% of its products to charitable causes. This not only helps Salesforce to attract socially conscious employees but also demonstrates the company’s commitment to making a positive impact on the world.


HubSpot is a standout example of an organization that consistently earns high marks for its employer branding. The company is well known for its employment development approach and a solid reputation for being independent, cooperative, and welcoming. 

But apart from that, as this company provides marketing products, its brand marketing is inspiring. From social media to content marketing, HubSpot effectively showcases its unique employer brand to attract top talent. The company shares on social media like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram, showing its lively workplace. They share stories about employees, give a peek behind the scenes, and highlight company events.


Netflix employer brand

In the past few years, Netflix has not only created an admirable brand but has also attracted a pool of talented professionals. Netflix, the king of streaming entertainment, isn’t just winning hearts with its shows – they’re also known for being a fantastic place to work. The best part about Netflix is that they listen to their employees. They care about what their employees think and make changes based on their feedback. This makes employees feel valued and respected.

Netflix also offers great benefits to its employees. They provide things like flexible working hours, health insurance, and opportunities for career growth. This shows that Netflix cares about the well-being and development of its employees.


Microsoft is an amazing company to join when it comes to employee benefits and perks. It nurtures employees to push their boundaries and grow more than even they have thought. Microsoft is committed to putting its employees at the center of everything, providing them with attractive perks and benefits. 

For example, at Microsoft, you’ll get a 10% discount on the purchase price of stocks and grow your wealth and blazing speed. Moreover, with world-class benefits, it provides competitive pay, bonuses, and stock awards to the employees eligible based on their individual performance. 




Apple is a famous company that makes amazing products. People want to work for Apple because it has a great culture. Apple’s culture makes employees think in new ways and do things that no one has done before. This culture attracts people who love technology and want to work on exciting projects that change the world.

Apple also cares about its employees’ careers. The company gives them many chances to grow and move up. You can learn new things, get advice from others, and switch to different roles. This helps employees improve their skills and achieve their goals within the company.


Cisco stands out as a shining employer branding example, especially for Indian candidates. Cisco’s employer branding efforts are clear in its approach to talent development and employee engagement. The company prioritizes investing in its workforce, offering various training programs, mentorship opportunities, and career advancement paths. This focus on employee growth and development resonates well with Indian job seekers who value continuous learning and professional advancement.

Moreover, Cisco actively promotes diversity and inclusion in its workplace, creating an environment where employees from diverse backgrounds feel valued and empowered to contribute their best. 

What You Can Learn and Implement in Your Company

Despite how attractive pay you offer to the potential candidate, it requires time, resources, and effort to get them onboard. However, if you’ve built a strong brand then it can become easier and faster for you to get the candidate on the job. Let’s take a look at what you can learn and implement from the above-listed employer branding examples: 

Employer branding

Transparency: Follow Google’s lead by prioritizing transparency and inclusivity in your company’s culture and values. Be open about your company’s mission, values, and benefits to attract top talent.

Employee Benefits: You can take inspiration from Google and offer attractive employee benefits such as free meals, on-site health clinics, and fitness centers to enhance employee well-being and productivity.

Social Responsibility: Salesforce’s commitment to social responsibility by implementing initiatives that give back to the community and demonstrate your company’s values.

Employer Brand Marketing: You can learn from HubSpot’s employer branding strategy and effectively showcase your company’s unique culture and values through social media and content marketing to attract top talent.

Employee Feedback: Take a page from Netflix’s playbook and prioritize listening to your employees’ feedback. Actively seek input from your team and make changes based on their suggestions to foster a culture of trust and respect.

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