Remote work is no longer a company ‘benefit’, it has now become the modus operandi for enterprises across the globe. It will remain so, in the near future too. A report suggests, by 2025, approx.

36.2 million Americans

will be working remotely. As organizations hire more remote workers, the platforms for hiring remote talent have proliferated as well. It can be difficult to choose the right platform, especially when it comes to
hiring resources with technical capabilities – like software engineers. In this article, we have researched and picked the ”

Top 20 Platforms for Hiring Remote Engineers in 2021″. >Read on.

Top 20 Platforms for Hiring Remote Engineers

1. Supersourcing

Supersourcing is a faster and an efficient way of finding the right IT team projects across industries. True to the company’s positioning -’
why outsource when you can super source

?’ Supersourcing allows enterprises much more than just outsource remote engineers. They help you find the best-in-class engineers without any operational challenges and long-term commitment. The platform can enable
enterprises to hire remote engineers across technologies and for domains ranging from eCommerce to Finance, Food, Healthcare, Education, and more.


  • It is a next-generation platform to ensure the quality of the IT partners and remote engineers. Supersourcing vets the engineers on various parameters and facilitates project management. This 360-degree holistic
    process ensures the best quality and experience.
  • The three-step hiring process makes it extremely easy to hire developers or an agency for your projects:

    • Post hiring projects in less than 5 mins
    • Get Instantly matched with verified IT agencies
    • Shortlist the best agencies from the list and get proposals – all within 24 hours

2. EngineerBabu

EngineerBabu is a boon for enterprises and start-ups that want to get going with their tech projects at the earliest. Irrespective of the technical expertise the hiring managers or entrepreneurs have, EngineerBabu can help
find the best-in-class engineers. The company saves – time, cost, and effort that goes into creating an IT team. They have a pool of over 250+ engineers with the latest and the greatest of tech skills.


  • With 975+ Projects, 484+ Clients, and 60 High-Rated Credible Reviews, the trust factor of EngineerBabu is incredible.
  • EngineerBabu specializes in developing MVPs with faster execution and optimized cost.
  • Products developed by EngineerBabu have been selected in Y-Combinator 2016 & 2017, featured in Victorian AIIA Awards, most innovative Premier Design Award, and much more.

  • EngineerBabu offers comprehensive solutions to hire remote engineers- comprehensive solutions to hire Remote Engineers, they take care of all operational challenges like – legal, management, taxes, attrition,
    replacement, and more.

3. Upwork

Upwork started two decades ago, from being a two member team to a platform with millions of job requirements and skills across 70+ categories, it has become a leading freelancers’ community.


  • The platform has over 1500 skilled IT professionals across technologies.
  • It can quickly give a list of shortlisted candidates, matched to the project requirement.
  • Every professional is reviewed and rated as per the projects handled – this minimizes the chances of hiring sub-standard remote engineers.

4. Fiverr

Fiverr is a freelancers’ marketplace that has professionals from over 400 domains ranging from developers to music professionals. The platform has skilled developers across 8 major categories –  design, digital marketing,
programming/software development, video, and animation.


  • They help to simplify work for enterprises with access to the right talent and the right time, irrespective of the budget.
  • Enterprises can find services based on their goals and deadlines.
  • Secure payments.


Toptal is a marketplace of developers, designers, finance experts, product managers, and project managers. They help enterprises hire developers for projects like app development, web development, other product development
projects, and more.


  • Their claim is – hire the Top 3% of Remote Developers
    . Why? Because out of the thousands of developers’ applications they receive their portals accept only 3% of them.
  • A rigorous screening process for developers which includes – in-depth skill interview, test projects, live screening and more.

Their hiring process includes – talking to an expert to understand goals and objectives, getting matched with the right talent within 24 hours, and a trial run with the talent.


As the name suggests, has a pool of Freelancers with skills across categories, be it web designing, app development, graphic designing, and more. The platform has over 27,000 categories listed under

Websites, IT & Software.


  • Enterprises can either post a project or a contest.
  • Real-time chat with freelancers.
  • Fixed price or by the hour payment module.
  • Milestone payment system.

7. Arc.Dev

Arc.Dev is an exclusive platform for hiring remote engineers. They help hiring senior developers, who are pre-vetted by them. Their Silicon Valley-caliber interview process ensures only high-quality engineers are listed on
the platform.


  • Their talent engine sources expert developers including ex-Googlers based in the U.S. to engineering PhDs, and more.
  • Arc.Dev has an extensive network of open source contributors, Codementor community, Stack Overflow answers, and more.

8. Starkflow

Starkflow helps enterprises of every scale hire SaaS talent within a short period. They take care of payments, payroll processing, and all the accounting tasks, ensuring that the hiring process of remote developers is easy
for enterprises.


  • They offer a one week trial.
  • Easy hiring process – list requirements, get matched with the right developers, assemble a team of developers if needed, and get started.

9. is unlike other freelancers’ or outsourcing platforms. It is an exclusive community of startup projects. From resume review to referral check they take care of the entire process of hiring remote developers across
skill sets.


  • The platform offers a developer match within 24 hrs.
  • Custom Assisted developer Matching.
  • Replacement Guarantee with Zero-Risk.

10. helps enterprises not just hire developers but build custom engineering teams. They have a high-quality network of engineers with a broad range of skills listed on their platform. They can help enterprises hire senior
engineers for a few hours of work or build a team for a long-term engagement.


  • Streamlining the product development workflow with technology including –  reference checks, technical assessments for developers, and budget assessments for enterprises, and more.
  • Thousands of pre-vetted software developers are listed on the platform.

11. has talent across categories – software development, customer support, marketing, design, and more. The platform has over 120 software development skills listed on its website.


  • The platform connects employers with the freelance talent community across categories.
  • It functions as a job portal where enterprises can post a job requirement, shortlist applicants and build a remote team.

12. has professionals across categories beyond business too. However, in terms of software development, the platform offers talent with mobile app development skills. On the platform, customers have to answer a set of
tailored questions, go through the full screening process, and share their contact information.


  • Enterprises can review lead details free, if they like the lead, they can pay a small fee to view the contact details.
  • The company provides professional services across the UK, US, Canada, Ireland, and South Africa.

13. YouTeam

YouTeam is a platform that has listed agencies with 20000+ remote engineers located across the globe. Therefore, the company pre-vets all the agencies and engineers listed on their platforms to ensure the quality of


  • The personalized matching process matches the right fit for enterprises’ development needs.
  • A free intro call with Team Advisor to ensure the talent is the right fit for the enterprises.
  • From shortlisting to verifying candidates, the entire process takes 48 hrs.
  • The overall time-to-contract can be 1 week.
  • A dedicated support team streamlines the process.

14. Remotive

Remotive works as a job portal that helps to hire remote candidates for skills across categories – software development, QA, marketing, sales, design, and more. They run a job board, newsletter, and community of remote


  • Companies can post jobs on Remotive and get access to thousands of remote engineers from their developer community.
  • Enterprises can directly contact the talent/s they deem fit for their requirements.

15. Cloud Dev

Cloud Dev is a community of remote tech talent in Europe and Latin America. The platform allows enterprises to list their requirements and meet the right talent for their projects.


  • The platform has remote developers which are vetted by them. The platform claims to list the top 5% European & Latin American Remote Developers.
  • Transparent pricing – enterprises require to pay only for the amount of time that the project takes, enterprises can pay weekly, with no minimum commitment.
  • A flat rate of $40/ hour.
  • Enterprises can start working with their matched talent within 24 hours via a dedicated Slack workspace.
  • Remote talents are assigned from the same time zones.


Trustshoring has remote engineers from Eastern Europe. The platform allies enterprises to access pre-vetted remote engineers and agencies.


  • Hiring pre-vetted engineers and agencies within a week, for free.
  • Hire remote engineers on a full-time or a project basis.
  • Listed agencies are already tested on live projects.

17. has 50,000+ remote engineers listed on the platform from all over the world. The platform enables enterprises to find and hire talented engineers at a minimal cost.


  •  verifies remote engineers and also publishes the feedback scores for complete transparency.
  • Multiple payment terms and flexible agreements for enterprises to work and manage projects as per their convenience.
  • SafePay payment channel and multiple payment methods Value
  • A dedicated support team is available 24/7 for resolving issues.

18. Dice

Dice has a large database for technology professionals. The platform helps enterprises hire the right technology professionals and also helps job seekers manage their careers.


  • Enterprises can post open tech positions, manage remote resources, and discover the right match.
  • The platform offers sourcing and screening services.

19. Jobspresso

Jobspresso helps enterprises hire remote resources across categories like – tech, marketing, customer support, etc.


  • The platform has 100,000+ remote workers.
  • They have a resume database of 5,000+ candidates.

20. TopCoder

Topcoder has over 1.6 Million tech-related talent, such as developers, data scientists, testers, and more from across the globe. They also specialize in a niche set of technology skills.


  • Multiple engagement models – freelancers on-demand, part or full-time projects, and enterprise programs.

Wrap Up

The software developer community is growing,
and by 2023 there will be around 27 MN
software engineers across the globe. By the end of 2021, 25-30% of workers

will be remote. As more and more enterprises move towards a
remote working model, the number of platforms helping enterprises for hiring remote engineers is also sprouting. It can be challenging for enterprises to find the right platform from the plethora of platforms available and hire
skilled engineers for their projects. Thus, the above-mentioned

top 20 platforms for hiring remote engineers can streamline the talent search for enterprises in a time and cost-effective way.