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Our Supersourcing founder, Mr Mayank Pratap has come up with an interview series where he will be interviewing renowned CEOs and founders of some epic startups! To get you started, the theme of the interview series is- “Founders’ Story”.
We hope you enjoy the journey of these great mentors as they share their insights and experience-based learnings. It will surely help you to scale your business to new heights, as you read about how these top leaders differentiated themselves in a competitive market and led successful high-profit making companies. This initiative has been planned by us, to help more and more budding young entrepreneurs like you to build great tech products, by learning from the best!
Introducing you to our first interviewee from the “Founders’ Story” series-

Manoj Dhanotiya: Founder, AiTrillion

Manoj Dhanotiya

Manoj Dhanotiya is the head of strategy, delivery and business development of AiTrillion. He has partnered with clients in various industries- from eCommerce, financial services, travel and leisure to technology.

Mr Manoj has helped 1000+ clients like TeleBrands, Harley Davidson NY, 1800LawFrim, UC, HBSU, Bully Max etc. gain unparalleled insights into effectively developing business websites /software’s and services in today’s increasingly complex online business space.

Manoj has also co-founded GoWebBaby.Com, GoKickSales, GoERPBaby and LegalZen.

AiTrillion has analyzed 10Million+ consumer transactions worth $5.2 Billion USD on 100,000+ Stores, across 175 countries with major markets being US, UK & EU.

AiTrillion- An Intelligent Ai powered Marketing Cloud for e-commerce

If anybody in the US wants to sell something via e-Commerce, Shopify has become their first go-to choice. It’s really easy to get started on Shopify, but very difficult to scale and become sustainable in this sector. Our interviewee Mr Manoj’s productAiTrillion has nailed it!

AiTrillion and Shopify

Headquartered in Middletown (Connecticut), AiTrillion provides the latest technology based on artificial intelligence for their users, i.e. the e-commerce sellers. With affordable pricing, their aim is to create more jobs, in an endeavour to help strengthen the e-commerce community. AiTrillion is a service that caters to creating eCommerce platforms for online sellers, where every seller can engage their customers and sell more.
Traditionally, marketing clouds are hard to learn, extremely expensive to implement and of course, rule-based. AiTrillion enables companies to orchestrate campaigns across various channels like push, email, in-app messaging and auto-optimization towards higher conversions powered by machine learning. AiTrillion has built an easy to use enterprise solution that has been elegantly designed and fully integrated with great features!

Let’s Begin With The Interview-

Mayank: What exactly does AiTrillion do? And what is your role at AiTrillion Inc?

Manoj: I founded AiTrillion in September 2017, from its parent firm “AAAeCommerce Inc”. Along with being the CEO, I also head strategy, delivery and business development at AiTrillion.com. Today, AiTrillion is a fast-growing network of 100,000+ sellers in 175+ countries. I am actively investing in AI-based eCommerce analytics & personalization products. I work closely with the AiTrillion team to set strategy and foster a culture of innovation, research & development.

Mayank: What motivated you to start AiTrillion and how did you get your initial clients?Manoj: My 10+ years of tech experience with brands like Amazon, Shopify & tons of eCommerce firms challenged me to create a marketing automation platform that can be used by the business at every stage.
Initial clients were acquired by helping sellers on various social media platforms. We tried to solve their problems, help them grow & grew with them from 0 to 100,000+ Installations! We launched about 24+ freemium small apps before building & launching AiTrillion.

Mayank: How did you build your team?

Manoj: Team building is an ongoing & never-ending process. I dropped out from my second US Masters Degree from the University Of Cincinnati. When I come back to India, I had just INR 60,000 in my pocket! I rented a 400sq.ft office with just 2 BCA freshers. I taught them how to research on Google. After a few months, my brother Sachin Dhanotiya and his college mate, Saurabh Chajjed joined just after completing their BE. We started our journey of entrepreneurship from 2 to 10 to 18 to 30 and so on… 

AiTrillion Team Picture

Mayank: What is AiTrillion’s business model? How did you successfully differentiate from your competitors?Manoj: Our pricing is based on a number of contacts on the Seller eCommerce website. We are a SAAS model firm and provide a 14 day trial period to our users.
We have built the first-ever SAAS based AI platform for eCommerce marketing which is running on 10million+ Consumer Insights. It is the first eCommerce Marketing Platform to cross integrate Consumer Engagement at 8+ TouchPoints with Analytics & AI creating a powerful Insight Pool of Information. We’re the biggest seller network & have distributed data across 175 countries.

Mayank: Sir, please tell your readers about your professional and educational qualifications. 

Manoj: I am a first-generation entrepreneur. My academic credentials include Leading With Finance From Harvard, a Master’s Degree from the University of Cincinnati and a Bachelors in Science from DAVV India. And yes, I dropped out from my second Masters (CS) to start a successful Web Enterprise.
Apart from AiTrillion, I have also co-founded GoWebBaby.Com, GoKickSales, GoERPB by ERP, LegalZen and Document Assembly & Automation platforms from Gowebbaby. Prior to starting Gowebbaby, I worked for CAGIS in Cincinnati and also provided IT consulting to several US Businesses including the University of Cincinnati.

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I have previously partnered with clients in industries ranging from eCommerce, financial services, travel and leisure to technology. Til date, I have helped 1000+ clients like TeleBrands, Harley Davidson NY, 1800LawFrim, UC, HBSU, Bully Max, etc. gain unparalleled insights into effectively developing business websites/software and services in today’s increasingly complex online business space. I continue to provide clients with forward-thinking answers to overcome their critical business challenges with the help of IT solutions.

Mayank: What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced till now, and how did you overcome it?

Manoj: Finding talent in Tier 2 cities is tough. We have to hire freshers & train them to their level best & bring the best out of them. We mentor them through whatever “gyaan” we get from motivational articles online, and by reading success stories of famed guys. That keeps us all motivated.

Mayank: What are your future goals and how do you plan to achieve them?

Manoj: Being a first-generation entrepreneur who hasn’t done an MBA, I never had the opportunity to have a mentor. And when you live in a small town, you never actually get to think about life goals, future aims, etc. With the little resources available for us Tier 2 city lads, we live our life day by day, trying to achieve excellence in whatever we’re doing.
We are happy doing what we do. Our global client requirements turn into our goals and we make sure we get that done. When the clients are happy, we get even more motivated to do our job the next day!

Mayank: Any advice to new entrepreneurs who’re starting out?

Manoj: Just Start! Don’t think much! Turn off that Chrome tab on “How to Be An Entrepreneur” and enjoy the journey.

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That was the end of the Interview. We hope you found this article insightful.
Also, we’re glad to inform our readers that AiTrillion has recently been shortlisted for TechSparks Ai Innovation Awards 2019 (powered by Comviva Technologies, a Tech Mahindra company). Good Luck to team AiTrillion for all their future endeavors from team Supersourcing!
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