In today’s world, the Android Operating System is becoming increasingly widespread, with a growing number of enterprises developing applications for the platform. With the high demand for Android app development services, there is a proliferation of companies in this industry, making it challenging to find the right developer. The field is crowded with both highly skilled professionals and inexperienced part-timers hiding behind impressive websites and applications. 

That aside, even Android Developers searching for new job opportunities are on the lookout for trustworthy and well-established companies that are hiring Android developers. This search too can be a challenge since not every mobile app development company may be able to provide ample Android development opportunities for the Android Developers they hire. 

To make the search process easier, for both businesses and Android Developers, we have compiled a list of the top 10 trusted Android app development companies and companies hiring android developers based on research, client reviews, development performance, and statistics from various sources. These companies have been in the market for many years and have established a reputation for delivering high-quality Android apps.


Accenture is a Fortune Global 500 company that provides a range of services, including app development, blockchain, cloud, Oracle, Salesforce, SAP, software engineering, and supply chain and operations. With a workforce of over 492,000, the company serves clients in 200 cities across 120 countries. Accenture actively hires Android Developers from time to time. 


TCS is a renowned IT corporation in India and a globally valued brand in the IT services industry. The company offers a wide range of services, including mobile applications, IoT, blockchain, cloud solutions, enterprise apps, automation, and AI. Founded in 1968, TCS now has a presence in 46 countries through 149 locations. Considering the services they provide, they need a robust Android development team. 


Capgemini India Pvt. Ltd. also hires Android Developers. It is a global organization that focuses on consulting, technology, professional services, and outsourcing. With a workforce of approximately 270,000 across more than 50 countries, the company has extensive experience in diverse industries and a range of services, including AI, cloud services, SAP solutions, app development, and blockchain solutions.


Cleveroad is a professional software development company that provides expert web and mobile development services. They view challenges as opportunities to deliver their best work, which has earned them a loyal client base and positive reviews. They incorporate a focus on process improvement, quality frameworks, and delivery methodology. Cleveroad delivers exceptional business value to clients in diverse industries including technology, innovation, and practicality. The company is committed to providing high-quality services. 


Another global company actively hiring talented Android developers would be WillowTree Apps. WillowTree is a world-renowned company in the field of app and digital product development. They have served a large number of global clients by providing innovative solutions using their team of mobile strategists, UI/UX designers, and software engineers. With their expertise, they have delivered over 1000 successful mobile and digital projects.

Hyperlink InfoSystem

Hyperlink InfoSystem is a reputable IT company that has been delivering exceptional mobile and web development services since 2011. With a presence in India, the US, and the UAE, they have developed over 4000 apps across various categories. The company is known for their scalable and dependable mobility solutions. Their team of over 650 highly skilled developers is always eager to tackle challenging technical requirements and they are actively seeking top-notch Android developers.


QBurst is a renowned mobile app development firm known for its expertise in creating top-notch android apps and dynamic web designs. They use data and research to deliver applications that fulfill the needs of their clients’ users. They feature a team of talented app developers, designers, testers, business analysts, and project management experts. QBurst has established a reputation as a cost-effective and high-quality service provider through its successful execution of numerous projects.

IT Chimes

IT Chimes is a top-notch software solution company hiring Android developers with offices in the USA and India. With over 8 years of serving global clients, they have extensive experience in both mobile and web app development. Having delivered over 1200 mobile applications on various platforms, IT Chimes boasts exceptional quality, design, and features. The company is pushing the boundaries of mobile applications, constantly striving to deliver unique and innovative solutions for its clients and the industry.


Another renowned organization hiring Android developers is Softeq, a premier mobile app development firm that specializes in creating top-notch applications. Their developers possess exceptional skills and in-depth knowledge of mobile app development. With over 9 years of experience and expertise, the team at Softeq excels at designing, developing, and deploying apps to meet their clients’ needs. 


Cubix is a highly popular firm that specializes in mobile app, game, and enterprise software development. They are experts in developing, customizing, and integrating complex enterprise-level solutions, business intelligence analytics, and advanced web and mobile solutions. It is an excellent opportunity for Android Developers to join and grow their careers.

Wrapping Up!

Besides the above-mentioned companies looking for android developers, there are several other amazing development companies that are hiring Android developers constantly. A few more instances would be Openxcell, Simform, Clay, Azumo, SPEC INDIA, Orangesoft, Biberrry, Plavno, and more. Even if you are out to hire android developers or are  looking for reliable Android development services, this list will help you too.