All IT companies start as small and wish to become bigger. But founders usually struggle to get the “right business monthly” (The work they love, the price they want to charge).
We are building a solution to solve the following problems.

the directory of 50,000 companies, Supersourcing
This is how it looked when we released it first.

You cannot expect a barber to handle a carpenter’s business

Most of the companies are domain experts. But if nobody says No to any new business, the result is that they fuck-up while delivering. Now imagine this- What If IT companies got enough business of similar experiences and expertise?


For example, Vinfotech has built Lenskart (5 MN+ Users) and Snapdeal (Acquired by the e-Commerce giant, Flipkart). They have become more competent as compared to various other IT companies in the industry, for building an e-Commerce website.
What if now Vinfotech gets only e-Commerce websites or app projects? If they have built two successful e-Commerce products, they can build 100 more, right? With their experience, they can now suggest what else a potential client can add to their existing idea to make it even more worthy.
Most IT companies are specialized in their respective domains (a chatting app, a dating app, CRM or WordPress). If they get similar nature of work, they can deliver faster, since their developers’ team understands the terms of the business, and have solved many business logic problems. They have enough portfolios to prove their credibility.
When similar kinds of projects are taken up, they are usually profitable and leave the customer satisfied.
Supersourcing platform has been designed to help IT companies to get similar kinds of business while connecting the clients to the right partners for their business.

For example- B2B Marketplace Development Companies, Web Development Companies, etc.

Tell the world that you’re trust-able

Did you know that 90% of satisfied customers won’t leave a review? And 8/10 unsatisfied customers will leave a bad review.

Although, 99% of online customers buy after reading reviews!
What if you have no reviews? What if your negative reviews are coming up right at the top, before your positive reviews?
Small IT agencies are usually started by developers. They specialize in developing, not marketing. Naturally, they want to, but do not know how to get reviews from their satisfied customers.
Companies like Clutch, GoodFirm ask about 15–20 questions from their customers while submitting reviews. However, chances are, that majority of the bigger clients are really busy people, and they don’t have enough time to leave reviews.
The result is; even though you manage to get some reviews from new entrepreneurs, not many people know about them. You could be one of those companies that keep their Upwork or Freelancer profiles hidden because you might not want to show your prices to new clients. Now, there is no way to get your good reviews out!


At Supersourcing, we are curating all your reviews from various platforms- GoodFirm, Clutch, Facebook, Google Business, Upwork, Freelancer. You can even suggest more!All of your reviews will be displayed in a single window, with zero effort, on both, your as well as the clients’ part. You can even embed the same reviews on your website pages to tell the world, that- Yes! You indeed are, trust-able!