“The key is to set sensible expectations of customers first, and not only to meet them, however to surpass them”. The hotel management software solutions business keeps on evolving all through the 21st century. Each hotel chain needs to outfit the qualities of its workers, their image guarantee, and quick execution. However, along with the coordinated effort between divisions to offer visitors selective encounters that will keep them returning for additional.  One fundamental ingredient that will help hospitality chains to accomplish their vows to voyagers, visitors, and supporters in this digital era i.e., technology. Additionally, what preferred approach to start over at the core of each hospitality chain – their property. The operational, passionate, and monetary effect of any property is up for rise by incorporating and outfitting mechanical cycles. This is the place where hotel management software solutions come into the frame. 

Purpose of Open Source Hotel Management Software Solutions

The demand of hotel management software keeps on increasing by multiple folds. However, many hospitality chains are categorized under three main mainstays of extraordinary operational help. Some of the essential purposes behind hospitality-centered organizations to convey excellent software for hotel management system are as following: 

  • Automation and Streamlining of Front-Desk Activities.
  • Guarantee Fulfillment of Appropriate Maintenance Procedures at the Property.
  • Upgrade Back-Office Operations and Integrations.
  • Such an open source hotel management system keeps an Accurate Account of the Total Inventory.
  • Standard Rate Plans and Ensure Maximization of Revenue by means of Channels.
  • Lessen Total Cost of Operations Through Efficient Reporting and Analytics.
  • Offer easy-to-execute Online Booking and On-site Reservation Portals for Guests and Employees.

What is a Hotel Management System Software?

A hotel management system is an advanced set-up of uses, usefulness, and devices that assist friendliness organizations. It advances and improves on their work process activities, increment income, and lessen client misfortune. However, all hotel management software help executives’ arrange help organizations meet and surpass client encounters. Through unrivaled web based booking the board of ideal room stock and working with contactless registration/registration and installments. For property owners, a hospitality PMS decreases worker shortcoming by booking and obligation checking, precise charging and invoicing, and top to bottom answering to upgrade property estimation – both monetary and utilitarian. 

Best Features and Functions of Software for Hotel Management System

The features that make hotel management software solutions arrangements an absolute necessity have are as per the following:

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Customer Database
  • Employee Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Maintenance Management
  • Online Booking
  • Point of Sale
  • Rate Plan Management
  • Reporting
  • Revenue Services

Key Advantages of a Hotel Management Solutions

Friendliness property the board frameworks bring multi-overlay benefits for clients hoping to improve their accommodation activities over numerous property types, regardless of the size of business tasks. Probably the main advantages of hotel management software solutions are as per the following:

  • Streamline and Simple Online Booking Process
  • Enhanced Customer Service- Increase Satisfaction and Loyalty
  • Real-Time Information Access- Booking, Schedules, Occupancy Rates, etc.
  • Revenue Management Optimization- Rate Management, Channel Management, etc.
  • Cost effective Remarketing tool through CRM and Customer Databases use.
  • The software for the hotel management system prepares Granular Reporting, Analytics and Data Visualization.
  • Inefficient Business Process Automation leads to increase in Productivity.
  • Transparent Employee Management- Scheduling, Communication, etc. 
  • Third-Party Application Integration to enhance functionality.
  • Hotel Maintenance Alert and Notification- Avoids Unexpected Costs.
  • ROI Increases through Focussed Property Operations Optimization.

Best Free and Open Source Hotel Management Software Solutions

1. HotelDruid
HotelDruid is a free and open source hotel management software solutions with cordiality property the executives programming highlights. Created by DigitalDruid.Net, the cordiality the executives framework runs on the GNU Affero GPL and gives access-based client functionalities and consents. Therefore, this open source hotel management system gives usefulness that various facilities can benefit – from basic informal lodging homestays to very grand hotels. The accommodation the board programming incorporates with pages to introduce a brought together neighborliness booking interface for free organizations. Likewise, the lodging property the board programming offers multilingual help, with equipment stage autonomy. Cost straightforwardness is kept up to feature additional expenses and discounts, while properties can direct rates. The Hotel Management Software likewise furnishes electronic gathering appointments with a simplified interface. Best features of Hotel Druid the software for hotel management system are as following: 

  • Effectively adjustable Rate Plan Management – Detailed costing, limits, etc.
  • Retail location highlight for eateries and bars.
  • The cordiality of the board framework likewise assists with Inventory Management for convenience and cafés.
  • HotelDruid gathers information on room inhabitants rates and incomes utilizing its insights, Reporting and Analytics motor.
  • Adaptable Integration of Online Booking and Channel Management modules.
  • Task of rooms dependent on client personalization demand utilizing mechanization.
  • Putting away Customized Documents, for example, inhabitants charges, assent structures, etc.
  • Adaptable and effectively configurable room inhabitants plan analyzer.
  • Occasional information reinforcement.
  • Quick arrangement of rooms as a feature of gathering appointments.

2. KWHotel
KWHotel offers services of hotel management and hospitality management solutions. KWHotel’s free and open source hotel management system solution is an across the board property the executives framework for the neighborliness sector. However, the hotel management software solution arrangement is stage autonomous, open over portable, tablet and web interfaces. The KWHotel software for hotel management system guarantees clients committed operational help. While additionally giving apparatuses to advertise their administrations over well known advanced stages like Google Ads and Facebook Ads. The Hotel Management Software solution likewise guarantees to channel the executives – furnishing clients with an elevated perspective of where their critical portion of traffic is approaching. The product is effectively adaptable – working for both single and different workstations. 

hotel management software solution

KWHotel’s best open source hotel management system solutions features are as following: 

  • Direct joining with POSBistro Point Of Sale framework for visitor registration and restaurant use.
  • Committed Hospitality Management Portal – Electrical Upgrades, Room invigorate and tidy up, etc.
  • Secure and up-to-date Customer Database for CRM purposes viz. SMS Marketing.
  • Utilization of complexity valuing strategies in Rate Plan Management.
  • Granular Reporting and Analytics Dashboard to stick point accommodation property the board subtleties.
  • Wide-scale task automation across multiple functions.
  • Online Booking Management, with front-work area synchronization so all essential data is with reception staff.
  • Calendar integration with schedule highlights to define the reservation status and associated Inventory Management data.
  • Straightforward Reservation review trails and Secure Document Management for all aspects of hospital management software solutions.

3. eZee Absolute

hotel management software

eZee Absolute is a trial based free and open source hotel management system software. The hospitality management software values being effectively adaptable, equipped for taking care of various properties. Therefore, eZee Absolute hopital management framework offers help for up to eight unique sorts of properties – from BnBs to serviced apartments. The hotel management software solution is stage autonomous, available on a cell phone and offers several combinations, for example, channel the board administrations, cloud-based restaurant management, and a reputed administration system. Probably the most basic features of software for hotel management system of eZee Absolute are as follows: 

  • A Granular Reporting and Analytics motor to decide inhabitants patterns, channel deal designs, etc.
  • Rate Plan Management utilizing a mixture of computational strategies like Automatic, occasional, arranged, and contract rates, to give some examples.
  • Independent Property Maintenance Tools to assist staff with giving the best stay encounters to visitors.
  • Web based Booking motor mix and overhauls.
  • Email Marketing and CRM instruments to fabricate and improve affinity with visitors.
  • Simple visitor profile creation and Customer Database stockpiling.
  • Authority-based data access and Audit Trails.
  • Arrangement of Revenue Service Management devices – Efficiency boosting mechanization, determining and evaluating procedure, rivalry investigation etc.
  • Discretionary joining with eZee Burrp! what’s more, eZee Optimus – the inward Point of Sale frameworks.

4. RoomMaster by Innquest
Innquest is an open source hotel management system software offering a free demo. RoomMaster hotel management software accompanies a correspondence suite, with preloaded layouts for magnificent visitor correspondence pre, during, and post-stay. First created in 1984, Innquest’s usefulness likewise reaches out to nitty gritty channels and stays coming in 55 channels. The hotel management software advancement group will likewise help with making bespoke modules to expand by and large framework usefulness.

hotel management software

The features of the open source hotel management system of RoomMaster by Innquest are as following:

  • Simple Inventory Management using the functionality of channel management.
  • Simplify Online Booking Management System.
  • Promotes Revenue by offered services-for example, amazing yield management tool and different integrations.
  • Visitor Profile Creation (Preferences, Period of Stay, and so on) and Storage in Customer Database.
  • Dedicated hotel management software maintenance tools.
  • Utilization of CRM and Marketing tools to accelerate decision making for income improvement.
  • Surpass Point Of Sale (POS) system integration to work on food and drinks operations.
  • Secured Platform – 100% PCI DSS-consistence followed.
  • Customized and comprehensive reporting.

5. Abacre HMS
Abacre HMS is a hotel management software solution with features of free and open source hotel management systems. The hospitality management software solution handles parts of the property. For example, front desk operations and tax calculation, other than giving simplicity of scaling. Abacre HMS has an instinctive, easy-to-use interface intended for fast info and error rectification system. However, to guarantee the security of all information, the hotel property management software executes client based restriction and industry-scale encryptions. Abacre HMS’ best Hospitality management software solutions highlights are: 

  • Remarkable Client Retention and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) programs – like limits, steadfastness cards, etc.
  • Secure Storage of Customer Database for Marketing Necessities.
  • Worker Management highlights incorporate shift booking, check in, check out, representative reports, etc.
  • Stock Management Measures – LIFO, FIFO, Weighted Average, Categories, Adjustments, etc.
  • Retail location Integration with various seller programs (IBM, EPSOM, Samsung, etc.).
  • The free cordiality property the board programming additionally accompanies an exclusive installments entryway.
  • Outsider Application Integrations.
  • Room-based, Item-based, and Category-based Revenue bookkeeping with tax assessment administrations.
  • Improved UI with simple to direct front-work area activities.
  • Secure and controlled information reinforcements.
  • Highlights to improve buying measure.
  • Comprehensive report generation.


In 2021, contemplates showed that the hotel management software industry was worth nearly $810 million and could increase to $1.3 billion by 2026 at a CAGR of 8.6 percent. However, the business is going through a pile of changes because of innovative patterns. Near 81% of explorers needed an undeniably more computerized client experience from their picked lodging brands, as per a PwC study. According to a similar report, accommodation properties likewise executing new mechanical incorporations saw a 135 percent increment in income. That is not all – another examination uncovered that the appropriate execution of the neighborliness property the board framework brought about a 97 percent expansion in visitor fulfillment. In examination, it added to a 81 percent expansion in accommodation property income. These figures highlight the significance of neighborliness property the executives programming, with due affirmation of patterns like contactless installments, canny IoT gadget hotels, and significantly more. Any organization hoping to expand their computerized capacities past online records payable programming and like to foster their own product. However, you can hire remote specialist and dependable team or can pick your group from the pool of talent at Supersourcing. Look at the rundown of top offices.