Kotlin and Java are both popular programming languages that are commonly used in the world of app development. When it comes to choosing between Kotlin Vs Java for Android development, these two languages are widely used and are the most dominant. Developing an Android app is a great way to expand your business in the digital real. But choosing between Kotlin and Java can be complicated. Both Kotlin and Java have been used to create hundreds of thousands of Android apps in the past. These languages continue to be popular choices for app development.

However, as Kotlin is gaining popularity in the present, many people wonder if it is more advantageous than Java when it comes to creating Android apps. People often ask which is better for Android development: Java or Kotlin. These questions may arise when you are deciding on which language to use for your next Android project.

To make the best decision, it’s important to compare the features and benefits of both Kotlin and Java. For instance, Java has been in the market for over two decades and has a well-established community with numerous resources available for developers. On the other hand, Kotlin is relatively new, but it has quickly gained popularity among developers due to its simple syntax and ease of use.

What is Java?

Java is currently the leading developer platform in the world, with more than 13 billion devices worldwide utilizing it, and its popularity is not decreasing. This versatile programming language is used to develop a range of applications, including websites and computer games.

Java is highly convenient for developers, offering cross-platform operability through the Write Once Run Anywhere (WORA) principle. Additionally, it can handle big data, making it ideal for scientific purposes. It also powers popular mobile applications like Netflix, Uber, Spotify, and Amazon, among others. For more information on Java, you can check out our other blog post that covers its features, development tools, and more.

What is Kotlin?

In 2011, a programming language named Kotlin was introduced, which derives its name from Kotlin Island in Russia. JetBrains, YouTrack, and several other IDE solutions created this modernized version of Java. In the StackOverflow Developers Survey of 2018, Kotlin was ranked as the second most popular programming language.

Kotlin is a statically written, general-purpose, and open-source programming language. It is popular for building for Android and JVM platforms. It can combine functional and object-oriented programming features to create apps that are both efficient and quick. Many top mobile applications, including Pinterest, Evernote, Uber, Coursera, Trello, and others, are created using Kotlin.

Kotlin Vs Java for Android Development- Similarities.

  • The type of system in Kotlin is a lot like Java’s, which makes it easy for developers to convert their existing code into a new language.
  • Both languages have a similar collections library, making it easy for developers to convert their classes between the two languages.

Pros & Cons of Java & Kotlin

Java Language Pros:

  • Easy to learn
  • Can run on both virtual machine and browser window
  • Android SDK includes a variety of Java libraries
  • Large open-source ecosystem for Java
  • Accelerated assembly in Gradle
  • Java apps are more compact than Kotlin
  • High development speed

Java Language Cons:

  • Limitations that cause issues with the Android API design
  • Writing more code increases the risk of bugs and errors
  • Slower than some other languages

Kotlin Language Pros:

  • Smart extension functions help build clear APIs
  • More concise than Java
  • Developers benefit from the Anko library and over 2000 Kotlin projects on Github
  • Places null directly in the type system

Kotlin Language Cons:

  • A steep learning curve when switching from Java to Kotlin
  • Slower compilation speed compared to Java
  • Smaller developer community
  • Compilation and auto-complete in Android Studio can be slower than in Java.

Overall, the choice between Kotlin Vs Java for Android development depends on your specific needs and preferences, as both languages have their advantages and disadvantages.

Kotlin Vs Java for Android Development- A Detailed Comparison


  • Kotlin is simpler to use and learn than Java and has an extensive collection of tools and tutorials that make it easier for mobile app development.
  • Kotlin developers can deliver projects quickly because of their proficiency in the language.


  • Java is an established language that offers superior performance.
  • Kotlin performs better than Java for Android development due to its use of immutability and properties as well as being 100% interoperable with Java.


  • Kotlin has quickly grown to become one of the most popular choices for Android app development. Especially since Google backs it.
  • Java is still more popular than Kotlin currently.

Cross-Platform Development

  • Kotlin can cross-compile and run on multiple platforms, whereas Java can only compile for a single platform at once.
  • Kotlin is a better choice for developers who need to create Android, iOS, or Windows versions of their apps.

Mature Libraries

  • For Android development, there is an extensive selection of libraries, frameworks, and tools available in Java.
  • Kotlin is catching up with the introduction of newer libraries such as KTX and Coroutines but still has some catching up to do in this area.


  • The design of Kotlin places a greater emphasis on scalability, resulting in enhanced app performance.
  • Java and C++ are not as scalable and can affect the performance of an app, especially on older devices like Android phones.

Community Support

  • Kotlin is a relatively new language, while Java has been around for quite some time, resulting in more experts and development resources available to consult with when using Kotlin than Java.

Kotlin Vs Java for Android Development: Which is Better?

Both Java and Kotlin are great programming languages and have their unique advantages when it comes to developing mobile applications. However, when choosing between Java vs Kotlin, the type of application you’re developing will determine which programming language would be better suited for your project.

Java is more suitable for developing large and complex applications with many features and functionalities that need to work across different platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux. Java has mature libraries that support this type of application development well, making it an excellent choice for building enterprise-level applications.

Kotlin is more suitable for developing high-performance applications such as photo editing apps, games, and apps that need to run smoothly on older Android phones. Kotlin has a more streamlined and efficient design than Java, which allows it to perform better in these types of situations, especially when scaling is concerned.

Cross-platform applications that can be compiled and run on multiple platforms as well as Android. Kotlin can perform these functions easily. Java can only compile code for a specific platform at a time due to its use of bytecode.

When choosing between Kotlin Vs Java for Android development, it’s important to consider the specific requirements of your project to make the right choice.

Wrapping Up!

The decision of which language to use for startups, Kotlin Vs Java for android development, depends on the specific needs of the project. If Google support is a priority, then Kotlin may be the better option. Android Studio 3 now offers support for Kotlin development. On the other hand, speed or flexibility (particularly with third-party libraries) may be more important. Therein, Java might be the more suitable choice.