Developing a business and finding the right social network for app promotion, are two different elements. You might have a great idea, start-up or app, but if you are unable to understand the analogy behind promoting it on Best Social Networks, then your business won’t reach the heights it deserves. Today, the world connects uniquely through various mobile applications. If you know the appropriate tools for App Promotion, then you are going to experience tremendous growth.  

In 2021, precise content, proper channel, direct audience interaction, and wide connectivity are only possible with social networking sites. In fact, this is how you increase your reach online. There are various factors that one needs to consider for Social Networks for app promotion.

Is the chosen platform the right medium for your app promotion? Does your target audience use the same social network? It isn’t about the size or popularity of the social networks but their significance in App Promotion. 

This article highlights insights regarding various social media networks that can aid you with app promotion. Some channels are commonly used, while some of them might be unique. You would be surprised to read how these platforms can be so meaningful and apt for your brand.

Here are the Social Networks for App Promotion

1. Facebook – King of Social Networking Sites 

Ranging from time to expenses; a lot is required in developing an app. However, that isn’t enough. Your app must connect with the right audience. For this, Facebook is the most appropriate social networking platform. With more than 2 billion users, Facebook aids in engagement with utmost simplicity. Consider it as the ‘Ace’ of the social media world. You can advertise, market, and promote on this channel through images, videos, text, and stories. This advantage is not available with other networks. 

Apart from all these benefits, there is no character limit while writing a post on Facebook. Regardless of what kind of mobile app you are promoting, Facebook should never be considered as an option; it is a must! 

The sponsored Facebook ads have broadened the scope of app promotion as you can capture your target audience’s attention by applying the relevant filters such as age, gender, interests, demographics. You can also post ads based on location preferences. 

2. YouTube – A Different Side of Social Media 

For promotions, usually, YouTube is less spoken of. This is a terrible mistake as most marketers do not consider it amongst the best social networks for app promotion. You are missing out a lot if you do not have a YouTube channel for your business. Though, it is the 2nd largest social networking site. People who prefer to watch videos are available on this channel. More than 40% of users prefer to watch videos on YouTube. Also, the freedom of sharing the video on various other social networks is only provided by YouTube. You can easily embed a video, share it on your Facebook and other networks. 

3. Snapchat – Engagement with Generation Z

Snapchat shouldn’t be your first choice for app promotion, but it should not be kept out of the list. According to research, more than 75% of Snapchat users belong to the millennial category as they belong to the 25 age bracket. Therefore, if your target audience for promotion falls under this range, then Snapchat is a great option. But, if your target audience is above 50 age group, then this network is a big no-no. 

4. Instagram – The Hashtag Era

Another social media network popular amongst generation Z is Instagram. Famous for photos and video content, this app delivers the right message in the least given time. The IGTV feature of this app allows sharing long-form videos. This is indeed one of the excellent social networks for app promotion. Using hashtags on Instagram can help reach your brand to generate a phenomenal ranking. It is loaded with marketing and advertising tools that makes it a good fit for app promotion. User-generated hashtags can trend and make your brand known to the world. By clicking on these hashtags, one can easily access your account’s content and things that others post by tagging your account.   

With the poll option available in stories, a brand can increase its engagement with its target audience. This is perhaps why Instagram has the highest engagement rate compared to other social media networks.  

5. WhatsApp – A Common Virtual Communication Zone for 180 Countries

WhatsApp is used in more than 180 countries across the world. Earlier, this app was only used by friends and family to be in constant touch through messages, voice notes, video calls. Today, this platform has widened its scope from personal to business. This business platform allows businesses to communicate with customers professionally. From customer support to direct selling, WhatsApp is a fantastic platform for app promotion. WhatsApp has developed the WhatsApp Business App for start-ups, small-scale businesses, and medium-scale businesses, it has developed the WhatsApp Business API. 

6. Messenger – A Multifold Communication Social Networking Platform 

Till 2011, Messenger was an internal part of Facebook. However, since then, Facebook has put every effort to make it a separate application. Today, with more than 1.3 billion user base, businesses are using it for promotion, advertisement, marketing, communication through chatbots, sharing the newsletter, etc. With Messenger, Facebook has widened the scope for businesses to interact with their target audience personally, one-on-one. Various marketing tools on Messenger have made it easier for developers to promote their app effectively. 

7. LinkedIn – More Than Just A Job Seeking Channel

With a user base of more than 290 billion people, LinkedIn is no longer limited to job searches and resume postings. This social media network has evolved by letting the users post content that maximizes brand engagement, communicates and builds a network to strengthen the brand image. LinkedIn aids businesses in advertising and marketing opportunities through ad messenger and posting ads to the right profile of the site. It is a professional platform where businesses can showcase thought leadership and authority charisma. Also, here one can easily find the right talent. This makes it one of the perfect social networks for app promotion.

8. Twitter – More Than Just Tweets 

With a user base of around 300 million people, from entertainment to sports, news, politics. It is a social media networking site famous for real-time information. Its 280 character limit makes it unique in its own way as the content needs to be crisp and precise, delivering the right communication and engagement thread. Twitter is one of the biggest social customer service channels. As per advertisers, Twitter handles most of the service requests, i.e., around 80%. This makes Twitter an ideal platform for app promotion as it uses tools that aid in social customer service communication.  Your brand needs a Twitter account if you want to maximize the number of app downloads. 

Let us assume your application helps people track their daily health patterns. How many calories gained or burnt, the number of steps walked, duration of exercise, etc. You can engage with Twitter Marketing Tool – Twitter Advanced Search Query to search for people or target audience who might want to invest their time in your application. 

9. Pinterest – Indirect Way of Advertising, Marketing, and Promotion

A social platform where inspiration and innovation are the two core aspects. Engagement taking a back seat here; this networking site aids in purchasing decisions with a user base of 250 million people. According to a report, more than 75% of users state that information posted on Pinterest is useful. As this is a channel where people explore ideas, fresh brands, quick information, a brand needs to be present here to increase its awareness. This might not be the ideal social networks for app promotion directly but indirectly affects how users understand your brand. 

10. Viber – Exploring Beyond Normalcy 

Viber looks like any other social media application – WhatsApp and Messenger. However, from a business perspective, it delivers more insights for brands. It allows users to send messages, GIFs, stickers, and calls. However, with a user base of 260 million people, businesses can purchase ads, consider brand promotion through stickers, list the products in the shopping category, and engage with their community. This indeed is what is required from the Best Social Networks to help brands explore more through promotion. 

Giving Your App the Right Promotional Influence   

To harness the real power of social media networks, it is paramount to anchor the magic of social influencers. One needs to be innovative when it comes to promoting an application. Building a reliable relationship with influencers will go a long way. The only reason you should consider social influencers for app promotion is that they have a trusted followers list. 


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