A Salesforce developer is responsible for developing Salesforce applications across different PaaS platforms. It was predicted that there would be 3.3 million new jobs in the Salesforce economy by 2022. If you wish to know how to become a salesforce developer, you must follow this comprehensive guide.

Get Salesforce Certification

To excel in this field, you must get a relevant Salesforce certificate. Learning and practicing Salesforce Admin is crucial for every developer in this field. The different certifications to pass for excelling as a Salesforce developer include:

  • Salesforce Certified App Builder
  • Salesforce Certified Administrator
  • Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator

Both theoretical knowledge and practical experience are a must for this job. You should spend adequate time trying to understand various concepts related to databases. But it’s equally critical to learn how to become a salesforce developer by applying the concepts in real-life scenarios.   

Learn About Salesforce Integration

If you hire salesforce developer, you will see that they will have adequate knowledge about Salesforce integration. Extensive knowledge about Salesforce integration with both backend and frontend packages is necessary. It will equip you with the ideas to customize Salesforce per your particular needs. 

Become a Part of the Salesforce Developer Community Group

Enrolling in a Salesforce developer training program will help you acquire in-depth knowledge. But you will also find networking opportunities and build valuable connections in the industry. If you find a local Salesforce frontend developer community group, you shouldn’t think twice about joining it.

As you mix with other professionals in the industry, you will be able to gain valuable insights from them and share yours at the same time. Joining the group will ensure that you are able to support one another in the journey of becoming a Salesforce developer. You will also be able to stay updated about the latest industry news from the community groups in your locality. 

Get Answers from Salesforce Stack Exchange

When you become a successful Salesforce developer, you will have various questions in mind. If you want answers from experts, you can become a part of Salesforce Stack Exchange. It is an easily accessible source to find appropriate answers to your queries.

You will also find answers to similar queries and expand your knowledge base. The platform has a plethora of valuable questions with detailed answers. Reading the answers to the queries can contribute to your professional growth in the field.

Acquire Key Skills

The key skills required to become a Salesforce developer are as follows:

Programming Skills

An efficient Salesforce developer will have familiarity with MVC designing. They will be comfortable with development tasks and coding. Some elements like jQuery and BootStrap are also necessary for the Salesforce project environment. 

Basic knowledge of JavaScript and C# is necessary for object-oriented programming. The fundamentals of Apex and Visualforce are also crucial. Some other concepts to learn include lighting framework, data management and modeling, SQL, developer console, and more.

    Communication Skills

    Salesforce projects are never complete without teamwork. Therefore, excellent collaboration power and team skills are crucial for becoming a Salesforce developer. With seamless collaboration, you and your team will be able to orchestrate all your efforts. 

    You should be able to keep your entire team updated about the developments or setbacks in a particular Salesforce project. Organize discussions with your team and keep them concise without missing out points. You should have the ability to translate technical concepts into simple language for non-technical team members.

    Analytical Skills

    A logical understanding of customer requirements is crucial for a Salesforce developer. Superior analytical capabilities are as important as the ability to translate the analyzed data into relevant code or design. Analytical skills will help you build a long-term career in the Salesforce industry.

    Logical Skills

    Any Salesforce developer should have the ability to create a logical overview of every situation. They must be able to innovate sustainable and practical solutions. Logical skills will ensure that the professionals are able to arrive at viable solutions. 

    Problem-Solving Skills

    Similar to all other digital products, Salesforce also has various bugs. A Salesforce developer needs to have problem-solving skills to get rid of such bugs and mistakes. Practical knowledge about debugging will help you overcome challenges faster and maintain efficiency during the development process.

Learn About Roles and Responsibilities

Before looking for employment opportunities as a Salesforce developer, you must become aware of specific responsibilities. While most responsibilities to a general developer, let’s go over them in detail:

  • Analyzing and understanding the needs of users
  • Designing, testing, and developing software products to meet user requirements
  • Designing Salesforce solutions and developing project plans
  • Increasing the value of every stage of project work, including conceptualization, development, and execution
  • Recommending new software upgrades to enhance existing systems, apps, and programs for customers
  • Designing individual parts of a system or application and bringing the parts together
  • Developing and deploying programs in-house company intranet users as well as the internet
  • Managing inconsistencies in data quality
  • Developing processes to tackle potential deficiencies in the system
  • Leading other programmers with models and diagrams to instruct them in writing additional software code
  • Performing routine software maintenance and testing to ensure a program is functioning smoothly
  • Documenting different parts of a company’s applications inventory
  • Working together with other computer professionals to develop optimum software

Salesforce developers benefit from establishing a positive reputation in front of clients. They need to remember the expectations of clients during Salesforce operation and implementation. Remembering how the client intends to use the software will help the professionals figure out the core functionality.

Closing Thoughts

A Salesforce developer is a newly-emerged field compared to Java developers, frontend developers, or full stack developers. An increased focus on CRM-based applications and the growth of IoT technologies will make the career more popular. If you believe the optimistic future predictions, becoming a Salesforce developer is a safe career. But make sure to understand what companies look for when they plan to hire remote salesforce developers.

Salesforce developers are not required to build apps from scratch. Moreover, they can involve themselves in both the server and client side of applications. By following the right steps of how to become a Salesforce developer, you will be able to avoid all bottlenecks.