It is very obvious in the business market that some startup ideas flourish like beautiful flowers and in a period of time they turn into mesmerizing green trees providing shade to many. On the other hand, there are many business ideas that fail instantly or in some years despite putting lots of efforts and hard work into it. The most common and evident reason for business failure is lack of market need.
As, due to evolving customer needs the E-Commerce industry is in great demand nowadays. This leads to building and introducing new E-Commerce ideas for business in the market. A useful E-Commerce app should be an attractive shopping destination for app users. When consumers shop online, they want to do it quickly and easily.
Therefore, keeping all these considerations in mind and to make your search easier for new SaaS ideas, we have prepared a list of some unique and valuable E-Commerce ideas that are yet to witness the mainstream market.

Top E-Commerce Ideas

1. A Niche Fashion Website

It will work great among those groups of people, who are looking for specific kinds of items such as Halloween wear or traditional dresses, etc.

2.Rent Fashion

Start a rental E-Commerce or Fashion Website or mobile application through which you can rent fashion items like clothes, jewelry, etc., and let others rent and earn.

3. AI-Based Online Fashion Store

A place where users not only see a range of clothes but also try them on through Augmented Reality (AR).

4. Sell Industrial B2B Products

You can get a good margin by selling industrial B2B products, as the competition is quite low.

5. Jewelry Trading Business

Buy artificial, handmade, or real jewelry (non-branded or local/small scale designer) direct from the manufacturers and sell it online at a good profit margin.

6. Consumer Electronics

Consumer Electronics is a wide and ever-growing industry and can help earn big if you have some unique ideas for items to sell.

7. DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Online Store

A platform where you either guide fellow entrepreneurs to create their own online stores or provide software to do the same.

8. Merchandise Platform

A platform where new business entrants or E-Commerce retailers can connect with suppliers.

9. Computer Assembling And Sell

Give users a platform to choose their own computer configuration and buy assembled computers online.

10. Automobile Spare-Part Hub

Sell products, spare parts, and other tools/services for vehicles, i.e., light-weight and heavy-weight vehicles (petrol, diesel, and electric automobiles).

11. An Online Bookstore

Create an E-Book store where novice and professional writers can sell their e-books.

12. Find Mentor Online

A mentor finding platform for individuals looking for a personal or professional mentor in various fields.

12. Find Mentor Online

A mentor finding platform for individuals looking for a personal or professional mentor in various fields.

13. Beauty and Health Store

You can sell a unique beauty/health product or service through a dedicated online website or a mobile application.

14. Online Content Selling

As a professional content writer, you can create a platform for businesses and content writers to work together.

15. Online Food Ordering

Even though there are already some e-commerce apps providing this kind of service, you can be unique by offering attractive and unique discounts and facilities.

16. An Online Store Itinerary

It lets you check where a particular store has an item you want to buy before visiting that store.

17. An Online Real Estate

This portal lists the properties, rentals, and other real estate projects in the area.

18. Home-Sharing/Home-Swap/Renting Business

The platform allows people from different regions to rent/exchange homes with each other while traveling.

19. An Online Virtual Home Furnishing

Through this app or website the users decorate their homes/rooms by trying different designs and settings.

20. An Event Website

Here you can get everything required in any event that organizes high-class themes shopping parties, including wine tasting and other luxury activities.

21. Affiliate Marketing

Create a website and start selling products/services on behalf of websites like Amazon, and earn attractive commissions.

22. Online Wedding Store

Everything from wedding planner to photographer, bridal dresses, jewelry as well as venue rental service can be one of the most valuable E-Commerce idea for your startup.

23. Stock Trading and Exchange

If you have some knowledge of the share market, you can start your own stock trading business.


These are the top and unexplored startup for E-Commerce ideas that can prove to be a good business opportunity in 2021. Once you have figured out a SaaS idea for E-Commerce business and have validated the idea, then it’s time to build the first version of the product. 
You can easily and instantly reach out to expert agencies here and can build a quality product to get introduced in the market. These niche ideas can deliver good business value and attract instant and reliable users/customers.