In today’s world, millennials, young professionals, and students are a fast-paced generation that demands everything to be done in a fraction of seconds. Thanks to tech-savvy professionals and young entrepreneurs, because of whom technology is on the rise. But, after the pandemic, technology played an even more crucial role in making life convenient. Many people did not know that it has more to offer — be it connecting with family, friends, and work through Zoom calls or ordering food from an online food delivery app within a few minutes. 
In this regard, innovations came in the FoodTech industry. Ample experiments were done on how to sell food that is quick to order. The special mention goes to food delivery and location tracking systems that have boosted food app services. It somehow provided a golden opportunity for entrepreneurs associated with this industry or planning to become a FoodTech giant by developing/remodeling their food delivery app. Even it holds for small and big restaurants who took their sit-outs to an online platform and are reaching a wider audience now.
We are here to discuss all the latest trends that made the food delivery app business a big ‘yes’ concept for startups. Many technological innovations were awe-inspiring this year. So, let’s understand what you must think while ideating your desired food delivery app into a reality and the features you must plan to incorporate into your food delivery app to serve your passion for delivering yummy food and making you a trendsetter and a survivor in the FoodTech business. Let’s get started.

Must-Have Features for Your Food Delivery App

Various food delivery apps work in different forms and formats. Not all Food Apps deliver food directly through a tie-up with local restaurants or dhabas. We can see various food delivery apps working as a ‘Food Aggregator’ or delivering waste food from weddings or events at almost half the rate. Then there are pet food apps that are delivering food for pets only, and so on. 
But, all these food delivery apps must include some basic features, and then, of course, they have to stand out with that one ‘USP’ to make a mark on the target audience. But hey! As we said earlier, we can become your technology partner and help you move onboard and ‘Go Live’ as your food app development service provider. So, please bring your ideas to us, and let us help you make them digital. 
Let’s now discuss the essential features that you must incorporate in your food delivery app.

1. UI/UX Design

We believe that your food app‘s design should be simple. People spend a lot of time thinking that high design and functionalities will attract users. But it’s the reverse. The more simple and convenient the food app is to consumers, the more will be its consumption on an actual level. So, think of designing a food delivery app with all the functionalities but simple to use.
Discuss your food app development requirements with Supersourcing; we can help you get started on the technology front.

2. Personalization

Customers love it! Always try to make your personalized app approach for your customers. Think of Google or YouTube, where it shows results based on your previous searches. You can also do it by providing information on recently added offers on the customer’s purchase history.

3. Filters

A small word, but a big component that can even lead your food delivery app facility to a big failure. The better the filter results, the better convenience and personalization approach you offer to your customers. So, always be careful about what filters to put in your food delivery app to help your customers find their favorite cuisine faster.

4. Loyalty Programs, Discounts and Offers

Which customer would say no to discounts even if it’s just a small margin. But, the process of availing it should be easier. Again, we are talking about user experience here. It is essential. Engage your customers with new offers, discounts, and of course, loyalty programs. Loyalty programs are one of the marketing techniques to pull new customers using old loyal customers. After all, my friend’s suggestion for a restaurant on a food delivery app will be more action-oriented than any other marketing campaign.

5. Easy Online Ordering System

Always ensure that your end-user should be the least involved element in your food delivery system and, yes, the most pampered one too! They should not be bothered to order and then spend their time providing directions each time to a new delivery guy. This irritates customers and chances of losing them forever to your competitor. 

6. One Step Ordering and Online Payments Options

Tech will always be in demand as it eases our work. Nobody wants to spend too much time doing ‘n’ number of clicks on a food delivery app to order a one time meal. Instead, it would help if you are focused on making the food delivery system much easier by providing a one-step checkout. Provide multiple payment options and online payment solutions to choose from. Include integrations of different platforms such as ‘Login using your Google account’. In this way, your customers don’t have to sign up and remember passwords on each login. Overall it provides a hassle-free experience of ordering food through your food app.

7. Quick Tour of Food App

Give clear directions of your app steps and features. Try to use simple language and single liners to make it easy, quick, and fast to explore. Provide multiple language options, along with regional ones. It enhances the personalized experience and will attract a demographically, diverse customer base.

8. Reviews And Feedbacks

Always provide options for reviews and feedback. It will help other customers to know who offers the best services. For instance, what are some bestsellers on the platter, etc.? It is a perfect option to maintain quality services on your food delivery app.

9. Quick Query Resolution

A complaint management system is another significant aspect that plays an important role. Nowadays, AI is incorporated into online food delivery apps, where there is instant resolution to customer problems; another feature adding up to a wholesome user experience.

10. Push Notifications

You might have used Zomato or Swiggy. Multiple push notifications keep you informed about your ‘food ordering’ in these food apps. You don’t have to call and ask. Or to locate or even track. You get prompt notifications at each step. Starting from your order being accepted by the vendor to the delivery person who is out for delivery. The ‘Push Notifications’ are adding a great user experience, especially for food delivery apps, and without a doubt, are a must-have feature in your food app.

11. Location Navigation and Food Delivery System

As the COVID-19 happened to the world, big tech giants associated with the food businesses globally have made enormous innovative ways to maintain human social distancing while managing to deliver the supply of food online. There were parachutes delivered to customers’ locations. Pizza Hut is using drones to deliver pizzas on time, beating traffic. Even robots with advanced cameras and location navigation have been built outside India for delivering food.
Such significant innovations using technology in the online food delivery app market have been fortunately highly successful too!

Conclusion on Food Delivery App Using Technology

It is much more convenient and time-efficient to order food from a mobile application. What to do if you are planning to jump into this business with a quality food app? You need a well-planned wireframe that provides you with a complete picture of your food app. Therefore, think ahead of normal food delivery app functionalities, and know what can be your food apps USP to not just survive in the FoodTech industry but make a name as an innovative startup. 
There are so many food apps available in the market today. But the real survivor is someone who keeps innovating and remodeling their algorithms to make their business all about providing the best customer experience. So, what matters is the strategy and quality food and a perfect lag-free online food delivery system. 
You can incorporate in your business model a unique feature that makes the food lover crave to book delicacies from your app instead of from your competitor’s app. Think and let us know. We can help you transform your paper idea into a real digital food delivery platform that can help you gain loyal customers.
 If you have any trending technology to incorporate in your food app or want to build one from scratch, our expert team can lead your way to develop a highly competitive food delivery app. Visit our website and tell us a bit about your product and business. We will let you know the best services to implement your food app mobile application development requirements.
Get on the actualization stage from your ideation stage very smoothly with our dedicated developers at Supersourcing. We can provide you with sustainable solutions for your next big food delivery app as per your customer preferences. Contact us today and talk to our experts!