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April 23, 2021

Top Indian Food Delivery App Development Companies

food delivery app development companies
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In recent years, India has emerged as a startup hub. Convenience is at the heart of all such startups, and several mobile development companies have emerged. Hence, these food delivery app development companies simplify the lives of users. While such companies come up with different kinds of apps, food delivery apps remain the most popular. The food delivery market is projected to hit USD 8 billion in India by 2022. Such is the popularity of food delivery apps that there are hundreds of development firms offerings such apps.  As a result, it a Herculean task for you to identify the best.

Major Parameters To Consider While Selecting Food Delivery App Development Companies

1. Work Experience

It is a fact that food delivery app development companies that have existed for a long time are more professional in deadlines. When you invest in an application to drive your business, you cannot wait for long, which is why this parameter is of utmost importance.  An experienced apps development company is more likely to have an in-country location of resources and offer better post-go-live services.

2. Diverse Range of Work

Spend time studying the portfolio of the different android development companies that you are considering. Doing so will give you an idea of the type of app created, technologies covered, and industries served. Try to opt for a firm that has diverse experience in the world of food delivery app development.

3. Detailed Development Methodology

Spend time evaluating the approach that the firms take to your app development project. Therefore, choose a firm that offers you a detailed plan of action for all the six stages of the software development life cycle.

Best Food Delivery App Development Companies

Here is a list of some of the best food delivery app development companies. food delivery app development companies

  1. EngineerBabu
  3. Xicom Technologies
  4. Indglobal
  5. WeDigTech
  6. Brainium IT
  7. Enuke Software
  8. Peerbits

Native Android App Development – The Smart Choice?

Yes, React Native is the best option for food delivery app development companies. However, the main advantage of choosing React Native is that you can deploy the app that you created for the Android platform on iOS. That way, you do away with the hassle and inconvenience of having to develop two mobile applications. For India, where internet penetration is still far from ideal, there may be situations wherein the application user loses internet connectivity while using the app. With native android app development, you can ensure that the app will continue to work even with limited connectivity. Further, Native is known to do away with unnecessary bugs and deliver excellent performance without any clashes. As these will build on UI/UX guidelines, you can expect a seamless user experience.

Perks of Custom Android App Development

food delivery app development

1. Better Business Security

In custom app development, a mobile application is built from a scratch exclusively for your business. Therefore, your competitors will not have any clue about its architecture, and that gives you better business security. If there are no known vulnerabilities in your app, it is less prone to attacks by hackers.

2. End-to-End Cost Coverage

While it may look like the cost of a custom food delivery mobile app is higher than readymade ones. At first sight, the fact is that these are more effective in the long run. Firstly, in custom apps, you do not have to pay for installation, data porting, workforce training, and after-sales support. As these are usually included in the quoted amount.  Moreover, here you pay only for the features you ask for, and there is no need to invest in the recurring licensing cost of off-the-shelf features.

3. Efficient Technical Support

In custom android app development, you will have a reliable development team dedicated to your product development. Since such people are dedicated to your task, you can expect prompt issue resolution from them.

Outsourcing To An Apps Development Company

By now, you are well equipped and know what to look for in a developer who will create your food delivery app for the restaurant ordering business. Therefore, if you are looking for the best food delivery app development companies, you can go forward and work with Supersourcing. This platform offers a range of outsourcing services and can help you find a reliable food app development company to work with!

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