Fixed Assets, additionally called capital assets- resources that a firm possesses and needs to perform tasks and revenue generation actions. A fixed asset range from manufacturing units to more refined items, for example, cloud computing data servers. Improved fixed asset management software intends to guarantee suitable bookkeeping of actual resources for business purposes. It ranges from their maintenance and location tracing to carrying out the best security and anti-theft protocols.An organization needs to keep steady over all information concerning fixed assets. They contribute directly to revenue, profit and supported operations. However, the fixed asset management software is its smartest choice in performing such operations precisely. This blog on free and open source fixed asset management software eliminates business clients about the features, benefits, security commitments, and overall significance of fixed asset management software to an organization.

What is a Fixed Asset Management Software? 

Fixed asset management software is a set-up of computerized instruments that help organizations track, report, and maintain on the usage and productivity of all physical resources such as, vehicles, machinery, furniture, buildings, land, intangible assets, and so on. A fixed asset tracking system also serves basic, momentary data to resource proprietors. Such as, depreciated asset value, warranty timetables, asset transfer details, etc. The primary motivation behind a fixed asset tool is to increase the Return on Investment (ROI) for all assets under ownership of organizations during asset lifecycle while additionally executing suitable asset accounting.

Importance of Fixed Asset Management Software

  • Pin-point Location Analytics.
  • Maintenance Management Alert and Notification.
  • Granular Asset Data Reporting and Visualization.
  • Increased Asset Productivity.
  • Asset Forecasting and Cost Control.
  • Asset Lifecycle Analysis.
  • Zombie Asset Detection.
  • Automated Reports and Process to increase decision making capability.

Essential Features of Fixed Asset Management Software

The best features of a fixed asset management software are as follows:

  • Asset Accounting
  • Asset Tracking
  • Audit Trail
  • Depreciation Calculation
  • Document Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Maintenance Management
  • Purchase and Requisites
  • Report and Analysis
  • Warranty Management

Benefits of Fixed Asset Management Software 

All incredible fixed asset management software makes it simple for organizations to record each moment insight regarding their fixed assets for increased operational productivity. Hence, probably the most compelling motivations why associations fixed asset management solutions are fundamental are as per the following: 

  • Provides Centralized Audit Trail and Storage for Asset Information.
  • Granular Operational Data Analytics and Visualization.
  • Automation of administrative fixed asset management tasks.
  • Access of real-time asset security information – Location, Ownership and Transfer Periods.
  • Maintenance Alerts, Notifications, Recording, and Scheduling.
  • Increases Life Cycle and ROI of all assets in the organization.
  • Maximizes Asset Utilization and Productivity.
  • Minimizes expenses incurred on assets.
  • Accurate depreciation forecasts to determine end-of-life asset value.
  • Easy to integrate Third-Party functional applications.
  • Enhanced business efficiency through streamlined decision making.
  • Contributes to increased customer/employee satisfaction.

Best Free and Open Source Fixed Asset Management Software

GLPI is a free IT fixed asset management software that depends on open source innovative segments. The free and open source fixed asset management software is viable with ITIL V2, the most recent IT occurrence and infrastructural change the executives structure. Hence, the fixed asset software is one of its kind, that separates all IT resources dependent on administrative policies and expenditure permission. As a result, the software empowers speedy decision making for IT managers with its work process and is cloud-viable. 

fixed asset management software

The best features that give GLPI an open source Fixed asset management and tracking system software a competitive upper hand are as follows: 

  • GLPI gives the top tier Asset Accounting and Availability Management.
  • Tracking all bespoke Asset Configuration is straightforward and simple to follow up.
  • Exact Asset Tracking Modules per Asset Class.
  • Secure Asset Document Management.
  • The fixed resource the executives arrangement tracks all Asset Purchases and Requisitions.
  • Granular Asset Management Reporting and Analytics.
  • Guarantee, Maintenance, and License Reminders and Notification Alerts.
  • Secure User Access Through Authorized Profiles.
  • Robotization of Specific Actions, Requests and Processes.
  • Resource Specific Usage Audit Trails.

2. Open-AudIT
Open-AudIT is a free and open source fixed Asset Management Software from Opmantek, zeroed in just on IT resources and assets. Thus, the fixed asset management and global positioning system gives an expansive range of administrations, including network limit and data transfer capacity usage, visual detailing, job based admittance, and in-assembled assignments scheduler, to give some examples. The highlights that make Open-AudIT an absolute necessity have fixed asset management software for IT devices are as following: 

  • Amazingly Quick Asset Location Tracking utilizing Geographical Maps.
  • Resource Warranty Status Reporting.
  • The Fixed Asset Management Solution Provides Detailed Reporting on Asset Usage.
  • Open-AudIT Ensures the Best Network Asset Audit Logs and Management.
  • A Software Licensing Feature Ensures Users Never Use Unauthorized Tools.
  • Resource Server Inventory Management to work with Change Management.
  • The fixed Asset IT the board framework is not difficult to scale.
  • Guarantee No-Compromise in File-Integrity Checks.

3. Snipe-IT
Snipe-IT is a free and open source fixed asset management software that specializes in IT resources alone. Supported by the AWS cloud, the free fixed asset software offers high quality security, a simple to-incorporate REST API for developers to increase functionality, and easy to navigate interface. Therefore, the software’s tremendous security features incorporate two-factor authentication, client access limitations, encoded back-ups and tests, reliable system checking protocols, are some examples. The open source fixed asset management software likewise doesn’t compel seller lock-ins on clients.

asset management tool

The best fixed asset management software highlights of Snipe-IT are as following:

  • Resource Accounting outline for a wide range of fixed resources.
  • Kill IT gives a stage to exact and ideal Asset Tracking.
  • Straightforward and simple to-share Asset Audit Trails reports.
  • Secure Asset Documentation and Historical Records.
  • Upkeep, Warranty, and License Expiration Alerts.
  • Outsider Application Integration.
  • Intermittent Inventory Level Management and Reporting.
  • Manager’s Dashboard to see all Reports and Analysis of Fixed Assets.

4. OpenMAINT
OpenMAINT is a free and open source fixed asset management software system. The fixed asset tool gives inside and out information on the operational status to associations, empowering fast dynamic and simple instructive access. However, working under the pretense of a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), the fixed resource the executives arrangement is effectively configurable to an organization’s prerequisites and deployable in stages across working divisions and worked with the most ideal venture framework engineering.

fixed asset management software

The open source fixed asset management system includes that help OpenMAINT stay cutthroat are as per the following features: 

  • The fixed resource instrument furnishes a definite Asset Inventory Overview with complete specialized information.
  • All Asset Tracking exercises are straightforward on OpenMAINT on account of the geo-referring to and 2-D guide highlight.
  • Archive Storage identified with all Asset Purchase and Requisition Orders.
  • OpenMAINT likewise permits clients to track and record Maintenance, Warranty and Asset Licensing Data.
  • The fixed resource programming is stage free and operational across portable and web interfaces.
  • Clients may likewise use the envisioned Reporting and Analytics Tool.
  • Security gave through information encryption, and job based client access.

5. AssetExpert
AssetExpert by Sensys is a preliminary based free fixed asset management software. The product vows to record exact resource esteem after some time while automating important parts of fixed asset management to enhance firms’ efficiency. The improved asset management solution vows to accelerate hierarchical resource arranging and authority over stock. AssetExpert additionally carries out an undeniable degree of safety modules – restricting client access and encoding vital information. The best fixed asset tracking software highlights that make AssetExpert an unquestionable requirement have for organizations are as per the following: 

  • The fixed resource programming joins standards engaged with the Fixed Asset Lifecycle Management, making Asset Accounting simple.
  • AssetExpert upholds generally executed Asset Depreciation Calculation Methods (SLM, WDV, etc.).
  • Resource classification, resource move subtleties and straightforward Audit Trails.
  • Support and Warranty Alerts, Notifications Management.
  • Completely clear reports accessible by means of Reporting and Analytics Dashboard.
  • Secure Documentation Management for all Asset Types.
  • Improved Inventory Management and Recording.
  • AssetExpert is not difficult to scale across areas. 


The worldwide fixed asset management software could expand to an expected $6.2 in market esteem by 2023, developing at a CAGR of 12%. The market is seeing various patterns. Hence, a flood of associations between Artificial Intelligence associations, IoT gadget producers, and industry-autonomous organizations changes fixed asset management systems. An expected 0.2 percent of IoT gadgets fabricated in 2020 were resource trackers alone, however this figure ought to fill in the coming years. Therefore, all fixed resources the board programming and equipment blends will be the route forward in industry 4.0 as fixed resources the executives develop. Any association expecting to extend their mechanized limits past online fixed asset management software and like to encourage their own item. Thus, here you can get a subject matter expert and reliable team or can pick your expert remote team efficiently from the pool of  talent at Supersourcing. Take a gander at the once-over of top enlisted agencies here.