Network Monitoring is one of the key aspects of IT activities in an organization and is appropriate inside an advanced arranged association. Network monitoring software endeavors to pre-emptively recognize bothered organization assets, caution or report imperative workforce (Network Administrators) to the issue. It consistently screens arranged resource’s presentation over the long run to forestall disappointment. 

Therefore, doing so guarantees the overall accessibility and ideal execution of assets imparting and performing optimum resource utilization throughout the organization. Organizations need their arranged assets to be working at complete proficiency to guarantee productivity and business development. However, to assist them with accomplishing this, a specific arrangement of organization checking apparatuses is fundamental. 

This blog on free and open source network monitoring software, promotes network monitoring system’ key highlights and benefits. It additionally looks for the motivations behind network observing arrangements devices. It pin-points their commitments toward expanding business measure productivity, particularly in the distant working time and what they mean for the reality of the firm. 

What is Network Monitoring Software?

Network Monitoring Software is a set-up of digital tools and applications that assist & evaluate the situation with parts in the organization, like work area and workstations, workers switches, and so forth, close by its solidarity. Most network monitoring tools make visual guides of the whole organization of an association, and use it to figure out which assets or parts are moderate, going to fall flat, or as of now fizzled – other than different viewpoints like hot CPU use.  

The product basically pings different assets on the organization and anticipates an answer to decide whether the asset is completely useful or has an issue. At that point reports back to an organization overseer with alarms and notices, intermittent insightful data, and different pieces of data about the whole organization. Network Monitoring Software also assists organizations with deciding a few parts of the organization, like data transmission usage and distribution, to improve its central network infrastructure. 

Types of Network Monitoring

Network Monitoring follows four explicit sorts or arrangements for associations of various classifications. 

1. Availability Monitoring

Determines the working of resources, like firewalls, switches, and routers to make sure they are online to achieve organizational tasks. Therefore, this type of monitoring finds out the data transmission utilized by assets, the capacity limit of explicit assets, and other explicit administrations. Protocols working in this category also include – SNMP, ICMP, Telnet, etc.

2. Disk Monitoring

Since logical discs are crucial for the activities of hardware network resources, disk monitoring recognizes threshold penetrations on reading or writing of resource disk and cautions network executives to procedural wellbeing issues.

3. Networking Hardware

This type of monitoring method includes tracking, and maintaining the required level of  performance for explicit parts of network devices. This incorporates CPU fan speed, apparatus Temperature, Power supply, etc.

4. Interface Monitoring

This method is implemented at the data packet level. Such kind of monitoring decides whether network data packets are being received and read suitably at explicit network devices. This further supports the important performance of the network, bandwidth uses and other issues. 

Best Features of Network Monitoring Software 

The best features of Network Monitoring Software are: 

  • Dashboard
  • Baseline Manager
  • Bandwidth Monitoring
  • Network Mapping
  • Ease of Deployment
  • Network Automation
  • Server Monitoring
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Visual Maps
  • Router Monitoring

Benefits of Network Monitoring Software

Probably the main benefits of Network Monitoring Systems are:

  • Pre-emptive detection of malfunctioning components.
  • Automated Reports and Alerts to network administrators.
  • Reduction of overall asset servicing time.
  • Granular Network Analytics and Performance Dashboard.
  • Increased ROI of Organizational Assets.
  • Predictive Network Analytics to determine Network Downtime.
  • Elevated Productivity of all organizational Business Elements.
  • Accurate Measurement of Network Metrics (Total Bandwidth Capacity, Utilization, etc.).
  • Faster Diagnosis of Network Security Threats.
  • Mapping Networks and Managing large-scale changes.
  • Helps the firm plan and test infrastructural enhancements and timelines. 

Top Free and Open Source Network Monitoring Software


NetXMS is a free and open source network monitoring software. The most recent adaptation is 3.8, and it guarantees an exceptionally versatile, cross-stage open source network monitoring tool with improved security and adaptability. The organization execution checking instrument professes to be the most ideal choice for huge organizations, while it likewise offers NAT-level message entrance. 

network monitoring software

The best highlights of NetXMS network monitoring software are as following: 

  • Discovery- Support of dynamic and aloof checking through Layer 2 and Layer 3 conventions with network perception devices.
  • Monitoring- The organization observing arrangement can monitor application and worker utilization for top to bottom examination.
  • Automation- Reduced human association in authoritative undertakings, for example, script organization, and warnings, cautions, and so on.
  • Remote Management- This component permits clients to get to PCs and workers past firewalls and run analytic projects distantly.
  • Security- The organization checking programming guarantees clients of the best level encryption in all methods of correspondence.
  • Data Collection- Flexible information stockpiling guarantees you have all data in the arrangement you need consistently. 

2. Nagios XI

Nagios XI is trial-based free and open source network monitoring software. The network monitoring tool is not easy to use and comprises an exceptionally customizable interface with client inclination settings like format, design and flexibility. Dashboard represents clients speedy admittance to the information they want while the whole organization is apparent and outlined by the organization observing programming. The network monitoring software values capacity planning, updates, and automatic alert system, featuring weakness. The Nagios XI network monitoring too additionally comes with user authorization highlighting restricting the quantity of resources or networks that a user can access in a specific profile.

The basic highlights that make Nagios XI a standout amongst other network monitoring software are as following: 

  • Infrastructure Management- This component incorporates auto Discovery, custom decommissioning, affirmations, and so forth.
  • Scalability- Implementation of the incredible Nagios Core 4 motor, which sets itself up across various frameworks at the same time.
  • Configuration Management- Nagios empowers clients to rapidly comprehend the arrangement and setup of gadgets set up across the organization. Simple inversions to past plans are likewise attainable.
  • Reporting Dashboard- A profoundly adjustable web interface shows granular information, which revives business dynamic and features the organization’s fundamental perspectives to help turn away dubious occasions.
  • Automation- Periodic covering network situations with naturally cautions the IT executive when dubious action happens.

3. Icinga

Icinga2 is a free and open source network monitoring software. The network monitoring tool details information for instant decision making while watching hosts or applications. It brags of a 6-in-1 programming stack solution to keep a check on different IT infrastructure. The software can manage hybrid, private and public networks and elements. However, visualization provides clients exceptional and custom information alongside a complete overview of network structure. Other than that, the network monitoring system is totally integrable with third-party software/tools. 


A portion of the pivotal network monitoring software’s highlights of Icinga2 are as per the following: 

  • Load Sharing- The organization observing apparatus gives a grouping system, which spreads checking across various workers.
  • Automation- Icinga2 permits proactive checks, all things considered, and workers intermittently without human mediation.
  • Alert and Notification- IT overseers are advised over determined channels relying upon explicit systems administration conditions or intermittently.
  • High Availability- Two Icinga2 hubs dependably screen a solitary area of the organization, expanding repetition.
  • Report and Analytics- The Icinga2 specialist introduced on nearby gadgets reliably records fundamental information and reports on asset use measurements.

4. SolarWinds

SolarWinds altogether offers a set-up of free network monitoring software bundled together under the network management solution suite. The software incorporates a bandwidth monitoring, a network monitoring device, an AppFlow analyzer, a network setup generator, a Netflow Analyzer, and an IP SLA tracker. All things considered, they give essential data for the analysis, screening, and required effective actions to the network administrator. 



A of the fundamental highlights of the network monitoring software are as following: 

  • Device Monitoring- Assess the wellbeing and activity status of each gadget on the organization.
  • Reporting and Analytics- Deep plunges into information focuses that feature network proficiency.
  • Auto Discovery- Determine each hub in the organization, either an asset or a product resource.
  • Data Gathering- The assortment and capacity of the organization’s basic operational measurements in the favored client configuration to empower expanded investigation.
  • Alert and Notifications- Custom or intermittent data shipped off the IT head by the organization observing apparatuses.
  • Bandwidth Polling and Usage- Determine the organization’s speed and ideal limit use to guarantee dormancy less message conveyance with the organization checking instrument.
  • Configuration Management- Understand the gadget settings and acquaint changes with improve gadget dependability. Screen Changes successfully with network checking frameworks.
  • Remote Management- Run far off scripts, reconfigure frameworks, enhance network checking arrangement’s element, and improve network tasks utilizing the organization observing arrangement component. 

5. Nmap

Nmap is a free Network Monitoring Software. However, its latest version available in the market is 7.90, with the update recording bug fixes and more minor operational enhancements. The network monitoring tool is probably the least complex decision to utilize thinking about its operational technique. It uses raw IP packets to access device configuration, resources and network maps, and gather lots of data about the gadgets connected within the network. The network monitoring software solution supports third-party integration and is a platform-independent tool. It is likewise flexible enough to deal with various scanning methods (TCP and UDP). To top everything, Nmap also boasts an easy to use User Interface (UI)

Some of the best highlights of Nmap network monitoring software are as following: 

  • Network Inventory- The organization checking programming finds fundamental useful assets and records them close by their setup.
  • Dashboard- A focal dashboard to notice key organization measurements and make a move fittingly.
  • Reporting and Analytics- Granular information investigation on the exhibition of an organization and its segments to foresee network vacations and ideal working obstructions.
  • Self-updating Maps- Automated disclosure modules register new assets or reconfigured gadgets into inventories without human intercession.
  • Map Exporting- Share map registry through various scrambled correspondence implies.

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The market for Network management software is expanding and loaded with a variety of choices from among the free and open source network monitoring tools, freemium Network monitoring solutions, and premium network monitoring systems.

The global market of network monitoring software, also includes network monitoring solutions. However, it depicts an indication of expected growth of $12.2 billion in value by 2027, developing at around 10% CAGR. The Network Monitoring Software is vital in the worldwide economy today – countless associations need it, particularly with expanding remote and interconnected system applications, decentralized IT project management. As a result, it shows the widening scope of IT products and services.

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