In this blog post, you will find a comprehensive collection of VueJS Component Libraries that can assist you in creating visually stunning and successful mobile applications. VueJS is an advanced front-end framework that allows for creating dynamic applications. The expanding VueJS community has provided a plethora of practical solutions that have aided us in achieving our objectives. These solutions will assist you in selecting the optimal VueJS component library for your project. In this blog, you can explore some of the best VueJS frameworks and select the ideal VueJS UI framework for your upcoming project.

Best VueJS Frameworks to Follow in 2023


Quasar is a performance-oriented VueJS framework that is dedicated to developing VueJS user interfaces. It is built with Material Design in mind but can be customized to fit any design system with ease. It has already released nearly all its Version-1 components, directives, and plugins, that help developers explore the Quasar API.

Quasar is an excellent UI framework for developing VueJS applications on mobile, desktop, and web platforms. The framework is a feature-complete node that boasts high performance and material design. It is a js-based collection of tools that helps developers build and publish websites. This framework also helps create secure native apps for macOS, Linux, and Windows using Electron. It also provides a system for building cross-platform apps with Cordova.

One of the most significant advantages of Quasar is that it eliminates the need for additional libraries like Bootstrap, Hammerjs, or Momentjs since it already includes them. This means that Quasar is an all-in-one solution for VueJS UI development. With just a single VueJS code, developers can deploy their projects as SPAs, Progressive web apps, desktop applications, server-side rendered applications, or hybrid apps.

The framework follows the Material Design guidelines, which are considered the best practices for UI design by Google. Its documentation is well-written and easy to follow, making it simple for developers to build responsive websites. Quasar also provides unique VueJS components, multiple language packs, and integrated web practices that support minification and caching.

Furthermore, Quasar has a growing community that provides excellent support to developers at every step of the development process. This community is always ready to help with any issues that may arise during development, making Quasar an excellent choice for both novice and experienced developers alike.


Vux is a rapidly growing mobile UI component framework designed for VueJS. This powerful VueJS component library provides extensive UI components for developing mobile applications. It is a Chinese-language library that includes mobile UI components and WeUI components from the Chinese company WeChat. Vux is supported by VueJS-loader and Webpack, which make it easy to integrate into the VueJS workflow.

The majority of Vux’s documentation is in Chinese, with very little English translation available. However, the Vux community is active and always ready to assist developers in need. This is a testament to the popularity of the library and its usefulness to the VueJS community.

Vux is considered the best VueJS component library for developing mobile UI components. It is specifically designed for handling the WeChat app, making it an ideal choice for mobile app development. The library incorporates many components from the WeUI, providing developers with a wide range of options for creating high-quality mobile UIs.

One issue with Vux is that the lack of a management team can make it difficult for developers to identify and address regular issues with the library. However, the active community hub can help developers overcome these issues with ease.

One of the strengths of Vux is its flexibility. Developers can install individual components according to their specific needs, which reduces the need to install the entire component package. This makes Vux a highly efficient and customizable VueJS component library for mobile app development.


Vuetify is a versatile and comprehensive VueJS UI component toolkit that enables developers to create beautiful and elegant interfaces for their applications. This toolkit is based on Material Design, which provides a highly intuitive and familiar interface for users. Vuetify includes over 80 pre-designed components, each with customizable options and events, which makes it easy for developers to start building their applications right away, without needing any advanced design skills.

Vuetify is highly adaptable and developers can use it with SSR apps. It has RTL (right-to-left) features, and has three pre-configured VueJS Cli templates to help beginners. It is an ideal toolkit for both experienced developers and beginners who want to learn more about VueJS. Plus, Vuetify has a large community that provides 24/7 professional support and assistance to help you get the most out of this powerful toolkit.

The Vuetify component library includes a wide range of components that are essential for any application, such as banners, badges, form inputs and controls, buttons, progress widgets, and many more. Vuetify is a VueJS Components Library that can be used to build SSR apps, mobile apps, SPAs, and PWAs. Whether you want to start a new app or add Vuetify components to an existing one, it is a versatile toolkit that will help you create professional-grade interfaces with ease.

One of Vuetify’s key features is that it provides both free and premium themes, as well as the ability to create your own. This means you can choose from a wide variety of pre-designed themes, or customize your own to create a unique look and feel for your application. Vuetify is performant, responsive, and modular, so you can customize your app’s components using SASS libraries, making it perfect for building modern, responsive applications.

In addition, Vuetify is compatible with Vue CLI-3 and supports all modern browsers and accessibility instructions. Vuetify also provides basic templates for Apache Cordova, A La Carte, Electron, PWA, NUXT, Webpack, and Simple HTML. This makes it easy to integrate into your project. Overall, Vuetify is a powerful and flexible toolkit that provides developers with everything they need to create amazing user interfaces for their applications.

Keen UI

Keen-UI is a Vue UI component library that differs from the others mentioned in this article by focusing on interactivity through JavaScript rather than visual components. It is a lightweight library based on Google’s Material Design, which includes a simple API for creating application layouts. Keen UI mainly emphasizes the creation of interactive elements that require the use of JavaScript. It is an excellent choice for adding iterative features to an existing application. It does not emphasize the importance of using it throughout the application.

Unlike other CSS frameworks, Keen UI does not offer elements for typography, grid systems, or other visual components. This VueJS component library provides different interactive components, such as UiCheckbox, UiCalendar, UiButton, UiAutocomplete, UiAlert, and more.

Keen-UI is ideal for developers looking to add interactive elements to their projects. It is both for web and mobile applications. The components are easy to use and customize, and they come with a modern Material Design look and feel. Keen-UI also includes a user-friendly API that helps to build the desired layout easily.

The library focuses on providing interactive components for various applications. The components are flexible, customizable, and easy to use, which makes them perfect for both beginners and experienced developers. With Keen-UI, you can add a variety of interactive elements, including date pickers, checkboxes, alerts, and more.

Bootstrap VueJS

Bootstrap VueJS is an open-source, CSS-based frontend framework. It combines the best of the Bootstrap library with the flexibility and simplicity of VueJS. Bootstrap VueJS provides users with an effortless, intuitive, and mobile-first experience in the development of responsive and accessible applications. It features over 80 VueJS components and 25 plugins, making it simple to create web applications. Additionally, it includes multiple starter packs and ready-to-use themes to facilitate easy mastery.

The power of Bootstrap VueJS lies in its ability to enable the creation of applications in the shortest time possible. With its strong community support, Bootstrap VueJS offers users over 1,000 icons, more than 85 components, and 45+ accessible plugins. It enhances the development of responsive, accessible, and mobile-first projects.

By leveraging the power of Bootstrap VueJS, developers can create mobile-first and responsive web projects that are accessible and ARIA-compliant. The documentation for Bootstrap VueJS is straightforward. It is easy to understand, making it simple for front-end application development.

The main advantage of Bootstrap VueJS is its combination of both Bootstrap and VueJS. This CSS library allows developers to build applications quickly, bringing the power of Bootstrap into VueJS.js application development. The ready-made UI components and grid systems of Bootstrap VueJS ensure that developers can focus on other aspects of the application while creating an intuitive user interface.


The aforementioned VueJS libraries and frameworks are among the most widely used and popular options available. By incorporating these tools into your VueJS development, you can significantly improve your productivity, enhance your application’s performance, and create user-friendly interfaces. These recommendations are an excellent starting point for developers who are new to VueJS or are looking to expand their knowledge and capabilities.

In conclusion, VueJS is a powerful front-end framework that enables developers to create dynamic, high-performance web applications. By using the recommended VueJS libraries and frameworks, you can take advantage of pre-built components and tools. It will save you time and streamline your development process. Whether you’re an experienced developer or just starting, these recommendations are a valuable resource to help you enhance your skills and build better applications.