Salesforce Automation helps organizations track the path their customers follow. It can assist you with adequately monitoring and tracking your sales and marketing stages, and streamlines the workflow of each employee in the
organization. But, it is only possible when you’re using the Salesforce automation platform to its fullest.

In contrast to that, most of the organizations use salesforce to address one or a few specific needs and fail to completely explore the different ways it could assist them in business automation processes, integrating with
other software applications or optimize the employees’ activity tracking within the teams and other teams as well.

As it can be identified from salesforce implementation in the organization, that salesforce automation has the ability to take the organization to a new level. If the platform is exercised accurately, it can give incredible
results to businesses with the least effort, good profit, and maximum Return on Investment. However, it may give negative results, if its basic concepts are misunderstood. Then it will completely give a different dimension
to the business, which may lead to negative results, and mismanagement in execution.

This could be the reason which gives a negative perception among businesses and may lead to myths about salesforce automation. So, without much ado, let’s dive in and debunk the salesforce automation myths that exist, and
take you to set up a successful business.

Debunk Common Myths About Salesforce Automation

1. Salesforce Automation Cloud will Improve Business Instantly

Like any CRM solution, the salesforce automation cloud services are not like any plug-and-play application that is completely usable instantly. Salesforce automation cloud should be set up precariously and for each client
individually to make it run effortlessly. It provides ready-to-use features as well, that you can start using instantly.

In addition to that, to exercise all the advantages of the Salesforce automation cloud, we suggest you take some time to set it up properly before you start using the platform. Eventually, your business can experience benefits
from different dashboards and reports, optimize workflow to boost efficiency, and use predictive tools.

2. It is Only a Tool for Marketing People

It is yet another most common myth about salesforce automation is that this platform is meant only for market business and enhances the process involved in marketing automation. As a result, the marketing team has to put a lot
of effort and time to streamline the working of the system.

As a matter of fact; it is a myth. Undoubtedly, this platform solution is to ease the work of marketers, in addition to that it works brilliantly for sales staff too, to find the basic level of the whole system.

3. Suitable for Large Organizations Only

Businesses, whether they are small or large, all require to attain the same result i.e.,

  • Details about their customers,
  • Deliver best customer experience or services, and
  • Efficient service process.

Suppose, implementing salesforce CRM on a small business. The tool provides easy and quick access to all information and provides detailed insights that help businesses to understand and support customers, and also enhances the
overall business workflow. The salesforce automation of a small company can provide exceptional services. That support the company to manage its growth and keep track of critical metrics.

The salesforce CRM minimizes the repetitive and manual business processes and saves time to dedicate it to other valuable tasks. Hence, the salesforce implementation doesn’t rely on the size of the organization whether it is for
small or large, all sizes of companies can be benefitted. The only thing is to find the most suitable salesforce module that fulfills your business needs.

4. Complex and Difficult to Use Properly

Usually, a lot of employees and managers interpret salesforce automation as quite difficult platform to catch up with, thus it leaves a wide scope of human error. But, as we learned about the
salesforce implementation
in the previous blog, it eliminates most of the human error chances.

CRM platforms are becoming highly competitive. In a span of decades, all these platforms have evolved a lot and gradually became very user-friendly to beat the market competition. Now, the salesforce flexibility and simple
interface have become a new norm in the market.

Well, the salesforce services can be learned in small fragments or stages. As the team becomes efficient with the basic features and functionality of the platform, then moves ahead with other complicated functionalities.

As a matter of fact, some CRMs are comparatively more complex than others. Thus, it is suggested initially let your team run multiple trials before finalizing the salesforce implementation decision.

5. Manage Salesforce with a Dedicated Team

For most companies, having a dedicated team is an out-of-the-box thing for implementing salesforce automation. Well, it is quite obvious and undeniable. The organizations can use salesforce to minimize the management cost, which
is usually required to automate workflow and processes. In order to keep your approvals moving, contact updated, and things working properly, you require to dedicate a small amount of employees time to salesforce management.

However, if you like to scale up your maintenance at the top, you can look to hire a consulting service provider to manage salesforce automation for your business. Evidently, these consulting firms are quite an economical way to
handle your salesforce data and cloud, without majorly affecting your business’s budget.

6. Salesforce Automation Limits Creativity

It is another myth about salesforce automation, that there are many repetitive activities that hamper creativity and idea generation. It is completely a myth about salesforce. Whereas, mobile salesforce automation solutions are
tuning out to be an ideal solution for augmented creativity.

With this, users can create or design multiple templates for forms, emails, surveys, etc. In addition to that, you can use multiple technologies and functionalities that can enhance creativity. Overall, you can simply debunk the
limited creativity myth, as it opens the multiple doors that would be well opened for the end-users.

7. Salesforce Automation Supports Only Large Corporations

Small businesses also require automation as large organizations, likewise, small businesses also need salesforce CRM implementation just as much as big corporations. Coincidentally, many CRMs work well for small businesses as
compared to big ones.

If you are a startup, then look for a scalable CRM solution
, like salesforce. Your business requires such a solution that fulfills current needs and expands business requirements whenever needed.

Salesforce supports data customization, as businesses need to access valuable data. However, small businesses are not loaded with too much data. Unmanaged data is no less than having inappropriate information. However, if you
know what to look for and your team can implement CRM trials, then you can easily find the most perfect solution that fulfills your business needs.

8. Salesforce Task is Done After the Transaction is Complete

The cost of drawing in new customers is higher than the cost of retaining the current ones. Find customers to help them with benefiting from the purchased products. By keeping up an open conversation, you can introduce brand
leaders who will bestow your items and content to their corporation in the form of cross-selling or up-selling.

Use Salesforce automation services

to make after-sales marketing practices and train them similarly as required. The choices are limitless. Salesforce is a significant investment for any organization. So, defining your business objectives and how Salesforce
Marketing Cloud adds to them is the major decision advantage.

9. Requires Good Tech Knowledge and Doesn’t Support All Businesses

At the point when Salesforce began, one of the primary objectives was to let clients have the option to alter their framework. They perceived the ability expected to run most business programming and chose to make a genuinely
new thing. What requires a very long time to learn can be handled or learned in months.

A typical confusion is that Salesforce is just useful for Sales or Service Industries. Be that as it may, this essentially isn’t true. Salesforce has extended contributions to incorporate centered ventures, for example,
Financial Services, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Retail, Manufacturing, Communications, Media, Government, Automotive, Higher Education, and Nonprofit.

10. Salesforce Replaces your Current Sales Team

At the point when you decide to implement salesforce automation, “eliminate the old version, with the new version,” it is a method for augmenting and reinforcing what you have set up. An external sales team gets successful
processes, focused training and coaching. It also incorporates a sales and marketing system to work with your group.

Ordinarily, your present team is extraordinary at getting leads or closing deals. However, you still need training and resources to fill in the other side of the pipeline. With the right outsourcing sales supplier, your sales
and advertising enhances and built to scale.


Debunking these salesforce automation myths gives you a clear perspective of whether outsourcing is appropriate for your business. The next stage is tracking down the right business accomplice to work with you to assemble an
effective sales and marketing team.

To stand out in the competitive market, salesforce automation is no less than a necessity for any business. A good number of businesses majorly relies on sales and customer relationship management.

Thus, salesforce automation software can reduce a huge number of squandered work hours while improving productivity by multiple folds. On the off chance that you want your business to remain in the market against stiff

salesforce automation services are the appropriate solution. Look for the best
salesforce service provider
and take your business to a new level.


1. Why is my Salesforce Automation failing?

The most prominent and evident reason for salesforce automation failures is interpret as low user acceptance. It could have arisen due to some possible factors such as the interference of ongoing sales routines. Taking the
salesforce system as the micromanagement tool, dissimilarity in salesforce automation and systems managerial expectations, and improper system management as perceived by the salesforce.

2. What are the features of Salesforce Automation?

Contact management, Pipeline management, Task management, Team Collaboration, Cloud App Integration, and Salesforce Automation Customization are some of the common features of Salesforce.

3. Why is Salesforce Automation important?

Salesforce automation offers numerous benefits, which makes it a mandatory choice for business. Some of its benefits include increase in accuracy, sales teams can use their time more efficiently, monitor all no lead not get
sidelined, boost employee engagement and retention,  minimize the cost of workforce resources, allow instant response, and many more. Check out the
10 reasons to choose salesforce CRM for your business.