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April 21, 2021

Top 6 Steps to Make a Business Profile in Supersourcing

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For small businesses and entrepreneurs, the aim is to look for creative and unique ways of achieving more of the business goals at minimum expenditure. As such, one of the safest and most straightforward strategies is to outsource talent through Supersourcing.

With Supersourcing by your side, you can outsource whichever aspect of the work you want to skilled professionals with affordable service providers. 

But before you go ahead and do that, you will have to create a business profile on the platform. This article guides you on how to create a business profile in Supersourcing, along with a few other crucial details.

Step 1 – SignUp On Supersourcing

Gaining expertise in one domain is beneficial when it comes to supporting all the registered agencies in Supersourcing. The platform promotes a single domain working for the agencies. It makes you the master of a domain as you repeatedly work on similar domain projects for gaining expertise.


So, you need to start by telling Supersourcing about your agency. You will be asked for details like your work, team, expertise, previous projects, and more. After this, there will be a verification, and you can be onboarded to the platform within twenty-four hours.

Step 2 – Showcase Your Previous Work

Since the aim is to attract and get feedback from the clients quickly to get more business, make sure to add the previous projects you have done. Choose the ones that you feel are the best of your work.

The way you design your profile and showcase your expertise and work will act as the canvas that attracts more clients to your business. In fact, it will make the prospective targets get past their hesitation and choose you readily.



It is the harsh and obvious reality that it is challenging for newcomers to attract clients. Thus, in order to present your quality work, you might consider doing some pro-bono work initially. It will help you in getting work and gaining the trust of your clients. 

Step 3 – Start Getting Matched With Prospects

Right after you have opened your business profile, you will instantly start matching with the projects within your skillset. You can begin discussing projects with your prospects at this point.


Step 4 – Send in Your Proposals for the Project

The next step is to send in the proposals to the clients. Make sure you have completely understood the client requirements and send the ballpark estimates of how much will be spent in the process. Be very crisp, catchy, and clear in your proposal.

create business profile

Step 5 – Discuss and Close the Deal

You can talk directly with the clients to discuss and negotiate the deal. Finally, you can seal the deal with the client if the discussions are in both parties favour.

create business profile

Step 6 – No Need to Pay Any Fees

As Supersourcing is an open-source platform, you do not need to pay any fees for registering your profile. Moreover, you will not be asked for any commission even when you will get any new clients or projects. This portal aims to help you improve your business, and for that, they will provide you with all the help. 

Signing Off

This wraps up the answer to how to register with Supersourcing and crack your first deal effortlessly!

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and open your business profile on Supersourcing now and say hello to a new world of opportunities. Follow the guidelines given above, and your job will be more accessible than ever. Try these steps and see the difference yourself!

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