The design realm is where “out-of-the-box” thinking and innovation are well-appreciated. Professional designers who make valuable items with a hint of uniqueness always gain plenty of success. But there are some standards and rules which should not be forgotten.

As a UI front end developer, you must always follow the UI tips and tricks provided by the experts. These tips can make your learning process fruitful and easier. Besides that, you have a good understanding of UI design and its importance in today’s world.

This post contains some helpful and also the best tips and tricks, which every UI developer must follow.

  • Useful Tips and Tricks for A UI Front End Developer

If an aspiring UI developer wants to add value to his/her design projects, they should check out the following UI tips and tricks.

  • Consistency

All companies/businesses should hire UI UX developers who ensure that everything within a finished product is consistent. Everything must tell a unified story, from the size of the buttons and the usage of colors.

Several of the areas which a professional UI front end developer must consider for a consistent design are:

  • The selection and choice of fonts for various types of text components
  • The animation, shade, and size applied for different design components
  • The implementation and selection of the color palette
  • Organization of the content displayed on the screen
  • Describe How Individuals Will Utilize Your Interface

Before designing the interface, you must define how exactly people will utilize it. Due to the rise of touch-based devices is a lot more concern than you might think.

For instance, just take a look at the app “Tinder .”The user’s experience is defined through the impulsivity and ease of a “SWIPE .”Remember, people are said to use applications and websites in two ways: indirectly and directly. To have a good understanding of these two ways, here are some examples.

Direct Interactions Examples

  • Swiping a card
  • Dropping and dragging a product with the fingertip
  • Tapping a button

Indirect Interactions Examples

  • Clicking and pointing out with a mouse
  • Utilizing the key shortcuts or commands
  • Drawing on the Wacom Tablet
  • Typing into the form field.
  • Explore the Elements of the Native Platforms

For mobile design, experienced professionals suggest it’s worth exploring all native components of the platform [Android vs. iOS]. A young UI front end developer aims to make elements or non-native elements, which are pretty complicated.

All of these can be solved easily when they gain proper knowledge about the platform he/she is designing for. This is surely one of the primary points which is worth exploring.

However, remember that applications contain only native components, which can be monotonous and dull. Be sure to create elements that can add a bit of uniqueness to your product.

  • Designing for Accessibility

One of the most crucial UI tips for developers is offering accessibility. This is because a massive number of individuals will utilize the products that UI developers make. Due to such reasons, it’s vital to think about how people can utilize it without any issues.

The lack of contrast between the background and the text’s color is a common mistake many developers make when designing interfaces. Color and contrast are some of the main factors you must consider when designing for accessibility. All the users, including the ones with color vision defects, should be able to view the contents on the screen easily.

  • Keep it Simple

You might have heard many developers say “less is more” in UI design. This is something that can be comprehended in many ways, and one of them is by making a design that is comprehensive and simple.

Users want their complex issues to be solved but in a seamless manner. This is where the work of a UI designer becomes a bit tricky. Designers have to make sure that they get to meet all the user’s requirements. But they should also not create complex designs.

Experienced UI designers have pointed out that simple designs with little or no clutter get much attention. For example:

When the navigation of a website page is highly complex, users have to spend a good amount of time learning the flow of erudition. They might also get lost in all that information. As a result, the users exited the website, which might negatively impact the business/company.

That’s why making things easy and simple to understand is crucial. Doing so will enable all the users to accomplish all their goals with little effort and in less time.

  • Break Down All the Choice

When dealing with choices, breaking them down will be much better. You can also make the grouping and limiting choices less complicated by transforming them into a step-by-step method.

Just look at Apple and its back-end inventory for the iPhone 13, which contains a massive list of products paired with numerous networks, sizes, and shades. But the company has made things a lot easier for the users. How?

When you visit Apple’s official website, you encounter a step-by-step interface enabling you to narrow down all your options. So, when you present plenty of configuration options, the interface will take care of the heavy lifting instead of the user.

  • Clean Up the Design Files

Believe it or not, some UI designers work messy. This surely does make sense during the creative process, but it can be pretty frustrating when picking a design file. You also have to spend a lot of time working to find which layer every component lives on.

You must maintain a reasonable design setting when a specific project grows from a small to a big team. It will certainly pay off. Take some time and clean up all your design files by naming the folders, artboards, and layers. It will surely make things easier for you.

  • The Takeaway

Designing by keeping the development process in mind will undoubtedly take a long way in your career as a UI designer. By following the tips mentioned in this post, you will not just get to streamline your design process. But also to save a lot of effort and time.