The key for a business to be successful is to follow the current trends in the market and observe those trends’ growth opportunities. You can plan your business endeavor by keeping a close look at the data on the market trends. With nearly 4.4 billion smartphone users worldwide. Among which 92.6% are more likely to stay online through mobile phones. The increasing number of app users, which has increased from 2.7 billion in 2015 to 3.96 billion in 2020. You can very well estimate the business prospect of social media applications. However, this is just one of the many steps needed to build a strong base for the business. Once you know the trends and decide to create a social media application, there will be other essential factors that you must consider for the social media app development.

Gain Complete Information before Creating a Social Media Application

In-depth knowledge about the market will enable better decision-making and pave the way for success. Make a note of different questions related to app development. Find and apply the best and the most appropriate solution. A few of the questions are mentioned further –

1. What are the various social media apps, and which one could be the best category for your business?

The first step towards gaining complete information about your field of interest is knowing the best fit category that your business idea falls in. Some categories are-

  • Social Media Networking– This category of social media app belongs to the personal and professional connection through a platform like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Media Sharing Network– The apps where people share information, their personal stories through photos and videos like Instagram or YouTube.
  • Consumer Review Network– Consumers share their experience and review about the place or products in these review networks like trip advisor, yelp, etc.
  • Discussion Forums– Where people provide their valuable insights into different subjects and topics. A popular example is Quora
  • Content Creation Platforms– Creating and publishing personal blogs are becoming increasingly popular; some best platforms are medium, WordPress, etc.
  • Chatting Apps– Needless to mention how popular chatting apps can be like WhatsApp, Messenger, Snapchat, etc.

Analyze the different categories and pick the best one for your business. To land on the best choice for social media app development, study the current trends through rigorous market research.

2. What are the most popular trends on social media?

Once you make a choice of the social media category, investigate the current trends on social media. When you decide to create a social media application, the best way to make yourself visible on the online media is by analyzing people’s preferences to serve them best through the medium of your app. The key trends are –

  • Video Streaming– 83% of marketers use the video feature of social media for connecting with a broader audience. In fact, the social media posts that consist of videos get 48% more views than the content with only text and images. 
  • Ephemeral Content– The stories that remain visible for just 24 hours and disappear after that. This trend allows constant interaction through engaging content that can very well capture the attention of the users.
  • Power of AI– Artificial Intelligence chatbots can communicate and solve customer queries in no time. It can serve customers anytime without the need for any human intervention. 
  • Breaking the Language Barrier– Reaching local audiences is possible by presenting them with apps that support their language. Multi-language apps became a popular trend in 2019 and will remain so for years to come.

Designs and Features- The Essence of Social Media App Development

After knowing all the current trends on social media, the third step to create a social media application would be to plan and implement the best designs with the most advanced features for social media app development. There are two kinds of features: one is basic, and another is advanced. Study the features well and evaluate which ones will showcase the powerful abilities of your app.

1. What are the basic features that the social media app must have?

  • Sign In or Register– The first step to use and enjoy the features of any app would be to create an account through email id and password.
  • Create Profile– The profile would convey about the user; his/her personal and professional details can be fed in the profile.
  • Connect with Other App Users The next feature that will unveil after creating a profile will be connectivity. People must be able to view other’s posts, share and post their stories, photos, videos, and other content.
  • Feed– The amalgamation of all the information of recent updates would show up on the feed. 
  • Notifications– This feature lets all the new updates pop up that are specifically related to the user’s profile and friends.
  • Search Option– This feature allows people to tap the search button and find their contacts on that social media app.
  • Chat– One of the most popular features is chatting platforms. Creating a place for people to share their thoughts and providing a space for interaction can be the most used social media app feature.
  • Google Analytics– Provide the best customer experience by analyzing user data through analytics tools.

2. What are some advanced features you may include to create a social media application?

  • Customized Content– By getting access to the user’s location, you can provide content specific to that location. You may also provide multilingual language support by providing translatable content.
  • Incorporation of AR– Face filters are not only for fun; they can be used for essential business practices. Like for sunglasses or lipstick, the AR technology can use the face filter and show how the product will look on the customer’s face.
  • Instant Feedback or Response – The Artificial Intelligence chatbot systems can provide quick responses to the customers. All the issues of the users can be communicated and solved through this feature.

3. What are the different designing aspects you may consider for your social media app development?

If you wish to create a social media application that is engaging and provides a better customer experience, then knowing the basics of designs can play a vital role in app development. Here are a few general yet best practices for designing a social media app-

  • Using a blue color for logos is very much in the trend, as it provides a soothing effect for the users.
  • Keep the navigation bar the same throughout all the pages of the app.
  • The designing features are distinct for iOS and Android, and ensuring customer satisfaction for the users of both iOS and Android should be the ultimate goal.
  • The design should be user friendly with both web and mobile app use.
  • Consider keeping the shape of the profile picture round that makes one user distinct from the others.
  • The posts should be updated automatically, which should provide users with never-ending scrolls.
  • Simplicity is the key. Focus on user-oriented designs, which should be minimal and simple.
  • Provide scope for customization of designs for the user’s profile in terms of pictures, colors, etc.
  • Design that provides flexible entry into the app without signing up for the account in the initial stages. This will provide users with better insights into the app.

Few Technical Considerations to Create a Social Media Application

All of the above considerations are related to user experience. However, there are a few elements that you must be aware of for social media app development. The backend technology for the social media app will determine the number of users, the amount of load that the app can handle, and controls and efficiency, and scalability of the app. The other thing that must be kept under consideration is the choice of the database that will store all the data related to the social media app. You may choose from either SQL or NoSQL databases. For social media app development, the most preferred database is a SQL database.

Plan your Marketing Campaigns Accordingly

After exploring all the factors to create a social media application, the final, and the extremely essential element for the success of your social media app would be marketing. Know your target audience and plan your marketing campaigns in advance to attract the audience towards your app and encourage them to download the app. Present the unique features of the app while marketing the product. Talking about the benefits of using the app while engaging the users with strong call-to-action will drive more and more customers towards the app. 


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