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April 7, 2021

Things You Should Know Before Outsourcing Mobile App Development

outsourcing mobile app development
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With almost every business being online, having a website and a user-friendly application has now become a must for every business person. There are several benefits if your business is backed up with a user-friendly and intuitive mobile application. In the last decade, mobile applications have gripped a huge portion of the market that has led to an increase in outsourcing mobile app development jobs. Currently, we are living in a digital environment that’s heading towards an app-focused world. In some time from now, if a business person fails to have a well-working website and a mobile application, it would dent his business a lot. Even in today’s world, approximately 90% of the time, a person uses a mobile application over a website.

Back in 2019, a survey declared that people spent approximately $101 billion on various mobile applications in 2018 alone. These stats show how important mobile applications have been and how conveniently they trigger people in spending money. According to the most recent stats, about 63% of mobile app development services are outsourced by organizations. Not only SMEs and startups, but even MNCs are also following the outsourcing trend. Now, at least, this stat tells us how popular outsourcing has become.

What does Outsourcing Mobile App Development stand for?

We are well aware of what mobile app development is and how people are using this service to benefit their businesses. Now the next thing that we need to understand is how outsourcing mobile app development is beneficial. Outsourcing is one of the best business practices, where an organization farms the services or job functions from a third party. They don’t use their in-house strength to fulfil the requirements of a client. When it comes to the IT industry, outsourcing jobs include a vast range of operations. One such job is mobile app development. Currently, many IT organizations actively look for outsourcing mobile app development projects to other companies. 

Tips for Choosing Outsourcing Mobile App Development Services

There is no denying the fact that outsourcing mobile app development service will surely be a good step for you. It will make the task easier and faster. It helps in finishing the work with utmost efficiency and is cheaper. This has steered several business owners to consider this as a good practice for them too. If you are considering outsourcing your IT-related services, especially mobile app development, then here are a few tips that can help you choose the right service provider.

1. List Down Requirements

The first and foremost thing you need to do is create a checklist of requirements and tick all the boxes. This checklist is not for freelancers or third parties but for yourself. Even before you begin your search for any app development option, it is good to know what you want from your application. Understanding and knowing your requirements will help you in communicating with the developer in a better way. You will be able to make them understand your needs and how you want the result to look and feel like. After all, your application is going to your business partner. 

If you are unaware or lack the understanding, then there are high chances that you would end up with a product that won’t match up to your expectations. It might not have a good user interface or a good feel while working on it. This will also lead to more revisions that would drain out your money and time. 

If you cannot bring together a set of questions, start with answering questions like; who is your target audience? What purpose is your application going to solve? What standout features do you want in your application? What are the side features that you want in your app? Would you keep your app free for all, or would you make it a paid one? How will you monetize your app? And so on. 

2. Find the Right Outsourcing Mobile App Development Company

One thing that you should cautiously do is find the best app development partner for your project. Do not rush into finalizing an organization for your app. To many people, this sounds like an obvious question, but not everyone follows it properly. The reason behind this is that there are thousands and thousands of app development companies in the market. Whom would you trust, and what are the things that are steering you to trust that company? Many doubts and questions arise in the minds of people, but you need to think well and choose the right partner. 

In order to do this, you need to first figure out which type of outsourcing mobile app development company you want. There are four different types of outsourcing that are practised in today’s world- Onshore, Offshore, Nearshore, and Hybrid. All these have their perks and flaws. Before you finalize any company, here are things that you should ask them. 

Do they have people who can develop iOS and Android compatible applications or not? Will the application work with wearables like Fitbit and other smartwatches? Will the app consist of responsive web pages? Do the team you are hiring have people who can write API? Can they be able to integrate the new app with the existing one? Will they be able to create plugins? Do you have any growth strategies? 

3. Discussing Budget and Planning

Another crucial factor that you should talk about before hiring a company is budget and planning. You are the person who is giving them business, so do not hesitate to ask for a tentative time and a complete project plan from them. A project plan helps streamline and complete the project with lesser hiccups and ensures that you can keep a tab on what all things are going on.

4. Ask for Portfolio 

When you are hiring a third party for your mobile app development, it gives you the full right to ask for a portfolio from your developers. Doing so will provide you with a rough idea of how they work and what all things they have worked on. A portfolio provided by the organization can also give you a rough idea about the relevant experience they have in the vertical. Also, looking at general expertise won’t be enough; try to understand their depth of knowledge as much as you can.

5. Communication Solves Most of the Issues

When it comes to outsourcing mobile app development projects, communication is an essential element that helps in solving several problems. You should put responsiveness and excellent communication skills on the top of your list when you plan to outsource your project. Communication also helps in staying on the same page. Isn’t that right and important?

What Benefits Does Outsourcing Mobile App Development Provide?

We have already established the understanding that outsourcing is one of the best practices that is followed by many organizations in today’s world. In the following section, we will understand what are the various benefits that a company enjoys when they do this.

1. It’s Cost-Effective

Every company needs two things – first, reduce the expenses and second, increase the profit. In the pursuit of fulfilling both these tasks, organizations actively outsource several tasks. Outsourcing mobile app development effectively reduces the overall expense of a project. It does not just help cut an overhead cost, but also makes a considerable saving in resources and infrastructure. To understand how effective and efficient mobile app development truly is, a global survey was conducted. The results of this survey showed that by doing this, a company could save up to 75% of the entire project’s cost. An extension to this survey, 59% of organizations are already practising this in their workforce to increase profits. 

2. An Efficient Way of Completing the Task

Be it an iOS or Android mobile application, several companies tend to develop a smooth-running, feature-centric mobile app. If you want to create a team that can do this for you, there are a lot of things from individuals to equipment that you will have to set up in your workplace. This is another reason why it is better to outsource. Also, several freelancers or third parties stay connected with the ongoing changes in the application world, giving them a lead in delivering trending app ideas to their clients. This makes the work better and efficient. But when you outsource the work, ensure that the other person has already worked on quality products too. 

3. Team Management Becomes Easier

One of the best things about outsourcing companies is that they have a great state-of-the-art infrastructure that helps them deal with freelancers easily, quickly, and efficiently. The organizations that take part in outsourcing projects like mobile app development have tools like workflow management systems and fast delivery points, deadline managers, and so on. These tools and technologies help in getting the work done faster. On the other hand, the company is able to manage things in a better way and effortlessly.

4. Everything is Secured

Almost every mobile application is developed with a motive to earn money through it. Owing to this fact, almost every app gets a payment portal, so the security of the app developed is also an essential part. Creating a business application that allows users to pay through their portal also needs to keep it safeguarded from malware. The apps where regular transactions take place are more prone to getting hacked. This leads to the leaking of important data and sensitive information. 

This is where outsourcing service providers play an important role. These service providers have robust security mechanics that helps in keeping things safe on the application.

5. No Fixed Working Hours

Now, if you want to keep counting the benefits of what outsourcing your mobile app development service can fetch for you, then do not miss out on round-the-clock working hours. If you are outsourcing your work to people around the world, then rest assured, your work is getting done even when you are not working. 

People from different countries work in different time zones, and this helps in completing your task sooner. Your in-house team would work for you only for a limited time, whereas your offshore team will work for you 24*7. This makes your deliveries seamless and faster. Also, the mobile app ideas that people from different places have will surely improve your chances of getting a very good application. 

Adding so many benefits, outsourcing mobile app development work also helps in saving yourself from the complexities of recruiting, hiring, and training people. Moreover, it helps you in utilizing your potential and resources in a better way.

6. Constant Support

One thing that every business person understands is that as soon as the project gets delivered embarks on new beginnings. This means that when you develop an application, it won’t be the end of your service. The client would always seek your help and support whenever the app stops working. In comparison with the in-house team, you get to enjoy constant support from your offshore team. 

Struggling to Find the Right Outsourcing Agencies? Try SuperSourcing!

There are times and cases when people struggle to find a good match. They fail to get a company that could understand their needs and develop an application adhering to all those needs. If you are struggling to find the right match for your application, you must try Supersourcing. It is the next-generation platform that helps match companies that can work together and fulfil each other’s needs. It is a platform that has given a boost to many IT brands.

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