When is the right time to redesign your app? The answer to this question is based on some factors that may be pre-planned or can be discussed about later according to the business analysis.

Each app owner launches the application with a great desire to maximize profits. In this reference, the vast majority of the applications perform well to bring astounding results for the organizations. However, what could be the reason most that the brightness of every one of these applications disappears inevitably which likewise influences overall profit? 

The significant reason observed is the existence of thousands of similar types of mobile applications that show up on the web each day. Among these new brilliant portable applications, the old versatile applications regularly get covered and furthermore lose the ability to draw in the intended interest group. 

Is this the explanation you’re intending to update the application? Or then again you’ve resulted in these present circumstances choices in the wake of getting propelled by the contenders, amazing illustrations refreshes and the most recent UX and UI configuration patterns? 

This is the greatest inquiry! How might you become more acquainted with that your application requests a gigantic upgrade or it would be on the track again by making a couple of adjustments?

Here’s a complete guide to help you analyze when is the right time to redesign your app or how to continue with it adequately. 

When Is The Right Time To Redesign Your App? 

How about we investigate the right time to redesign your application: 

1. User’s Don’t Find The App Worth Using

The first and foremost reason which makes you think about  upgrading your application is the user’s  negative input. You will not track down these negative inputs usually on the portals. Yet, when you look for the best app review websites, iOS App Store and Google Play Store, you’ll understand how people are rating your application as the best or worst app to be utilized. If the negative feedback or we say, suggestions for improvement are mentioned a lot more than positive feedback, then it is the right time to design your app or give a thought about it.

You can unquestionably recognize negative feedbacks highlight with red texts or flags with the below mentioned focus points:

  • Low application ratings (3 or less than regular rating) 
  • Various negative feedbacks from old and new application users
  • A specific issue that clients are facing and explaining them in their reviews
  • Users’ furious feedback that depict their unsatisfactory gesture. 

Now, analyze your application based on these perspectives. Thus, if you truly discover these issues in your application, then you look for upgrading your application without wasting the time. 

2. Extremely Low Conversion Rate

Low user base growth leads an application towards less-profitable outcomes. It leads into low conversion which you should consider as a green sign to redesign your app. Low conversion rates may be a result of the less-enthusiastic users or non-appealing UX. You should work out on the points where your application is lacking. 

You can build the conversion rate by: 

  • Upgrading the UX of the application 
  • Dealing with the weak areas to make them strong enough
  • Add extra features to provide easy usage
  • Integrate engaging layout to attract user’s notice 

3. Application Idea Has Changed

Assume a client approached an app development company with a positive app idea. Even in the wake of beginning with a similar idea, the client returns again with a totally unique idea which doesn’t match a bit with the previous idea. This is the right time when you need to rework on the app to live up to the client’s expectations.

Without a doubt, it will require much expense and effort yet, eventually, the app has to be redesigned with completely new ideas and outlook. 

Application ideas can be changed due to: 

  • Competition growth
  • Social change 
  • Change in the features of app

4. Obsolete App Design

The app development market is overwhelmed with so many new apps consolidating new features, attractive designs or graphics, and navigation functionality. Do you think your application can compete with them on such aspects?

Reconsider! Basically, your application got outdated and thus giving clients a strong reason to uninstall it without a moment’s delay. Why should people use your app before the incredibly planned recently dispatched application? It basically implies that your application is obsolete and needs a colossal advance in mobile app designing.

You can redesign your app by: 

  • Modifying the app design layout
  • Following the latest trend of designing
  • Updating the apps version
  • Adapt animation, AR/VR for mobile application 

5. Focusing on The New Audience 

The main motivation to redesign your app is the change in target audience. Each business evolves its business plans which also influences the target audience’s plan. Likewise, there are chances when your business plan focuses on another greater part of the audience alongside the existing users.

Hence, the needs of your application get changed which can be the most compelling reason that defines it as the right time to redesign your app. However, the audience division can be done on the basis of following points 

  • New product vision 
  • The most recent marketing strategy 
  • Latest user requirements

6. Organization Rebranding Ideas Are There 

In case you’re aiming to rebrand your business, it’s very vital that you rebrand your web and mobile applications as well. To target your user base, you must be predictable so your clients can perceive your image and make customary buys. 

Rebranding probably might not be targeted to adjusting new features and functionality. However, it’s the significant idea of making brand updates. Application redesign is vital here! In addition to that, ensure to manage user awareness as well. 

Organization rebranding ensure the right time to redesign your app as: 

  • You may have changed the branding idea
  • Your branding designs have changed 
  • Your functionality of app has changed 

7. Application Migration To Another Platform 

Sometimes, an application doesn’t perform well on its current stage which needs instant migration from that platform. When an application is migrated to another platform, then it changes the whole application interface and functionality too. 

Here, application redesigning should be possible with strategic planning which incorporates platform migration, integration of advanced features, and updates of functionality. There are numerous apps that have migrated to a sustainable platform to improve functionality. Hence, analyzing the needs is crucial to find the right time to redesign your app.

8. Complicated App Interface Design 

A mobile application is useless if it confuses users in navigating and using the application. Regardless of how superb your application is or how astonishing it is designed, it doesn’t make any difference when it can’t fulfill the user’s needs. A complicated app interface design is the major motivation to redesign your application. 

Hence, don’t make your application interface design complicated by infusing a crowd of navigation features and graphics. Simplify it and attempt to incorporate minimum possible designing perspectives to ease the user navigation.

Your application design may get confusing due to: 

  • Unnecessary graphical intervention
  • Futile fancy pictures 
  • Confusing functionality of navigation


The journey of application redesigning can either be a triumph or can be a risk that can lead your business towards misfortune. Ensure you’re updating your application with certainty and also by keeping the characterized application development standards.

It’s a vital choice to make and you need to make it admirably with a clear goal of what you need from the results. Cautious thinking always helps in making the right decision. Hence, following your objective and considering the right time to redesign your app will set a success path for your business. 

In a world where patterns change at a tremendous speed, it is critical to go inseparably with every one of the most recent advancements. In the event that you unexpectedly find that your app requires redesigning. Supersourcing is there to assist you with this assignment. Check out the top UI/UX designing companies, experts in their craft with a team of committed experts. Regardless of what kind of overhaul your application needs, the specialists will assist you with choosing the most ideal alternative and direct a really excellent redesign of the app.