Experts have provided evidence that there are about 172,712 java developers who are, at present, employed in the US. Out of those numbers, about 72.6% are men, and 27.4% are women.

Besides that, around 98,000 Java developer jobs are available on trusted job sites like Indeed, and half of them are wanted by US firms. But finding a Java Developer can be challenging as many are available in the market.

You cannot just randomly hire a Java developer for your company or business. Checking their skills, qualifications, past working experience, and various other things is essential. So, how to find and hire a good Java developer? Check out the information on this post.

  • Finding the Best Java Developer: How to Find Them?

When you wish to hire dedicated Java developer, you need to look in the right places. Some of the most-effective ways to find these professional developers are:

  • Personal Recommendations

You can speak with acquaintances or friends who have already developed software for a particular business. Otherwise, you can ask them whether or not they know someone who can provide you with some advice on how to find a good Java developer. It’s guaranteed that they will suggest reliable software firms or engineers with whom they have previously worked.

  • The Developer’s Forums

When you wish to hire a Java developer, you must check out the “Developer’s Forums.” It’s because most software developers spend a lot of time on various tech forums to:

  • Talk about the new progress in technology
  • Ask for valuable advice
  • Exchange their experience.

Places such as “Code Project,” “Oracle Java Forum,” “Stack Overflow,” “XDA Developers,” and “The Verge” are some best and most popular places to check out. You will surely find a trusted Java developer who will work for your company.

  • Tech Conferences

All cities host developer conferences every year. You should attend these conferences when looking for a remote java developer. Some of the developers attending the seminars aren’t looking for any jobs, but they will surely recommend you to someone.

  • The Independent Platforms

Another great place where you can find and hire remote java developers are independent sites. Platforms such as “Appfutura,” “GoodFirms,” and “Clutch” are some of the best places to check out.

Here, you will come across a list of software development firms. You will also find information about the technologies they utilize and specialize in, along with verified customer reviews.

  • Freelance Websites

Platforms like “Upwork,”Freelancer,” “Codementor,” “PeoplePerHour,” “Hired,” and “Toptal” are worth checking out when you need a good java developer. These platforms can provide information on freelance developers, their experience, and their portfolio.

You will gain information about the people they have collaborated with. Picking a freelancer can be pretty tempting due to the lower price. To ensure there is no risk involved, go through the candidates properly.

  • LinkedIn

This is one of the best and most trusted platforms for hiring a Java developer. LinkedIn is home to not just business owners; it’s also a place where you will find profiles of working professionals and even students looking for jobs.

Check who is available for new requests, go through their CV and connect with all the previous customers. Besides that, you can speak to individuals through the chat box feature to learn more about them.

  • Hire Java Developer: Things You Must Consider!

When you have decided to hire Java developer for your company/business, there are certain things you need to consider. These are:

  • Degrees and Certifications

When hiring candidates, you must look for someone with a computer science degree. But it will be much better to look for candidates who have the following Java Certifications:

  • Certified Master Java SE Developer
  • Certified Professional Java ME Mobile Application Developer
  • Certified Professional Java EE Web Component Developer
  • Certified Professional Java EE Business Component Developer
  • The Skills

As the recruiter, you must always include specific skills in the job description when looking for Java developers. Some of these skills are

  • Can code properly in JavaScript and various other technologies, such as CSS, Java Server Pages, Enterprise Edition, HTML, databases, Java Platform, and Java Beans.
  • Should be able to meet all the challenges of coding, like developing all the distributed applications that are error-free and efficient.
  • Having Proper Experience

When you want the right Java developer for your team, you must include the following experiences in your job description:

  • Has experience in developing Java applications that meet all project specifications.
  • Expert in coordinating the debugging, implementation, design, testing, and development of Java projects.
  • Possess excellent knowledge of database and web development and has experience in software integration.

[Small Tip: You must look for a Java Developer with core competencies, not someone who only knows how to utilize all the innovative technologies. Go for a candidate who is excellent with the language and has no desire to reinvent the wheel, but instead, utilize the open-source Java present out there.]

  • The Location

On certain occasions, the location is essential in determining your project’s cost and the developer’s salary. The United States is currently dominating one of the most expensive and most prominent markets for hiring Java developers.

Even when you think of lessening the expenses for the development process, you must consider outsourcing the locations that offer the same expertise and services at a much lower cost. These places are India, Poland, Ukraine, and many more.

Questions You Must Ask During the Interview

During the interview, you must ask several questions to the Java developer, which are:

  • Which is the Java framework that you work with and why?
  • Why exactly is the primary method in Java static?
  • Can you explain an abstract class?
  • What are the C++ features missing from Java?
  • What are the benefits and drawbacks of arrays in Java?
  • Which process do you utilize when declaring a specific class in Java code?
  • What is the difference between HashTable and HashMap in Java?
  • When must you use a super keyword?

Ending Note

You will surely find many Java developers available in the market these days. But you should always look for the one who will be a perfect fit for your company. Do your research, and check all the platforms and other places. Don’t forget to opt for a developer with both soft and hard skills.