Conducting meetings is one of the crucial mainstays of authoritative achievement. It advances collaboration between offices, people, and surprisingly outsider sellers. Meetings likewise have expansive outcomes on representative generated advancement, responsibility of activities, and generally business primary concern. In such a manner, the Meeting Room Booking System has reliably substantiated themselves as a feasible focus of correspondence and joint effort. 
Notwithstanding qualms in the corporate world, meetings are pivotal to supporting business joint effort and productivity when executed well. It could be the method by which you find insight, whether being in the meeting and taking part. The proper and regular meetings guarantee the way toward organizing and executing required processes is smoothed out and perfect. The Meeting Room Booking System keeps up worker efficiency and advances business time preservation. Meeting Room Booking Systems assists associations with doing exactly that. 
This blog on free and open source meeting room booking system frameworks will edify all the readers on the significance of meeting room booking the board. Likewise, this blog will feature the difficulties of helpless meeting rooms for the executives. The readers will find out about the numerous highlights and advantages of MRBS’ (Meeting Room Booking System) to their association, independent of size, scale, or degree. Let’s learn in detail about the meeting room booking system.. 

What is a Meeting Room Booking System?

A meeting room booking system is a set of advanced applications, devices, and usefulness that smooth’s out the whole cycle of booking meeting rooms. The product empowers associations to enhance the meeting room planning measure. It produces more noteworthy incentive for members in gatherings by means of proper updates, route helps, and so forth.
The Clients can handle different parts of the booking stage including the kind of meeting room required, time region cross-checks and multi-language backing, and scratch-off or rescheduling of gatherings. Meeting room booking software additionally has the capacity of defining different key measurements to the booking process. 

  1. Calendar Integrations to observe participant schedules and block time-slots.
  2. Customized alerting, and notification on upcoming meetings to participants.
  3. Less time-wastage in booking physical meeting rooms per requirements.
  4. Streamlined meeting room creation and hosting workflow process.
  5. Integrating third-party applications for greater meeting productivity.
  6. Permission-based meeting room access to limit external interruptions.
  7. Higher in-meeting participant productivity functionality, such as raise hand, mute all, screen share, etc. 
  8. Secure meeting room hosting on the Cloud.
  9. Reduced no-shows and participant cancellations.

Advantages of a Meeting Room Booking System

The best meeting room booking programming not just overcomes any issues to extraordinary authoritative efficiency. Yet in addition brings along different advantages which are as underneath:

  • Lowered Administrative Costs Associated with Managing and Reserving Meeting Rooms.
  • Increased workforce efficiency due to lower meeting room booking conflicts.
  • Real-time meeting room booking statuses.
  • Display of meeting room resource inventory details.
  • Implementing meeting room booking reservation right & access controls.
  • Time-saving automation of key processes in meeting room booking.
  • Granular meeting room reporting and analytics (peak hours, capacity utilization, etc.)
  • Third-party application integration to optimize workflows.
  • Seamless meeting execution without interruption- saving time and cost.
  • Visitor Management with Navigational Digital Signage.
  • Streamlined and effective business purpose utilization of meeting rooms

Key Features of A Meeting Room Booking Software

  • Automated Process
  • Internal-Meetings
  • Multiple Locations
  • Transparency
  • Third-Party Booking
  • Real-Time Availability
  • Online Booking
  • Usage Analytics
  • Utilization Report
  • Visitor Management.

Best Free and Open Source Meeting Room Booking Systems

1. classroombooking
classroombooking is a free and open source meeting room booking software, which is planned explicitly for schools. The most recent rendition is 2.4.1. Probably the greatest benefit of the MRBS is its capacity to add custom fields and highlights according to the association’s necessities. Clients would now be able to feature room assets, the time required per booking, and so forth. Besides, the meeting room booking system forces no limitations of any sort on the quantity of rooms that implementers can book. 
The absolute best highlights of classroombookings meeting room booking system are as per the following: 

  • Expanded Transparency in room booking and planning activities.
  • Simple to work Online Booking interface.
  • The free gathering room booking framework works with Multi-Location room booking and shows the essential data on the booking page.
  • The open source meeting room booking framework works with Recurring Scheduling.
  • Internal Meetings booking and assistance.
  • Automated Scheduling Process upgrades educator and school efficiency.
  • Real-Time Availability of meeting and study hall help increase booking productivity and eliminates chances of double appointments.
  • Custom meeting room booking highlights that clients can add include: Utilization Reports, Visitor Management, and so on.

2. DeskFlex
DeskFlex is a free meeting room booking software that depends on a trial period. It additionally contains a few open source meeting room booking framework parts. The meeting room booking system vows to eliminate no-shows or late reservations utilizing its easy to understand plan and various mixes. Other than meeting rooms, the online meeting room booking system is multi-reason. It permits simple reserving for enormous capacity ceremony halls, seminar event rooms, equipment, and offices, and so forth. The meeting room booking software is integrable with profitability suites, for example, Microsoft Outlook, Office 365, and Zapier to give some examples. The Online meeting room booking system is a hardware independent platform.Some of the best meeting room booking system management highlights of DeskFlex are as per the following: 

  • Recording and show of Real-Time Availability of observed gathering room.
  • Precise Online Booking channels and site reconciliations.
  • Meeting room multi-structure revealing – including use, framework, and office use, and so on – to help improve utilitarian booking cycle and potential.
  • Transparency in booking prerequisites given by different coordinators, office booking measure, and so forth.
  • Internal Meeting schedules and room reservation utilizing open source representative schedule synchronization.
  • Detailed Visitor management – particularly identification printing, plan warnings, repeating arrangement reservations, guest enrollments, and so forth.
  • Multi-Location meeting room booking administrations.
  • Office and Equipment checks of all gathering rooms to conclude the ideal setting.
  • Diminished interferences with open source meeting show – exhibiting significant data to forestall unsettling influences.

3. Roombelt
Roombelt is an open source meeting room booking framework. The Meeting room booking system essentially manages computerized signage at gathering room doors, practicing on a select arrangement of gadgets running on iOS, Android, and Philips. The Online meeting room booking system is gadget free and vows to upgrade worker efficiency time by giving a straightforward working interface.The meeting room booking software advances asset effectiveness by cancelling meeting room inhabitants. If participants neglect to appear more than twice, along these lines helping improve asset usage. The best Meeting Room Booking System highlights of Roombelt are: 

  • Computerized Processes- including room use show, updates on Internal Meetings, and so forth.
  • Effective and simple Online Booking Process.
  • Devoted Status load up presentations to decide Real-Time Availability.
  • Booking Transparency to kill twofold appointments through simple schedule mix.
  • Room Utilization reports to help increment the proficient use of meeting rooms.
  • Revealing and Analytics to association’s gathering room utilization, relating factors.
  • Incredible Visitor Management Systems – Digital Signage, route navigation, meeting room occupancy details, guest identifications, and so on.
  • Multilingual help.
  • Custom theme execution for meetings.
  • Third-Party Application Integrations with Google, Microsoft, and so on.

4. Picktime
Picktime is a free meeting room booking system. The online meeting room booking software developers considered not only co-working spaces but also various sizes of organizations and scope while writing the codes. The outcome is a free online meeting room booking system that not only simply eases the usage but also offers extraordinary specialized instruments between coordinators, participants, and third-party individuals.The organization additionally offers buyers an unimaginable level of customization of highlights on the meeting booking programming. Yet additionally starts suitable security through client access to the board and approval, and stage freedom. Picktime’s high level arrangement set likewise offers organizations the opportunity to set up their booking page and site in three basic advances, empowering Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to handle the capability of the meeting room booking management system. Some of the best Meeting Room Booking Systems features of Picktime are: 

  • Optimized workflow of Online Booking Management System.
  • Multi-Location room booking management.
  • Repeating Meeting or Appointment Scheduling and Management.
  • Clients can check the Real-Time Availability and status of meeting rooms using the dashboard on the meeting room booking software.
  • Unmatched Transparency in meeting room booking system.
  • Granular meeting room Usage Analytics and Reporting.
  • Guest Management through setting meeting alerts, rescheduling, meeting time, and so forth.
  • Internal Meetings Management to minimize time-wastage through scheduling productivity increments.
  • Third-Party booking highlight for organizations that are client care situated.
  • Utilization Reporting – particularly data on room limit, conveniences, and so on. 

5. SuperSaas
SuperSaas is a free meeting room booking software. Integration is one of the features of the meeting room booking system. Organizations can deploy it as an adjustable customer appointment scheduling or meeting room booking framework by coordinating SuperSaas into their hierarchical workflow. The product offers adaptability as far as platform independence and adopts a user validated information access control. Besides, the free online meeting room booking system authorizes the most significant level of information security and encryption on the client data set – which is then utilized for advancement and correspondence. The meeting room booking system likewise is available with payment gateway.The absolute most tempting MRBS highlights of SuperSaas are: 

  • Works with a Streamlined Online Booking process.
  • Multi-Location meeting room booking.
  • Meeting room Usage Analytics to guarantee the enhanced booking measure.
  • Straightforward and Real-Time Availability checking of meeting room timetables to improve booking process and avoid double appointments.
  • Automated Processes – reminder alarms, room usage reports, meeting room status notices, and so on.
  • Guest Management – Mapping clients to arrangements, manage payments, reschedule details, and so on.


The meeting room booking system industry is expected to be worth more than $129,000. If it continues to grow then, it might reach 9.6 percent growth, till 2026. In any case, certain measurements highlight a more noteworthy requirement for these MRBS in each association’s everyday activities. Recent research shows that only 25% of all meetings are normally held in meeting rooms, however those meetings as a rule take up nearly 54% of all gathering times required as the year progresses. 
This implies that booking the correct meeting room and planning it at the ideal time assumes a vital part in worker profitability. Moreover, just 25% of those surveyed accepted that they were ready for a meeting, with more than 33% of journalists expressing they were welcome to a self-assertive gathering, and consequently couldn’t contribute all around ok. 
These inadequacies are disposed of by the well-suited execution of meeting room booking frameworks. They democratize the booking of meeting rooms, yet in addition assume an essential part in enabling representatives, decreasing operational expenses of running gatherings through streamlined booking measures, and giving experiences into room utilization. What’s to come is brilliant for meeting room booking frameworks, particularly those that give virtual gathering conduction also. 
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