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Andile Ngcaba Youtube Play

Andile Ngcaba

Chairman at Convergence Partners Investments

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Co Founder 4Thought Global

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Stephen Ngala

CTO at Inq Digital

client Shubhramnyam Kasibhat Youtube Play

Shubhramnyam Kasibhat

Founder of Vegam

Pramod Venkatesh Youtube Play

Pramod Venkatesh

Group CTO at INQ

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Tarun Adani

Co-founder of One More Light

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Abhishek Dubey

Founder & CEO of Muskan Dreams

client Rihen Ajmera Youtube Play

Rihen Ajmera

Founder of AraFrames

tunde Dada Youtube Play

Tunde Dada

Group Head IT BCM at INQ Digital

client Baxolile Mabinya Youtube Play

Baxolile Mabinya

Founder of Deviare

client Akshay Pruthi Youtube Play

Akshay Pruthi

Founder of Calm Sleep

client Lakshmikant Singh Youtube Play

Lakshmikant Singh

Founder at MOKI

client Rupam Gogoi Youtube Play

Rupam Gogoi

Founder at Needle Innovision

client Evans Kachusha Youtube Play

Evans Kachusha

BDO at Inq Digital

client Mohamed Meman Youtube Play

Mohamed Meman

CEO of Payload

client danny schwartz Youtube Play

Danny Schwartz

Founder at Showground

Hire the top 1% of iOS Developers

Punit G

Punit G

iOS Developer

10+ years experience Full-time availability

Verified Skills

check Swift - 10 yrs | Expert
check Objective - C - 3 yrs | Advanced

Other Skills

SOAP REST SQL CSS Reactive Swift +3
Suresh K

Suresh K

iOS Developer

5+ years experience Full-time availability

Verified Skills

check iOS SDK - 5 yrs | Expert
check iOS SDK - 5 yrs | Expert

Other Skills

Java REST Objective - C React Native +3
Vishal V

Vishal V

iOS Developer

9+ years experience Full-time availability

Verified Skills

check Swift - 9 yrs | Expert
check Objective C - 4 yrs | Expert

Other Skills

React REST API SOAP Testing Java Script +3
Nikunj L

Nikunj L

iOS Developer

6+ years experience Full-time availability

Verified Skills

check REST - 6 yrs | Advanced
check Swift - 6 yrs | Expert

Other Skills

JavaScript SOAP React Objective - C +3
Puneet B

Puneet B

iOS Developer

7+ years experience Full-time availability

Verified Skills

check REST - 6 yrs | Expert
check iOS SDK - 6 yrs | Expert

Other Skills

Kotlin React Native Docker modeling Javascript 8 +3
Hitesh V

Hitesh V

iOS Developer

9+ years experience Full-time availability

Verified Skills

check Flutter - 3 yrs | Expert
check Switft - 7 yrs | Expert

Other Skills

UNIX PRPC Business Rules Engine (BRE) +3

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From food to FinTech, thousands of companies use Supersourcing to hire, scale and grow faster.

Developing Complex Applications

iOS Web Development

A good iOS developer understands users' specific needs and requirements and translates them into code that can be implemented on the app using Swift, Objective-C, and Xcode.

Establishing MVC Architecture

iOS App Maintenance

Maintaining a mobile application is the most common task of an iOS developer, along with fixing bugs, adding features, and ensuring everything works properly.

Mobile App Development

iOS App Support

Testing using languages like Objective-C, Swift, and C++ is key to being an iOS Developer since your application must be functional, easy to use, and reliable before releasing into the marketplace.

Creating Templates


iOS developers also support their users. This can include answering questions about how to use the app or troubleshooting problems. They are responsible for updating the app with new features or bug fixes.

Developing Complex Applications

Front-End Development

Hire iOS developers who ensure their code fits within the conventions of the larger development community, which includes following established best practices and using third-party libraries where appropriate.

Establishing MVC Architecture

Performance Optimization

Hire iOS app developers who use Xcode, Cocoa Code Editor, Interface Builder, and Instruments to optimize your app and take advantage of features such as push notifications and background refresh.

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Firstly, we understand their technical knowledge through Mettl & HackerEarth. Secondly, we manually verify all data points through different sources to ensure the highest quality of talent.

We don't work with freelancers. We work with developers who are looking for full-time work but at different organisations. The verification interview is also done to ensure seamless compatibility with different companies.

Monthly to yearly, we have different options that companies can choose from.

We assign every company an account manager. Please do reach out to your point of contact to add and remove developers as per requirement.

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iOS Developers

What is iOS?

iOS (iPhone Operating System) is a mobile operating system created and developed by Apple Inc. exclusively for its hardware. It is the operating system that powers many of the company's mobile devices, including the iPhone and iPod Touch. It is the second most popular mobile operating system globally after Android. iOS is known for its user-friendly interface and strong developer community. It provides a wide range of features and capabilities, including support for apps, music, and other multimedia content, as well as features like Siri, a personal assistant that uses voice recognition to perform tasks.

Why Choose iOS for App Development?

iOS has a remarkable fan base of its own. Its users claim that once you feel how dynamic the experience is with iOS, you will not look for other alternatives.

There are several reasons why you might choose to develop an app for iOS:

  • Large and engaged user base

    iOS has a large and highly engaged user base, which means that if you are able to successfully launch your app on the App Store, you have the potential to reach a large audience.

  • High revenue potential

    In general, iOS users are willing to spend more money on apps and in-app purchases than Android users, which means that you have the potential to generate more revenue by developing for iOS.

  • Easy to use development tools

    Apple provides easy-to-use development tools for iOS, such as Xcode, which makes it relatively simple for developers to build and test apps.

  • Strong developer community

    There is a large and active community of iOS developers, which means that you can find help and support when you need it.

  • Consistent user experience

    Because all iOS devices use the same operating system, you can be confident that your app will have a consistent user experience across all devices.

Since iOS has a market of its own, businesses, especially, can reap the benefits of iOS like no other.

Why Hire iOS App Developers?

iOS developers are in charge of developing apps for Apple devices. This includes the iPhone, the iPad, Apple Watch, and all other devices representing the Apple ecosystem.

An iOS developer produces code and works on the UI, manages the apps, modifies them for changing device models, and tests and solves any errors that arise.

Nowadays, businesses prefer to work with iOS owing to the robustness, capability, and security it provides. This has created a higher demand for iOS developers. Here are some of the top reasons to hire them:

  • iOS developers offer better technical expertise to scale your business
  • iOS customization and management are not possible without iOS developers
  • If your competitors are switching to iOS, you need iOS developers to stay in the game
  • iOS app development adheres to certain guidelines; only an iOS developer can handle these.
  • Security is a by-product of iOS; without a developer, you cannot secure your business

How to Hire iOS Developers?

If you are trying to cater to iOS users, you have to make sure that you offer a unique and outstanding experience to the users. To build a robust and user-friendly iOS application for your target users, you have to ensure an efficient project management environment, an effective IT infrastructure & architecture, a to-the-point list of all the project/app requirements, an agile development approach, and last but not the least, a talented and skilled iOS development team. Your iOS Developer will need to undertake important tasks pertaining to defining app requirements, taking key decisions on setting the architecture right, formulating an efficient development approach, developing the iOS application, reviewing and testing functionality, and deploying the application to the App Stores. To fill a role that will have to undertake so many responsibilities, you need to be thorough with your interview process before you make a final choice.

  • Requirement

    Before you set out to hire iOS developers, you must first be clear with your requirements. If you are unsure of the needs of your team, hiring iOS developers can be quite difficult.

  • Building a profile

    Once your requirements are ready, create an ideal profile that matches your needs. This profile should include the right expertise and skills.

  • Skills

    An ideal iOS developer should be proficient with the latest technologies and be well-versed in Swift, Xcode, Cocoa Touch, UIKit, Core Data framework, etc.

  • Start looking

    Now that you're aware of your requirements and have an ideal profile with the right skills, you can start searching for an iOS developer that matches the profile and has the right skills.

The List of Skill Set for iOS Developers

iOS Developers will need to take up multiple significant tasks, from building your iOS application to testing and improving it. They have to make sure that your iOS application runs seamlessly on iOS mobile devices and also aligns with your business goals and requirements.

Hence, you need to look for an iOS developer who has an impeccable grasp and in-depth understanding of the iOS operating system and how it works on different Apple devices i.e., iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Apple Watch, and more.

Following are the Technical Skills every good iOS Developer should have:

  • Swift 3.0

    The most powerful programming language for iOS application development. It owes its popularity to being an object-oriented programming language and developers trust Swift because it has been developed by Apple itself. All iOS developers should have in-depth knowledge and experience with building applications with Swift for all Apple platforms, i.e., iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS. This language is fast, secure, and stable enabling iOS developers to build responsive applications.

  • Xcode IDE

    The XCode Integrated Development Environment comes with tools and essentials that help every iOS developer with programming, along with tools that enable automation, debugging, and compiling. Your iOS Developer should be efficient in using and leveraging the XCode IDE to make the development and deployment process faster, easier, and more efficient. It will not only help reduce development time but also reduce iOS development costs. Hence, make sure to look for Xcode proficiency in the skillset of the resumes you decide to interview.

  • Core data

    Core Data is the backbone for data-driven iOS applications that simplifies model objects and the relationships between them. With Core Data, your iOS developer will not have to take the burden of performing routine tasks in object life cycle management and object graph management. The iOS developer you hire must be able to use Core Data to reduce the amount of coding required and build customer-focused iOS applications. Core data also enables automatic schema mirroring when syncing with multiple devices.

  • Unit Testing

    Unit Testing helps determine how well your application is working. Unit tests are usually run immediately after your code is developed or new changes to the code are implemented with the purpose of identifying bugs/issues as early in the development process as possible. Knowledge of Unit Testing is a must for iOS developers so that they can test the validity of each and every app feature. Hire iOS developers who are able to check every feature of the app individually to ensure that the app is generating the desired results.

  • UI/UX Design

    Just like the coding of your iOS application matters, the aesthetic elements in the UI of your application also play an important role in the success of your app. Hence, it is important for your iOS developer to have experience with and knowledge of UI/UX design. Having a clear idea about design concepts and best practices will help iOS developers deliver visually-pleasing applications with a seamless UX.

  • Storyboarding

    Storyboarding refers to representing an iOS app in diagrams to show the UI screens and how the UI screens and components are connected to each other. Every storyboard scene has a controller associated with a view. A good iOS developer should be acquainted with storyboarding because it helps you visually represent how your app will look and how the user flow works. Hence, it is important that you look for storyboarding experience and also ask storyboarding-related questions to the candidates you’re interviewing.

Most Popular iOS Frameworks

More businesses are investing in iOS application development with the objective to monetize the solution they are offering, as the number of iOS users is increasing every day. The United States alone is home to 100 Million iPhone users already. As more innovative apps are being designed, there is a rising need for robust iOS development frameworks to help iOS developers build applications that stand out and improve ROI. The most popular iOS frameworks come with sub-components such as code libraries, toolsets, interfaces, and debuggers. Here’s a list of the most popular iOS frameworks in 2022.

  • React Native

    React Native has been a popular framework for iOS development for decades now and its popularity is only increasing with time. With React Native, iOS developers can build high-performance applications in short development cycles. With features such as reusable components, declarative API for predictive UI, compatibility with third-party applications, and cross-platform support, React Native ensures a faster time-to-market. iOS developers can also use a single codebase for multiple platforms by creating platform-specific versions of all the components.

  • Adobe PhoneGap

    Adobe PhoneGap is an open-source iOS development framework that allows developers to build seamless applications for Android, Blackberry, Mac OS, Windows, and also Firefox OS. The collaboration feature of this framework enables a team of developers to work on any iOS development project together using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, enabling cross-platform development. Some major benefits of this platform would include flexibility, a faster development process, a robust backend, and compatibility with multiple platforms.

  • Ionic

    Ionic, built with Apache Cordova and Angular is one of the most popular development frameworks globally helping developers build robust applications for iOS, Android, & also Windows. Hence, Ionic enables cross-platform mobile application development i.e., applications that can run smoothly across both iOS and Android. Ionic makes iOS development easier with dynamic features with built-in UI components, such as list views, forms, filters, action sheets, and more.

  • Swiftic

    Swiftic is considered to be one of the best iOS development frameworks that come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, along with a 6-months of success guarantee. This is an iOS-embedded framework that comes with dynamic features to support push notifications, app marketing & promotion, social media integration, and more. Swiftic is also a developer-friendly language which makes it easy to learn and adapt to.

Cost of Hiring iOS Developers

iOS app development has been flourishing in recent years. The demand for iOS developers has skyrocketed, and so has the cost. Here are the typical rates for hiring iOS developers:

Country Salary
US $115,846/year
UK £57,351/year
India ₹6,68,193 - ₹19,68,193/year

If you're looking for a remote iOS developer, they charge

Country Salary
US $38 - $78/hour
UK £38 - £70/hour
India ₹2500 - ₹5000/hour

Questions to ask While Hiring iOS Developers

1. What framework do you use to build an application's user interface for iOS?

I use Cocoa Touch, UIKit, and SwiftUI to build the UI of iOS applications. The UiKit framework is my first choice as it provides the exact infrastructure an iOS developer needs to build your iOS applications. The Window and the View Architecture help implement the UI, event handling, and more, to deliver Multi-touch and multiple input types for your iOS application. UiKit also provides robust support for animation, document, test management, drawing, printing, display, search, and more.

2. How do you prioritize usability in design?

I prioritize based on the severity of the issue; if it is critical, that will be my top priority. But to discuss the same in detail, UX roadmapping is done in five prioritization methods, i.e., Impact-Effort Matrix, Feasibility, Desirability, & Viability Score Card, RICE Method, MoSCoW Analysis, and Kano Model. Different prioritization methods are implemented for different ‘items’. These specific methods help make important decisions based on objective and subjective opinions.

3. What are some of the main advantages of Swift?

Swift is fast, easier to manage, easier to read, has a concise code structure, and is more secure. Swift comes with multiple functionalities like closures, type inference, generics, and more. It comes with a set of features both from C and Objective-C without the need for complex built-in C compatibility. The main advantages of using Swift for iOS Development are as follows:

  • Seamless Readability

    Swift comes with a simple and clean syntax which makes coding easy for your developers and also ensures that the code is easily readable. As compared to Objective-C, for Swift your developers will need to write significantly fewer lines of code. Swift code is also mostly written in simple English. Hence, developers won’t have to waste too much time trying to look for complex coding commands.

  • Robust Maintenance

    To evolve and update Objective-C, your developers will first need to evolve C first. These dependencies are completely eliminated by Swift for iOS application development. Hence, code maintenance is easier and more efficient. There is no need for two files with Swift as with C and Objective-C. Hence, the code development time reduces while code efficiency improves remarkably.

  • Secure Platform

    With the mobile app market being highly competitive, security should be the first priority no matter what mobile app you’re building. The syntax and language offered by Swift eliminate the risks involved in using Objective-C. Swift ensures stability and reduces the possibility of unprecedented glitches and helps developers make fewer coding mistakes.

4. Explain different types of iOS Application States

The types of iOS application states are Not running, Inactive, Background, Active, and Suspended state. In the Inactive State, your app runs in the foreground without getting events, but it can implement other code. An app is in the Inactive state for as long as it is in an Alternate State. In the Active State, the app runs in the foreground and starts to accept events. In the Background State, the app is executing code and can stay in this state for the timeframe required. In the Suspended State, the app is in the background and not executing code, while staying in the memory.

5. Which JSON framework is supported by iOS?

The SBJson framework is a lightweight, easy-to-read, easy-to-write data-exchange format supported by iOS. The popularity of SBJson is large because of highly flexible APIs and the control it gives to developers helping them manage JSON more efficiently. SbJson is also adaptable allowing APIs to work in multiple ways. When writing code for Objective-C apps, SBJson makes coding with JSON easier.

6. What is an ABI?

ABI refers to Application Binary Interface. It defines how applications can communicate with compiled binaries. ABI’s go one level deeper as compared to APIs but one level lower than developers writing code. Developers use Swift to write code and send computer instructions. Computers will perform the given instructions but iPhones & Macs are all binary. Hence,e it is important to compile code for computers to understand and perform the instructions your developers have written. When the compiled code needs to interact with another compiled code, it needs a Binary Interface. The point where this interaction occurs is the ABI.

FAQs About Hiring iOS developers

1. What does an iOS developer do?

An iOS developer creates, tests, and improves mobile applications that adhere to the objectives and standards of their employer or customer for devices running Apple's iOS operating system. They must be well-versed in iOS and how it interacts with various Apple products, including the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV, and be able to customise their applications to the needs of their company or client.

2. What qualifications are required to work as an iOS developer?

  • The Swift 4 and above programming language
  • Apple's Xcode IDE
  • Spatial Reasoning
  • Design Guidelines
  • UI and UX design experience
  • Apple Human Interface Guidelines
  • Networking
  • Core data and core animation

3. Is iOS developer a good career?

Being an iOS developer has several benefits, including strong demand, competitive pay, and creatively demanding work that enables you to participate in a range of projects. Numerous tech industries are experiencing a skills crisis, and Developers are particularly affected.

4. Are iOS developers in demand?

iOS developers that create apps for Apple devices are in high demand as more businesses adopt a mobile-first strategy. Talent shortages result in high wages and a big number of available developer opportunities for many in the industry.

5. How much time does it take to become an iOS developer?

Getting a firm grasp of iOS coding takes three to twelve months. However, if you choose to pursue a bachelor's degree, it can take up to four years. The level of technological expertise you now have is another aspect that will affect your timeframe.

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