The most suitable roadmap to create a successful software startup is to have an IDEA! Until you have an appropriate idea, you cannot start a business & then you must have SaaS Startup ideas. And there are millions of people who have an idea but are not able to execute it because of different reasons. There are almost infinite responsible reasons- either they don’t have financial capability or they lack leadership qualities or they just don’t know how to proceed to implement Social Media App Ideas. 
The current era has reinforced the definition of social media as one that refers to social media app ideas made online. The secret behind the popularity of such apps is the freedom they give to Gen Z. They can share their thoughts, dreams, and success with the rest of the world.
As the social media app ideas market is growing leaps-n-bounds, being an entrepreneur, you cannot miss the opportunity to be a part of this rapidly growing market. If you’re wondering how you can create a social networking app that can attract more users, then don’t worry. Here, we have prepared a list of high-end SaaS startup ideas that can be a clear business idea for social media to attract Gen Z.

Top Viral Social Media App Ideas

1. Online News Reporter

Social media can be a great way to share local news updates to start a website or even newspaper in your local community. It can be one of the wonderful social media app ideas to build a great market reach.

2. Social Conversion App for Google Analytics

This social media app idea is to connect Analytics with Facebook and Twitter, it allows easy analysis of what’s working better and what’s not.

3. Bookmarking Networks

Users love discovering the content of other users, and it is even more useful if they can save it. Such apps can be a one of the top SaaS startup ideas and attract users to spend more time in the app.

4. News Apps

News websites provide users with the latest news, and video streaming is quite popular. However, websites lack speedy access, but mobile applications can discard such issues and attract news lovers.

5. Networks for Consumer Reviews

When users’ lookout for reviews on businesses, the consumer reviews will be a great insight. It can be one of the top social media app ideas for users to build a wide network. 

6. Criminality App

This application could connect people if the crime occurs or any criminal escapes. You can write it in your application, describe it, and, subsequently, people who are nearby will receive a notification. It could also work with fires and disasters, and can be a great source of information sharing to the society all over.

7. Facebook Pages Directory with Fan Stats

A public directory Facebook Fan Page provides detailed information about the Fan’s, such as what the fan’s are doing, who share or spread page messages via these pages/organizations.

8. Connect Young Scientists and Business-Minds

As the kids are dreaming big at young ages, it is a great SaaS idea to connect young and like minds to make them communicate and learn something unique daily.

9. Social IT

Where all people are interested in one thing IT – developers, projects, interesting ideas, jobs in IT, etc. where they can share their experiences, ask and answer questions about problems, and many other activities.

10. Find Buddies for Sports and Outdoor Activities

The app will help you to find people in your area who are involved in planning/organizing sports in their locality.

11. Song Lyrics with Karaoke Maker

A song is played in the background along with lyrics on screen so that the user can read lyrics and sing with the singer perfectly and records audio and video at the same time.


Such kinds of apps are high in demand among Gen-Z and people who like to socialize a lot. Thus, these SaaS startup ideas for the social media industry will prove to be a brilliant business idea. Select any of the Social Media App ideas and do brainstorming with the right development agency.
Don’t worry, we can help you to land with the right development agency. Just share your brief business idea along with some other details and you can easily connect with loads of social media app development expert agencies options. You are at the right place and we are here to assist you in building a good business at less time and budget.