There has been a lot of debate surrounding the benefits and drawbacks of this newly emerging work culture we call ‘remote’. A Remote Work Culture looks like the future of work. The recent leaps in technology have made it possible for employees to work virtually from anywhere, whether it’s from the comfort of their homes, a cozy coffee shop, or a shared co-working space. This flexibility is one of the primary reasons why remote work has become a go-to solution for businesses looking to cut costs and expand globally. The benefits of remote work for employers can go a long way helping businesses do better in so many ways. So, if you’re running a business and planning to go remote, looking for valid reasons as to why you should do so, these pointers are just for you!

Zero Distractions & Improved Productivity 

Working in an office where everyone is busy doing their job is definitely fun, but the fact is that it also brings ample opportunities for your employees to get distracted. Your sales team may be busy making a million calls throughout the day while your developers get distracted by the noise, further affecting their productivity. One of the biggest benefits of remote work for employers is that, in a remote setting, your employees are in their own space without any distractions. They can focus better, and work during their most productive hours, from their own comfort zone. Productivity is not something you have to be worried about anymore, because you’ll know your employees are working with uninterrupted focus. Several businesses are praising their employees primarily owing to remote work productivity. According to one study by Connect Solutions, 77% of individuals who work remotely reported increased productivity than working offsite. Among them, 30% indicated that they could achieve more work in less time, while 24% reported accomplishing more work in the same amount of time.The stats clearly show that remote work increases productivity and efficiency. 

benefits of remote work for employers

A Blessing when it comes to Costs

If you’re running a business, you will surely know how expensive it is to run an office. Paying for a spacious property, electricity, maintenance, computer systems, and stationary, ultimately adds up to a huge number, draining your pockets. There’s also a problem of space when your team is growing constantly. The larger your team gets, the bigger office space you’ll need. You can never know how fast your business might grow. You may have 50 employees today and an office to accommodate 100 employees. Imagine your business runs successfully, you’re loaded with projects, and in 6 months your team grows to 150 employees. What do you do then? Go for a bigger office space, but that’s expensive!In a remote setting, all these costs and the shifting stress are just gone! You can keep growing your team, without worrying about getting a bigger office space. Everybody is working from home, all you have to do is pay for specific systems and tools that your employees will need to do their work and that’s it. 

Access A Global Talent Pool

When you have your employees working from the office, there will be a lot of restrictions in terms of which location you hire talent from. If your office is in Bangalore, and you want to hire talent from Delhi, you’ll have to bear the relocation costs. Sometimes, you may find an amazing candidate that you really want to hire but they may not be willing to relocate.But then again, the remote work setting brings you a solution! Hire from wherever you want, from any part of the world. You can be in the US, while your employees may be in Canada, India, Africa, Europe anywhere. You don’t even have to worry about opening new offices in different locations to accommodate your employees. Run a global business with global talent at half the cost. If this isn’t smart, what is? 

Retain Talent Longer

Employees leave for several reasons. One of them is location. Businesses often hire employees from other locations which needs the employee to relocate. You may have employees away from their homes and families, working from your location. After a few years, they may feel the need to go back home, and when they do, you lose valuable talent. But one of the major benefits of remote work for employers is that when you hire remotely, employee retention is never a concern. Your employees can work from their own homes while staying close to their family and loved ones. This results in increased job satisfaction and a lower likelihood of your employees seeking employment elsewhere.

Reduced Absenteeism

There are so many reasons for your employees to miss office or be late to work. There may be traffic issues, someone’s car could malfunction. Or someone may need to take care of a sick family member. Under such circumstances, your employee may not be able to attend office. This ultimately compromises your overall work schedule and project deadlines.But when they’re working remotely, such circumstances will not affect their work. They can be online and working for you from the comfort of their home. Your work will be complete on time as per schedule, with employee absenteeism rates declining significantly.

benefits of remote work for employers

Wrapping Up!

The benefits that come with a remote work setting are too good to be ignored. Remote work increases productivity while reducing your business expenses. If you’re planning to build a remote team, that’s the most practical decision you can make for your business. Especially if you’re just starting out. The flexibility that comes with remote work is making work life easier for both employers and employees. Need help with Remote Hiring? Contact Us Today.