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Angular is a powerful development platform that makes building scalable web applications easy and convenient. It offers an extensive suite of libraries, tools, and features such as routing, forms management, and client-server communication to meet the needs of your projects - from small single-developer initiatives all the way up to innovative enterprise solutions.

When you hire angular developers, updating becomes quick and straightforward besides open access to its large global community with over 1.7 million developers for support whenever you need it.

Build a web product that stands out and hire the perfect team of Angular developers with Supersourcing. Our experienced engineers have already accomplished complex projects, building solutions that run seamlessly on both mobile and desktop platforms.

Our rigorous interview process is designed to pick pre-vetted developers who can handle the most complex of development needs. When you hire angular developers from Supersourcing, you never have to doubt the future or success of any project.

Immediate Availability

Looking to hire angular developers, without the wait? At Supersourcing, you can get the experienced Angular developers needed to make your project a success in only three days! We make it easy to get started on your project right away.

No Freelancers

If you are looking to create a long-term project, skipping freelancers is the way to go. Opting for full-time Angular developers from Supersourcing ensures your team will be dedicated and present throughout every stage of development.

Plus, after six months on trial, their contract can become permanent - allowing them to provide ongoing support as needed.

Quality Code

At Supersourcing, our Angular developers come with coding expertise resulting in market-ready web applications built with industry-standard security and peak performance capability - something you can trust to stay smooth even under high-traffic conditions.

Supersourcing developers run their code through rigorous testing before they release it which saves both time and stress when debugging.

When you hire Angular developers from us, rest assured that your project will be crafted with precision and excellence every step of the way.

Certified & Verified Engineers

Get your Angular development project off the ground with Supersourcing in no time.

With a 99% customer satisfaction rate and 95% of our business coming from repeat customers, we only select top-notch Angular developers for our interview process.

Out of 100 applicants - just 3 make it through to join Spersourcing– meaning you're guaranteed only certified & verified engineers who can take on anything you need.

  • Industry Experience:

    With years of industry-specific experience, you can upgrade your project by hiring Angular developers from Supersourcing. Gone are the days of wasting months searching for someone who understands what you do.

    At Supersourcing we make sure each profile is tailored to match exactly what you need from fintech and healthcare to saas & IoT!

  • Project Stage:

    Understanding the experience of a developer is important if you want to make sure they are suited to work on your project.

    We learn their history with product stages, such as ideation and growth, multiple-location expansion ventures, or even reaching Product/Market Fit (PMF). This helps us get an idea of how far this Angular developer can contribute to all your product stages.

  • Reporting:

    We take a deeper look into our candidates' experience by asking who they reported to in their roles. Those with direct access to CTOs often have increased levels of knowledge and accomplishment compared to those who reported to a senior developer in the team.
  • Contribution:

    When we bring on new talent, Supersourcing takes the time to ensure a successful match.

    When we bring on new talent, Supersourcing takes the time to ensure a successful match.

    It helps us understand whether they have been completing just a specific set of tasks assigned or whether they can make innovative contributions to your system design.

Detailed Profiles

Stop wasting time on outdated resumes! By hiring Angular developers from Supersourcing, we give you a deeper look into suitable Angular developer profiles for your team.

Our digital profiles include detailed information like technical skills and experience, assessment scores, plus a video introduction so that employers can get to know each potential employee.

We make sure that all of the boxes are checked before making any decisions--saving valuable interviewing time while finding just what's needed!

24/7 Human Support, No Bot!

Waiting days on end for traditional ticket support can lead to frustration.

With Supersourcing, you get the exact help that you need and whenever you need it– no robots involved.

Our team of experienced account managers are always available 24/7 to provide exceptional service so that any issues or urgent matters don't go unresolved. With Supersourcing, you will always have someone to talk to.

Why hire Angular developers from Supersourcing?

Don't let hiring Angular developers be a guessing game.

Team Supersourcing will personalize profile recommendations according to how well the profiles match up with your company culture and values, so you get exactly who is needed.

Find AngularJs developers for any job role needed - we guarantee successful long-term engagements.

Quality Code

Don't let your company suffer when a developer leaves in the middle of an important project.

Our team follows best coding practices recommended by top architects and when you hire Angular Developers from us you’ll get developers that are specially trained with proficiency to maintain high quality.

By maintaining documentation & readability as well as reducing redundancy, bugs and potential issues using cutting-edge tools like unit testing, code coverage, and static analysis - Supersourcing Angular developers make sure to deliver bug-free code.

Scalable Solution Architecture

Scaling your solution as your business grows should never be one of the potential roadblocks that slow you down.

Supersourcing Angular developers equip your business with the right solution architecture and deliver specialized solutions that are tailored for scalability, multithreading capabilities, and faster delivery so that increased customer demands don't get in the way of success!

Supersourcing Vs Freelancers Vs Other Providers

Factors Freelancers/Others Supersourcing Developers
1. Quality When you hire a freelancer, there's no guarantee of the quality they will provide. Background research or due diligence is not much of an option. Our pre-vetted Angular developers are the industry's best. They have both expertise and access to cutting edge tools, so they're always up-to-date on trends - falling behind!
2. Security Freelancers juggling multiple projects can be a security risk. With data rapidly moving between client and contractor, your sensitive business information can be at risk. When you hire Angular developers from Supersourcing, we guarantee security and safety for your project through tight protocols, NDAs, and agreements - giving you peace of mind that your data is safe.
3. Cost When hiring freelancers, low rates can be tempting — but if your project is left incomplete and unsupported, it could cost more in the long run. Our Angular developers can help businesses of all sizes unlock great cost savings and keep quality top notch. With us, you could save up to 70% on your development costs.
4. Onboarding When looking for a freelancer to complete a project, there's always an element of risk. Even after careful consideration and vetting, potential freelancers may choose another job opportunity at any time. At Supersourcing, you can quickly get connected to experienced pre-vetted Angular developers. Our streamlined onboarding process ensures your developer joins on time.
5. Motivation Freelancers focus on their own compensation instead of your project or idea. Making sure you select the right one for the job can be difficult. Our engineering team goes above and beyond the traditional workday to achieve success. They have a contributor's mindset, aiming for success beyond the usual 9-5 grind.
6. Commitment When you hire a freelancer, there's no guarantee that your project will be finished. Unforeseen surprises can cost valuable time and money to put back on track - so make sure you're hiring someone who's up for the task! Get the peace of mind you need with our secure contracts! Our binding agreements guarantee that developers stay on your project until it's done - meaning timely delivery all around.
7. Negotiation Once you've found a freelancer who's reliable and dependable, they may raise their rates. This could leave you with some inevitable cost increases for your project. At Supersourcing, we connect you with the world's best Angular developers who meet your budget and vision. No more searching - find your perfect match here.
8. Legal & tax Working with freelance platforms isn't free, and they take a 15% slice off each payment made to freelancers. That includes currency conversion fees and other taxes too. Supersourcing eliminates the possibility of unexpected taxes or fees.

Hire Angular Developers in 5 Steps

JD & Requirements

When you're looking to hire Angular developers who are a right fit for your Angular development project, doing due diligence is key. Be comprehensive in listing your requirements.

Go beyond listing out technical skills and also consider industry experience, relevant projects they've worked on, as well as any specific personality traits needed - all of which can help make sure that this new hire not only meets your team's expectations but could be a great fit in your company culture too.

Find the Best Matches

Finding the ideal candidate for your Angular project is important to build a great product and we get it.

That's why our team of experienced recruiters scours through 100+ qualified Angular developers to bring you only the best options.

We'll do all the hard work, vetting each profile against your exact requirements; then present you with just 5 highly-suited potential hires, so that selecting one becomes simpler.


Our expert vetting panel will search our global talent database for Angular developers who meet your specific criteria.

Every profile is carefully examined to ensure their qualifications, including reference checks and code assessments - so you don't have to conduct multiple interviews.

Plus ratings from previous employers give extra assurance that only the most proficient developer profiles make it through.

Angular Developer Job Description

To hire Angular developers, crafting a job description that fits your exact needs is more than important.

From specific requirements that are unique to your company, through tech skills for Angular development – make sure you cover it all in the JD.

Let’s explore what an ideal Job Description should include.

Angular Developer Profile Summary

We are looking to hire angular developers to our innovative development team. In this role, you will create exceptional user experiences with your coding base built using Angular's best practices.

You'll be responsible for creating desktop and mobile web applications in Java that users find exciting.

We are looking for a developer who is experienced with the fundamentals of software engineering down pat - along with strong skills in Javascript, HTML & CSS. Plus stellar project management abilities.

You will be responsible for designing & building top-notch applications tailored just right according to company criteria which fulfill every customer requirement perfectly.

Create the Perfect Angular Developer Job Description in 5 Simple Steps

Want to bring the right Angular developer on board? It is more than important that you set clear objectives, and technical requirements and communicate the same to your new remote developers.

To make sure future team members have an accurate understanding of your project vision and budget, secure a successful start by setting out expectations upfront.

Give potential candidates insight into the type of project you are looking for by sharing past successes. Let them see what kind of impact they can have on your success with clear communication about your objectives, budget, and what you want when you hire Angular developer.

A great way to do this is through examples or case studies that showcase how similar projects succeeded in meeting those standards.

To make sure that newly hired remote developers are getting the most out of their experience, be clear about your workplace's conditions, pay, and perks in your job description.

Sharing this information helps keep everyone on the same page and gives potential recruits an accurate idea if it is a proper fit for them.

1. Outline Your Vision & Business Goals:

To get started, you will need to have a clear vision for what success looks like for your organization. This means you need to ask yourself practical questions about what is important for the future of your business.

To get started, you will need to have a clear vision for what success looks like for your organization. This means you need to ask yourself practical questions about what is important for the future of your business.

2. List Actions Your Team Should Take:

It is essential to outline the kind of actions you expect from each candidate on your team.

This includes clearly defined roles so that everyone knows exactly where they fit into the process and what they need to do next. Additionally, make sure these action items are time-bound with realistic deadlines so that everyone is held accountable and encouraged to commit their best efforts towards achieving success.

Setting up these expectations will also give candidates an idea of how successful teamwork looks in practice.

3.Establish Clear Milestones for Each Goal :

The most important step in setting milestones is to make sure they are both attainable and measurable. Think of them as smaller goals that will help you reach the larger goal. For example, if one of your goals is a 10% increase in sales, try mapping this growth monthly rather than expecting success all at once. This will make it easier for your team to measure success and track progress along the way.

4. Identify Your Target Market:

Every business is different, which means every company needs different goals and objectives in order to succeed. Identifying who your target market is should be part of any job description when hiring an Angular developer or any other tech professional. It's important that they understand who their customers will be so that they can tailor their skills accordingly and make sure they're working towards achieving the right kind of results for your business.

5. Define Technical Requirements:

Identifying technical requirements is also essential when hiring Angular developers. This includes both hardware and software specifications that must be met in order for production or development processes to run smoothly. It also includes scalability strategies that can accommodate any potential future growth. By including this information in your job description, you can ensure that all applicants understand what technical skills they’re expected to have prior to applying for the position. Having clear technical requirements also helps minimize confusion during the recruitment process and ensures that only qualified candidates apply for the role.

Angular Developer Skills & Responsibilities

  • Expertise with Node Package Manager (NPM)
  • In-depth knowledge of Angular CLI
  • Proficiency in Typescript and RxJS
  • Understanding of Version Control & Git
  • Developing self-contained, testable, and reusable code, modules, and components
  • Maintaining clear dependency chains in application logic and file relationships
  • Ensuring high performance of applications on both mobile and desktop platforms
  • Writing simple, non-blocking code
  • Implementing effective multithreading techniques when required
  • Supporting backend developers in building RESTful APIs
  • Optimizing profiles in terms of speed and memory
  • Using HTML, CSS3, and Javascript efficiently
  • In-depth knowledge of NodeJS and ReactJS
  • Familiarity with the latest specifications of ECMAScript
  • Develop interactive user interfaces with AngularJS
  • Building responsive designs

Technical questions to ask An Angular developer

  • Describe how single-page applications work
  • What are the differences between Angular and AngularJS?
  • Have you used decorators in Angular? What are decorators?
  • List some of the latest Angular 10 updates
  • What do you mean by ‘templates’ and ‘annotations’ in Angular?
  • Explain the advantages of AOT compilation
  • What are ‘components’ and ‘pipes’ in Angular
  • Differentiate between pure pipse and impure pipes
  • Name and describe filterns in Angular
  • What do you know about the ngModule?
  • Describe the term ‘view encapsulation’
  • What do you understand by String Interpolation in Angular?
  • AOT Vs. JIT- Explain the difference
  • Define ‘services’ in Angular
  • What is the purpose of ngOnlnit
  • Can you use ngFor in a tag? How?
  • Differentiate between Template and Reactive Forms
  • How can you embed Bootstrap into Angular?
  • Difference between Eager Loading & Lazy Loading

Top 10 Global Companies using Angular & Why?


Google has leveraged the capabilities of Angular for many different products. From Google Play Store and Voice app to G Suite homepage, Open Source projects, Books, Arts & Culture - all have been constructed using this powerful development platform. And when you look at websites like which utilizes technology in humanitarian movements, it is a direct testament to just how capable Angular really can be.


With 1.5 billion users accessing it daily, Gmail is a simple yet powerful single-page app – powered by Angular technology – that seamlessly delivers real-time data as emails and messages arrive in your mailbox. Not to mention the other fantastic features such as mail drafting with built-in syntax and grammar spellcheck, predictive texting, and Hangouts messaging! As one of its best application examples, Gmail demonstrates how amazing performance can be achieved while managing heavy loads - all within a single platform.

Microsoft Xbox

Microsoft is no stranger to Angular and has used it in many of its products and services, from the Microsoft homepage, Azure, Flow, and TimeFind, to their official Xbox website. Built with Angular specifically for a gaming experience like nothing else out there - fast navigation speeds combined with an immersive fantasy design tailored toward younger audiences make this one truly special. Angular makes it possible for handling huge amounts of traffic without compromising on speed or quality.


Forbes, the renowned global authority in business and finance for over a century, is an admired source of information around the world. Increased accessibility to Forbes' content has been made possible with Angular- offering their readers an inviting website design that offers quick loading times across all platforms.


PayPal is a worldwide leader in online payments, protecting customers' personal and financial information with Angular-powered security. With its powerful technology combined with user-friendly mobile apps and websites featuring checkout.js, PayPal allows users to make money transfers quickly, and safely - all without having to rely on third-party authentication sites or viewing receipts elsewhere.


Wikiwand is the perfect solution for anyone looking to upgrade their Wikipedia experience. With a modern and user-friendly design, it adds an enhanced menu, dashboard, and navigational features making searching easier than ever before. Taking advantage of Angular technology, Wikiwand breathes new life into old wiki pages giving readers an enjoyable browsing session every time.


UpWork is an online platform that helps companies to find, hire and work with the perfect freelancer for their project. Leveraging user-friendly features such as in-app calls, payment getaways, testing, and Angular technology among others make Upwork a top choice of 18+ million users worldwide - helping them reach the right professional to complete business tasks without delay. is the go-to platform for your daily weather forecasts and other related information. Not only does this Angular website feature a straightforward design with multiple blocks, but also provides updates on Covid-19 news as well as ultra HD videos of aerial shots and entertaining content - all in one place. With's predictive forecast service, you can easily check what tomorrow brings from any geo-location around the world in a few clicks.

The Guardian

The Guardian is an iconic UK-based newspaper that has become renowned for providing reliable world news to thousands of readers every day. By incorporating AngularJS into their website design, the developers have created a user-friendly app that allows people from all walks of life access to the latest global information whenever they need it

Deutsche Bank AG

Deutsche Bank AG, a global giant in the financial services industry, has created an AngularJS-based developer portal. This site provides developers with access to Deutsche Bank API; enabling them to add their transactional systems into web software development easily and quickly.

Q&A for Hiring a Remote Development Team

Do Remote Development Teams Have Lower Productivity?

Remote development teams are proving to be an invaluable asset for businesses all around the world, with 77% more productivity than on-site teams. By working from home and customizing their own schedules, distractions such as office politics can be eliminated which leads to improved communication, lowered stress levels, and increased morale - creating a winning combination that simply cannot be ignored.

Do Remote Teams Affect Team Spirit and Company Culture?

Working remotely has opened up a world of possibilities for businesses to tap into global talents! By equipping their developers with effective communication and collaboration tools, companies can ensure that teams spread across different locations stay connected just like they would in one office. Investing time towards providing these remote work resources will make everyone feel part of the same team – no matter where they are located - allowing them to engage whenever necessary through virtual meetings or video calls.

Do Remote Teams Compromise Data Security?

To ensure confidential data remains safe and secure when hiring a remote development team, NDAs should be signed by all members to keep any details from being misused. To strengthen the security infrastructure, companies must invest in modern tools like password management systems and two-factor authentication.

What Are The Pros Of Hiring A Remote Development Team?

Hiring a remote development team offers many advantages. You can draw from talent all over the world, save on office expenses and foster an environment of collaboration with no geographical or timezone boundaries. Plus, you'll have access to more skill sets so your projects will be top-notch and completed quickly due to fewer distractions in the workplace! Embrace remote work now for maximum productivity benefits.

How to Maximize Post-Hiring Productivity of Remote Angular Developers?

Understanding Duties & Responsibilities

Establishing expectations in the first weeks is key for successful employer-remote developer relationships. It's important to give them time to settle into the job and comprehend your code before expecting a high level of output right away.

Business Understanding

Make sure to introduce your remote developers to the company's mission, values, and goals. Doing so helps foster a successful working relationship. Give them induction sessions where they can learn how their contributions are helping you reach these objectives. It'll make them feel like part of the team.

Share Documentation

Before your remote developers get to work, ensure they have all the necessary tools and information at their disposal. Provide them with coding standards and other relevant technical documents so that they can make a smooth start - while also deepening their understanding of how things run in-house.

Appreciation Emails

Let your team know that you value their hard work and dedication! Showing recognition through a simple email or message of gratitude can give employees an inspiring boost in morale. A manager's appreciation is invaluable in keeping the team motivated; it doesn't have to be expensive either.

Suggestion Box

Offering a suggestion box opens the door to honest dialogue, creating an environment of transparency and trust. Employees can share their opinions freely without fear of judgment or vulnerability - whether they're in-office or working from home. This gives everyone the chance to voice their thoughts and be heard.

Set Internal Target

Managers can incentivize their teams to explore and reach new heights by setting achievable but challenging goals.

These ambitious objectives provide a sense of accomplishment when accomplished, while still remaining within attainable boundaries – joined in tandem with the manager's support or guidance if needed.

Set Ground Rules Among Both Teams

For successful remote management, it's important to set expectations on communication and performance between teams. Clarifying the standard timezone helps ensure deadlines, meetings, or messages are managed effectively worldwide.

Regular Check-ins & Feedback Loops

Managers and remote workers should stay in touch regularly to maintain a positive work atmosphere.

Check-ins provide an opportunity for open communication about progress, needs, expectations, and feedback - essential ingredients for employees' growth and development.

They also create space to identify any issues that could be influencing morale or productivity so they can be addressed quickly. With consistent check-ins team members are better able to collaborate toward shared goals while staying on the same page.

Company Meetups

Remote work can be difficult to manage, but company meetups are an amazing way for teams and co-workers to stay motivated and build relationships.

Spending time together in group activities or exciting outings will help everyone bond - not only boosting morale but also fostering better collaboration from a distance! It's the perfect solution for energizing remote team dynamics.

Remote Hiring Fraud- How to Avoid such Risks?

Lack of Qualifications

The remote market is filled with candidates with false profiles and unqualified candidates.

Get ready to meet the perfect candidate for your project - Supersourcing prescreens all applicants, so you know they have everything it takes. No need to worry about fraudulent profiles or mismatched qualifications anymore.

Billing Fraud

When working with remote developers, you may often be billed inaccurately.

Supersourcing is committed to protecting you against fraudulent billing practices. That's why we provide clear agreements for hours and rates, as well as regular timesheets that allow you to track progress and monitor billing accurately.

With us, you can trust that your services will be billed fairly and transparently - no hidden charges or extra fees.

Fake Resumes

There may be candidates sharing fake resumes without any real experience. Don't take the risk of falling for a scam when you hire remote developers.

Trust Supersourcing to vet your candidates thoroughly. We guarantee that each candidate is qualified and has valid work experience, education, and references so you can confidently hire an expert every time.

Misrepresentation of Skills

Even though the interview went well, your candidate may not have the skills for your job.

Don't worry about wasting time with candidates that don't have the skills for the job. Supersourcing helps you pinpoint who's best.

We confirm their technical proficiency with multiple technical tests and make sure they're a great fit before onboarding them.

Poor Communication

At Supersourcing, effective communication has the power to guarantee successful results. We understand that developer-client relationships rely on understanding project needs and providing unparalleled service. Therefore it is essential for representatives of both parties to make clear contact a priority.

To keep projects moving forward in positive directions with top quality standards intact we assign each customer their own account manager; giving you an accessible point-person who can address any inquiries or obstacles whenever you need.


Say goodbye to the days of dealing with product delivery delays and buggy products due to middlemen.

With Supersourcing, you can communicate directly with your developers who use standard practices and stay ahead-of-the curve by always updating their technology. Get a reliable solution for all your development needs without any stress or worry - transparent communication is key here at Supersourcing.

Why Trust Supersourcing?

1. AI-Powered Vetting & Top Experienced Talent Team

Don't have time to sift through endless resumes for your remote development project? Supersourcing is here with its AI-driven vetter, so only experienced professionals can make the cut. All you need to do is pick your favorite.

2. 100+ Skills

Get the perfect developer for your project from our vast range of experienced specialists at Supersourcing. From React to Node, to Angular to Python, and more, along with building automation tools such as DevOps and AI-driven ML projects – whatever it may be, you'll find the skills you need at Supersourcing.

3. Tests & Interviews

At Supersourcing, our developers are top-of-the-line. We go the extra mile to make sure each and every one of them is up to par with their skill set.

Our unique testing process taps into details - from data structures to algorithms, we assess over 100 different qualifications in software design alone.

Whatever your technical requirements may be, you can trust that there's an experienced developer ready for the job!

4. Strict NDAs

With Supersourcing, you can rest easy knowing that your confidential data is safe. Our non-disclosure agreements guarantee the secure handling of all remote development projects and business data- not one detail will be neglected or compromised.

5. Dedicated Account Manager

No need to worry about delayed communication. You will have your dedicated account managers always here to help you out. They can provide a dependable resolution quickly if any issues crop up with your remote developers..

6. Long-Term Relationships

We understand that long-term success is built on relationships. That's why at Supersourcing we're dedicated to partnering with you for the journey ahead.

95% of our customers have come back to us and continued with our services, trusting us to provide solutions tailored just for them.

7. Trusted by Giants

Our clientele comprises clients from all corners of the business world - ranging from tech-minded unicorns and funded startups to established Fortune 500 companies. Our clients have recognized our capacity for delivering quick results with superior quality, proving that Supersourcing has earned their trust.

8. 24/7 Support

At Supersourcing, we understand that having the right team is essential for successful recruitment.

That's why our experienced professionals are always available around-the-clock to provide fast solutions when any issues arise with your developers - ensuring tasks stay on track and go as smoothly as possible.

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