In this Are you thinking of building a FoodTech ordering app? But not sure where to get started? What to include? How to think from a user’s perspective regarding the features that your Food App must have? Don’t worry, in this article, we got your back on all the questions and some extra recommendations too!
When it comes to developing a FoodTech ordering app, the basic things need to be considered first. And that is the structure of your Food App. There are different participants in a Food App business model that requires to work in sync — restaurants, customers, and delivery agents.
So, let’s first understand the outlining structure of your Food App. 

First Outline the Structure for your FoodTech Ordering App

Multiple teams are handling different responsibilities to deliver the meal to customers right on their doorsteps. Timely involvement and coordination is one big thing that requires food to be delivered on-time. Here comes the technology inclusion and your robust FoodTech Ordering system. 
Therefore, we recommend bifurcating your teams as an individual app connected to your main app. Following are a few apps that need to be developed for a complete careful consideration of each order booked via your FoodTech Ordering App. Let’s understand the use of each app.

1. Customer Mobile App

This is the main front app that your customers will install on their devices. While building a customer-oriented app, make sure that your mobile app design is user-friendly and provides the best customer experience. This app should provide all the information required by customers to find the right restaurant for them.

2. Admin Panel (For Restaurants)

This is the control room where the ordered meals get accepted, cooked, and dispatched. It then connects with the delivery agent app for timely deliveries. It is the main admin panel whose primary functioning is handled by the restaurant owner/manager.

3- Delivery Management App (For Delivery Agents)

This mobile app is operated by delivery personnel. As soon as the order is generated, it notifies in the delivery agent app that an ‘X’ restaurant is preparing a meal and will be ready in a few minutes for pick-up and drop-off.
So, you see, there is a complete process defined for each app, and it goes through certain steps of food order to deliver the meal as fast as instant services can be.

Features of FoodTech Ordering App

We understood the structure of the app above. Now, let us discuss what features each of these apps should have to perform at its best. After all, there is a tough competition in the Food App marketplace, where the big market players are playing their huge innovation games to attract more customer engagement.

Key Features for FoodTech Ordering App for Customers

1. Availability on Multiple Platforms

The Food App should ideally be available on different platforms. Users are on different devices, and they expect the FoodTech Ordering App to be available on their device.

2. Simple Registration

It is the first step after successful installation and must be simple and quick to perform. You can also integrate multiple login options such as ‘Login with Google Account’. The basic idea is to keep the sign-up and sign-in a not so time-consuming task.

3. Profile Management

After sign up, there should be a profile management feature for customers to edit/update their details. These details can be related to their contact details or order history.

4. Browse and Filters

There should be a clear UI/UX where customers can easily browse restaurants, put filters based on their time, location, and other needs. 

5. Easy Ordering

There should not be too much clutter while ordering. A one-step checkout is a brilliant way to prevent cart abandonment. Therefore, easy ordering should be present for customers. 

6. Saving Favorites

Customers can always save their favorite restaurants so that whenever they have to order from their favorite restaurants, the list is right in there. It is a feature that boosts customer engagement.

7. Personalization

It is a significant feature these days. Everyone loves personalization. With this feature, recommendations of restaurants based on the previous history can be made. More personalized results can be delivered by tracking user activities, preferences, and consumption of prior services.

8. Real-Time Order Tracking via GPS

Real-time tracking is one of the USP’s of in-demand FoodTech Ordering App. Overall, the better your tracking system is, the more your customer is happy with your services.

9. Re-Ordering

Of course, this feature helps in eliminating the pain of doing the same order repeatedly by surfing through different restaurants. It is beneficial for those loyal customers who need a meal to be delivered on a particular day and time.

10. Discounts /Coupons

The attractive offers are a great technique that appeals to customers every time. The process of applying the coupon on the checkout page should be simple.

11. Referral Program and Cashbacks

Who does not love some extra money in their pockets for using a service? Have this feature to attract more customers and keep your customers engaged.

12. In-App Chat

This feature can be useful if a customer wants to put some query for food ordering or for the delivery agent to consider.

13. Multiple Payment Modes

Integrating multiple payment options provides flexibility to customers. Cash on Delivery and online wallets are other payment features that most customers opt for.

14. Scheduled Delivery

It is a feature that provides customers with the flexibility of ordering at any point of time and then scheduling the drop-off of the order later on their desired time by choosing a time-slot.

15. Self Pick-up

Few customers choose to pick-up their order by themselves, and this feature allows them to do so. It is similar to takeaways.

16. Dine-In

Customers can order and pay for their meals in advance and save time. Then they can visit the restaurant and enjoy their platters, and it reduces customer waiting time.

17. Reviews and Ratings

This feature builds a real-time check for your in-demand food ordering app. Hence, it facilitates customers to provide their experience and feedback against the services they received from your Food App. It is a crucial feature to keep your business services in check.

18. Complaint Management System

The help and support feature in any app makes customer’s queries conveniently addressed. It should always be incorporated.

19. Push Notifications

Continuous notifications make customers informed about the ongoing process of their food ordering. It keeps them engaged and helps them to keep patience until their order arrives.

20. Social Media Integration

One of the most critical platforms that can help you spread your reach to a broader audience. Connect it in your app, and allow your customers to share their favorite cuisines and your Food App services right from the app. It is an in-app feature that boosts your marketing strategy too.
These are some of the important features that you must incorporate in your customer-centric FoodTech Ordering App.

Key Features of FoodTech Ordering App for Admin Panel

Let’s now discuss the backend modules behind the foodtech ordering app process and meal preparation.

1. Manage Restaurant Information and Profiling

The restaurant manager is provided with the main admin panel and can manage all content such as menu details, prices, bestsellers tags, cuisines, pictures, and videos. It is a place where they manage their offers and discounts too.

2. Order Management

The restaurant receives details related to the order. They then prioritize and schedule the preparation and provide details of when a delivery agent will pick up the order.

3. Delivery Management

This feature allows the restaurant to coordinate with delivery agents for pick-up. They can manage the drop-off through real-time GPS location to track delivery agents until it is finally delivered to the end-user.

Key Features of FoodTech Ordering App for Delivery Management

Following are the key features to be considered for your delivery agent app development.

1. Registration and Verification

Delivery agents need to register themselves and verify their identity. However, this profile management option is required for security purposes.

2. Delivery Management

With this feature, the delivery agent can manage all his order delivery requests. As a result, he can prioritize the delivery and pick-up of various food ordering through this feature and provide approximate delivery time.

3. Status Update

It is an important feature that helps a delivery agent know about the change in order or cancellation. With this feature, he can provide details of pick-up and deliveries to customers and restaurants.

4. In-App Chat Option

It is a much-needed feature for delivery agents because despite having a GPS location, there are times he needs to understand the route for food delivery. The in-app chat option allows them to chat with customers in this regard directly.

Develop your FoodTech Ordering App with Expert Agencies at Supersourcing

Now, you have much awareness of what features a FoodTech ordering app needs. The next step is to find the right technology partner for your custom app development of Food App. 
Supersourcing can help and guide you to find the expert and experienced team of FoodTech app development  for various platforms, such as android app developers and iOS mobile app developers, who can make your Food App rich with the features that we just discussed.
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