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September 1, 2022

Trends That Will Shape iOS Development in 2022

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The IT sector has a wide range of branches under its umbrella. But iOS app development remains a popular and promising one. By 2023, the total revenue from mobile apps worldwide will exceed $935 billion

But with changing times, people’s expectations and app requirements are also changing. Businesses often struggle with keeping up with the shifting demands of customers. Quite naturally, they are always on the lookout for iOS developer for hire.

Moreover, it has become easier to disappoint users with so many applications in the market. To build robust apps and grow your business, you must stay aware of all the latest trends in the development industry.

Scroll down until the end to learn about the top iOS app development trends in 2022.  


  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


Artificial intelligence and machine learning help with innovative iOS development. Can you imagine any iOS application without Siri, face and speech recognition, text and image classifications, search recommendations, and more?

These features have become customary for all iOS applications. They help improve the quality of developed products significantly. It’s not unsurprising that AI and ML will remain a crucial part of iOS development in 2022 and further.

The intelligent voice assistant, Siri, has been popular among Apple users for reacting to voice commands. iOS developers have been integrating their apps with Siri since 2016 to add various voice control features. 

Siri works only in a few domains like ride bookings, payments, and photo search. It also enables users to set custom intents to equip your apps with extraordinary features. 

Apple introduced Core ML in 2017. The technological framework is beneficial for integrating ML models into iOS apps. It enables apps to make better predictions with new input data. 


  • IoT and HomeKit


IoT sheds light on the significance of binding iOS app development to the changing lives of customers. The technology enables users to connect every device in a single system for effortless usage. 

Apple introduced HomeKit in 2014 as a home automation platform. It permits the integration of devices from multiple vendors into one IoT ecosystem.

Moreover, it also enables users to control it from their Apple Watch or iPhone. Even Siri can control this device and operate lights, coffee machines, thermostats, and more. 

The latest HomeKit Secure Video upgrade alerts users about significant home activities. The footage becomes visible right from the lock screen.

With the advancement of smart home devices, HomeKit can be expected to be one of the most popular iOS app development trends in 2022. But IoT implementation can go far beyond routine maintenance by adapting to the challenges created by the pandemic. 


  • Wearables 


Wearable gadgets like smartwatches and fitness trackers are dominating modern markets. The total shipment of smartwatches worldwide is expected to reach 253 million by 2025.  

The popularity of wearables can be attributed to their wide availability. Wearables users vary across genders, age groups, countries, and occupations. 

The purposes served by wearables are as follows:

  • Reaching fitness goals: Fitness trackers have encouraged people to lead healthier lifestyles. They can track the number of steps you walked or calories you burnt during a day. Fitness trackers are motivating people to add more activities to their lives.
  • Tracking health conditions: Wearables also enable users to stay alert about their physical health. The gadgets help monitor blood pressure, sleep quality, oxygen rate, glucose function, and more. It helps with detecting early signs of diseases and preventing them.
  • Staying productive: The wearable gadgets often alarms or notifications to help you focus on important things. 
  • Communicating faster: Wearables enable several apps to send and receive messages instantly, even if you are not close to your phone or other gadgets.
  • Performing tasks more efficiently: Wearables come with various benefits like contactless payments, unlocking cars, and more.

Besides their basic applications, wearable gadgets also serve various functions in our professional lives and leisure times. This niche has a huge potential in iOS development in 2022.


  • Augmented Reality


If you are looking for successfully implemented iOS development trends, augmented reality will be on the list. Augmented reality has become mandatory on every iOS platform for any virtual human activity.

AR is extremely popular in the entertainment industry. The game Pokemon Go and animated stickers on Snapchat or Instagram are prominent examples. 

But AR also has its applications in various other branches. For instance, it is useful in design, healthcare, marketing, and more. 

The ARKit framework is useful for developers and users to gain more experiences and opportunities. This particular technology and machine learning enable you to place AR objects at specific locations with a Location Anchor.

AR has enabled simultaneously utilizing front and back cameras on a device. AR is also great for placing content in front of or behind people and offers green screen effects in a real-life environment. 


  • App Clips


App Clips enables you to use a part of an application before getting its full version. It is a highly demanding iOS app development trends in 2022. 

App Clips are straightforward and serve a single purpose like paying bills, renting a bike, and more. The miniversions of apps are functional but lightweight.

Users can download App Clips lighting speed. You can usually download App Clips by following a link, scanning a QR code, or going to a certain location.

If you don’t use an App Clip for 30 days, it will automatically be deleted from your iPhones. Since App Store moderators review them, App Clips are pretty safe. 

Building App Clips in iOS app development can increase the popularity of an entire application. But the App Clips should be engaging, captivating, and informative for users. 

Ending Note

Modern-day solutions and tools create new opportunities for iOS development in 2022. Following the latest trends go a long way in enhancing the quality of developed products. 

The latest iOS development trends in 2022 will make the entire development process easier. You can enhance the user experience by focusing on development trends.

In the beginning, you might struggle with iOS app development. But once you start tracking the current trends, you will find the development process a little less complicated.

One thought on “Trends That Will Shape iOS Development in 2022

  1. This was a very informative blog and I really enjoyed reading it. But I also have a few points regarding it to discuss with you.

    Mobile app development is one of the most important aspects of any business today. It’s not just about having an app; it’s about having a great app that will help your business grow. With the growing trends of iOS, its future looks bright.

    Here are some of the iOS app development trends that will stand out in 2022:-:-

    1. Siri and Artificial Intelligence(AI)
    2. Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR)
    3. AI-driven Chatbots

    To check the full list of tips, visit –

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