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July 22, 2022

Benefits of Using MERN Stack for Web Application Development

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When you decide to develop a web application, a lot needs to be considered from the beginning to the end. Choosing the right platform and technology are some of the few decisions you must make. With its open-source components and easy learning curve, MERN stack web development is often a preferred choice.

It helps create an application that’s reliable, scalable, and flexible enough to accommodate customizations. MERN stack comes with frameworks, databases, and libraries to reduce expenditure and enhance your application’s performance. Understand the benefits of the MERN stack framework before choosing it for your next project. 

  • Open-Source Technology

MERN is an open-source code that’s being constantly improved by tech experts worldwide. Every component of the MERN is available for free. Therefore, you can use it to create solid web applications. 

For instance, ReactJS is a JavaScript library for creating interactive user interfaces. It becomes easier to build large apps where data keeps changing over time. Frameworks like these improve the efficiency of the development process and help you create advanced apps within a short span. 

Open-source technology includes no vendor lock-in. If you wish to move on or modify something after a point, you won’t need to undergo any hassle. There won’t be any charge or elaborate process to opt out of using the framework. 

  • Faster Development

The MERN stack framework relies on open-source technology and eliminates the need for creating everything from scratch. For instance, you wish to create a blogging platform. But someone has already developed a popular framework like WordPress.

You only need to pay detailed attention to the setup instructions and personalize them as per requirements. The plug-and-play approach helps you gain an edge over prominent companies that don’t understand or don’t care about the emerging platforms. 

The bigger the companies are, the higher will be the chances of them sticking with proven solutions. With rapid development in projects, companies are able to save more. Hiring MERN developers on an hourly model is becoming more and more affordable with time.

  • Availability of Free Templates

Developers come across free templates on the internet pretty easily. The templates cut short the development process considerably. It usually takes at least three times more time to customize a theme than to download a ready-made solution. 

You will also get help from expert developers in case you face issues during the application development process. Many platforms have online communities for posting questions and getting immediate feedback on codes. It becomes easier to learn with experts to assist during each step of the development process.

  • Full-Stack Development

MERN full-stack development approach implies that you will have to build the frontend as well as backend components of your application. The approach borrows principles from software engineering and UI design. 

The approach has become increasingly popular among startups because of the cost-saving factor. Startups don’t have to hire separate frontend and backend developers for the same project.

  • Ease of Use

The MERN stack technology is extremely well-documented. Therefore, the deployment process becomes simple and easy. Even beginners learning web development find it easy to learn and comprehend the MERN stack framework.

Developers often find it difficult to understand which tools are worth learning about because there are so many. But the minimalist nature of the MERN model often encourages developers to learn it. Due to fewer moving parts, developers can learn them more effectively without getting overwhelmed.

Anyone who is getting started with web development should opt for a MERN stack app. It provides access to the introductory part of web application development without delving into the critical concepts too soon.

Once you master the MERN components, you will find it easy to acquire knowledge about additional features and switch out components as per requirements.

  • Native Experience for Users

Native applications are stranger and more secure. They offer a more compelling experience to users. Mobile apps are usually built on top of hybrid frameworks such as Ionic or React Native.

The remarkable frameworks run on web technologies offering deep integration with devices. Any mobile app built on MERN utilizes native features like camera access. They can seamlessly sync data between online and offline modes within an application.

It becomes easier to monetize an app, and users spend less time focusing on things that can get the apps working. Instead, they devote time to features that can help create real value. 

  • Excellent Community Support

The MERN stack development technologies are backed by robust community support. It becomes easier to find answers to all technical questions. If you are unsure how something functions, you can always get answers from someone who has already encountered and resolved similar issues.

It increases the development speed and allows developers to release products at a cheaper rate than other stacks. The popularity of NodeJS is an added advantage for MERN stack developers. Several developers already come with experience in JavaScript, while frontend engineers have ideas about HTML5 and CSS.

Parting Thoughts

The MERN stack is a new framework in web development. It comes with tools like MongoDB, Express, ReactJS, and NodeJS. All the components form a powerful combination and eliminate the pain of writing web applications. 

The modular nature of the framework is its most considerable armor. Developers can use individual components of the MERN model in isolation. But developers can also use the four components together to create more innovative solutions.

The MERN model is extremely flexible and allows you to create a custom solution tailored to your needs. The scalability of the system is another reason behind its popularity. But even if someone is not looking forward to an expansion. MERN can still prove to be a productive tool for them.

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