Every business is built on a strong idea and things are quite similar in the case of the Travel industry as well. You either come up with a unique idea or an existing idea with a unique presentation. As, the startup ideas for travel business app is in great use among the travelers to earn attractive offers and plan journey/holiday without any fuss.
If you are wondering what could be the best business ideas to create a Travel app that can attract more users, don’t worry. Here, we have prepared a list of top SaaS startup ideas for Travel Business that can be a good business idea.

SaaS Startup Ideas for Travel Business

1. Tour Guide App

The app will offer detailed information about the city the user is looking for. Right from streets to roads, landmarks to attractions; such an app will show everything.

2. Finding Travel Destinations

The travel app allows users to find places to hang out, places to get the best pictures, good cafes, nice restaurants to have food, things to shop, etc. which are otherwise hard to find on your own.

3. Find Kids-Friendly Destinations

Families generally look for kids-friendly or family-friendly cafes, stores, entertainment joints, amusement parks, etc. that can help them spend time in an easy way.

4. App for Booking Hotels/Flights/Couch Surfing

This can be great when the user has to make an unexpected travel or needs to make an unexpected halt midway. It can be one of the top SaaS startup ideas for Travel business.

5. Understanding Local Public Transportation

The travel app for local public transportation to get precisely know the timings of local buses and trains. It is a profitable SaaS startup ideas for Travel business.

6. Itinerary Generator

The itinerary generator feature in the travel app assists users to plan a trip of their lifetime.

7. Travel Journal

Being on an exciting trip now the users also want to capture their adventures by having notes, such as text, photo/video content, and even audio records. For that,  they would highly appreciate the diary app.

8. Luggage Storage Solutions

Baggage has overloaded the day tripper, layover passengers, and voyager with-hours-among checkout-and-trip for a really long time. So, this business could be a good SaaS startup idea and attract travelers, due to shortage of such facilities.

9. Language Help Apps

Traveling to a country where you don’t communicate in the language can be entirely scary. Thus, it could be a good idea to guide and help tourists. 

10. RV Rental Service Apps

It is a good business idea to attract adventure lovers and those who like to move comfortably yet on a long drive to visit and roam city-to-city. For them, such luxury services can be one of the good SaaS startup ideas and can attract good customers.

11. Limo or Luxury Car Service

Now, people used to for luxury and comfort while moving as well. Therefore, presenting such a SaaS startup idea for travel business can be a good business to introduce in the market. 


Travel and Tourism is a huge industry and always has a scope of improvement in delivering services to travelers. As we have suggested some valuable and unique SaaS startup ideas for travel business, just dig a little deeper for details and get the app development done.
For developing a SaaS startup ideas for travel business product you require a reliable and expert agency, and we are here to solve your problem as well. Just share your business ideas on this portal and in a short time you are going to be flooded with a lot of expert agencies. Just pick the apt agency and do the development, to get introduced in the market without any delay.