A good and unique business idea leads to a good market and can fulfil customers’ needs. As the market is evolving, consumer needs are also changing and it is quite evident in the Food Industry.  The food industry is changing rapidly with regard to indoor or outdoor food systems and online food order systems. 
Here, for the new business assistance and ease of search for new SaaS ideas, we have prepared a list of some low-cost app ideas. These ideas will make your search easier to build low-cost FoodTech apps. So, for your convenience, this list of low-cost SaaS startup ideas in the FoodTech industry will help you to build a good business.

Low Cost FoodTech App Ideas

1. Grocery Delivery Services

The grocery shopping app enables users to search for nearby grocery delivery stores by using Real-time location system (RTLS) technology, and have the order delivered at the door.

2. Restaurants Reservation

These reservation apps could save a lot of production time in making reservation systems online for the restaurants to book the tables.

3. Food Delivery System

Food delivery is one of the most trending business ideas and can be one of the good SaaS startup ideas for region-specific service providers.

4. Snacks Delivery Service

Can be used by small scale restaurant owners who only provide the snacks service, and the customers can order the snacks from different places.

5. Food Recipe

The food recipe apps offer step by step instructions, even the most inexperienced chefs should be able to cook a good meal. It is one of the top low cost FoodTech SaaS startup ideas.

6. Baby Food Suggestion

It is basically used for babies, age-group from 5-4 months to 1-2 years. It can be introduced by a restaurant to gain more visitors to their restaurant website or mobile app.

7. Ordering Food in Advance

It is one of the low cost FoodTech app that can provide a customized service for customers by ordering food in advance along with the reservation of the table.

8. Kitchen Management

The app will be directly connected to the kitchen of the restaurant, when a customer orders food from their workplace or from their table, the kitchen department gets notified about the order by the customer.

9. Online Catering Booking Services

From small gatherings to large events, catering services are the basic demand of the event. It could be one of the top SaaS startup ideas by expanding its horizons online and offering linens, tableware, crockeries, and other service personnel along with foods and beverages.

10. Frozen Food Ordering Services

The annual demand and consumption of frozen food across the Asian, Middle-East, and European countries are growing, and due to limited service providers, it can be among the top SaaS startup ideas.

11. Milk & Daily Essential Services

Right from the eggs, milk, bread, cheese, curd, and many more essential items that people require every morning, can be a good business opportunity, especially in big cities. 

12. Scan & Shop

It lets you scan any item to find it online by the image so you can search and buy them from online shopping sites easily.

13. Supermarket Checkout Service

Fast supermarket checkout app lets you automatically scan the products on your mobile app while shopping in the supermarket and also makes payments automatically through integrated e-payment options.

14. Checking Food Freshness

It will let users scan or click a pic of their food and will automatically check the freshness of the food items based on some predefined mechanism and parameters.

15. Sharing Surplus Food to Needy

It will allow users to share their details and location about sharing surplus food. Based on that details the volunteers can contact them and collect the food to distribute to the needy persons.

16. Food Truck

Food on wheels and easy to reach quick food services in the middle of the road. It can be a good business opportunity to serve people with busy and hectic schedules.


These are some in-demand and valuable business ideas that can help you to build a good business. Thus, you can easily pick any of these low-cost FoodTech SaaS startup ideas and can analyze its demand in the market in association with a good development agency.
Hence, for developing top quality and low-cost FoodTech SaaS app for your business, you arrived at the right platform. Here, you can easily look for the right and expert agency to develop such apps. You only have to share your requirements along with some other details. After that, in no time you are going to be loaded with a number of agency options. So, select the right idea and agency to build a good business.