The CRM market is growing, and proposing a wide scope of CRM solutions on rise. Thus, it is becoming difficult for businesses to settle on the best CRM stage or choose the most appropriate one to fulfil their business needs. Evidently, the many small and medium sized organizations, managers go through a delayed dilemma whether implementing a Salesforce CRM for your business would be worth the expenses and efforts or not.

While making such decisions for your business, there are many questions that you should seek answers for first. For every business, the client is the priority and the foundation of any business. Automated sales permits you to continue making new clients and generate more revenue from your existing clients. The best salesforce software automation has the ability to minimize the number of people leaving the services because of its high level management constraints.

In addition to that, to yield the most from Salesforce CRM for your business, you need to reach out to consulting partners that can help you to customize to your business needs. Here are the top 10 reasons why you should choose salesforce CRM for your business.

Why Should You Choose Salesforce CRM for your Business?

1. Access Customer Information

One of the major business benefits of integrating Salesforce CRM for your business is that it easily provides a pool of relevant customer information. With Salesforce CRM, you can get individual lead accounts details, such as their tasks, contact, and when you earlier approached them.

Salesforce permits you to monitor your prospect clients to keep up with your ideal customer profile. Generally, the customer details and profile are kept at a secured place from where you can monitor any lead and can check its status updates as well. You can also find the assigned representatives details, which provide you an all elaborated image of your business growth.

2. Smart Collaboration

Salesforce Integration provides a platform for smart collaboration to share expertise and experiences of agents that turns out to be valuable for others in critical time. Agents can use the platform for report sharing and communicating to empower each other to have discussion over a problem and find the appropriate solution.

It also makes it quite easier for the service managers to evaluate and track the team members’ performance without looking and waiting for any customer feedback instantly.

3. Increases Productivity

The agents and employees of small and medium sized companies can work from anywhere with the Salesforce CRM. Easy and convenient administration helps in increasing agents/employees productivity and minimizes their overhead expenses. Salesforce CRM offers some very staff efficient features, such as milestone tracking, Email-to-case, skill based everyday practice, and service cloud allows employees/agents to respond instantly on any channel to the client.

4. Collaboration and Data Sharing

It is well known that people learn from past experiences; same is with companies and their employees. Thus, there are numerous occasions where being a manager you realize that your sales processes would have been much better, if the sales representative had a better understanding of whom they are communicating or the previous interactions your company had with that client.

The Salesforce automation system provides two significant solutions that work accurately under such situations. The first is to manage all business contacts details on a single Salesforce Cloud Solution that are accessible to all employees of the company. For instance, an employee may reach out to a prospect client and introduce their details into the cloud-based Salesforce CRM system. This allows the employee to note down some specific details they learned. Later on, when your employee calls for follow-up to that same prospect client, then based on that mentioned specification the salesperson can try to instantly build a  superior relationship with this contact and likely improve the chances of closing the deal.

5. Flexibility and Adaptability

Another important aspect of Salesforce CRM cloud implementation is its adaptability and flexibility. It tends to be one of the unique selling points of Salesforce. You can use the tool at any place and any time.

Salesforce is known for providing companies a protected cloud infrastructure that delivers extraordinary cloud solutions for each functional unit. Therefore, it doesn’t confine you to the existing and prepared layouts, processes, and workflows. In salesforce you can set objects based on your requirement and need arises.

6. Minimizes Sales, Marketing, and Services Cost

It becomes simple with salesforce to track which marketing campaigns are working and which aren’t. It helps to understand which ones are expensive, not useful or almost useless campaigns that are discarded to find the more worthwhile campaigning approaches. There are many expert companies for salesforce implementation. It helps to minimize the hard work and efforts required to run and track the campaign performance. It will also support companies to save money and improve overall productivity.

7. Mobile CRM

Salesforce CRM is one of the leading platforms to introduce portable CRM concepts. The mobile Salesforce CRM platform allows users to access information, track tasks, and team progress on your smartphone when they are on move or on leave.

Users can introduce engaging experiences for both their clients and remote employees. By using simplified drag-and-drop tools along with using the personal mobile phone platform.

Apart from that, when you have the Field Service Lightning Mobile App, it helps to resolve the issues quickly and instantly. Whereas, it also empowers your mobile team to finish the task at first glance only.

8. Use Social Media Platforms Effectively

Small companies can easily choose Salesforce CRM for their business. It will become feasible for you to respond to clients via multiple social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and others. However, by using right keywords, language identifiers, and classifiers, the employees/agents of the organization can easily find right and actionable posts. It requires assistance and can instantly offer some solutions or resolve the issues quickly by following the right approach.

9. Enhances Customer Satisfaction

Salesforce CRM supports businesses to help them enhance and deliver quality customer assistance and satisfaction by encountering live experience with the agent and customer. Additionally, can build customer relations by automatically enhancing the customer retention rate and increase your brand credibility too.

10. Increase Cross-Selling and Up-Selling Opportunities

In traditional mode of selling the major drawback while attempting for cross-selling or up-selling was majorly rely on who the customer is, and how the selling is being implemented. Ultimately, it leads the business to run over a risk of losing the existing customer relationship which gives an impression of high-pressure sales. It can forcefully try to influence customers which might they don’t want at present.

In contrast to that, using Salesforce CRM for your business will help to extract data and reports instantly. It could be about customers previous experiences, requirements, demographics, and other statistics. Hence, this will help to understand which customer might need any assistance or entertain their up-selling and cross selling. It might even appreciate that they were updated about such quality services at the right time.


Salesforce CRM for your business offers the necessary scalability and agility for building quality business solutions. Salesforce integrates smoothly for the present retailers whether it is for both B2B and B2C Customers.

Since the introduction of Salesforce in the market, it has helped different organizations in dealing with their clients and growth in a superior manner. In addition to this, if you are also looking for the best CRM solution for your business, then you can easily rely on implementing Salesforce in your organization. With its unique features, and automated marketing solutions, Salesforce focuses on delivering perfection, and starts delivering profits instantly.


1. Why do we choose Salesforce?

Salesforce is a very popular and feature packed CRM solution like no other CRM software offers. Its best business practices and ease of usage makes it quite popular among small, medium, to large scale companies. However, the major benefits are mentioned above in the article.

2. What is Salesforce and why do businesses use it?

Salesforce is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform preferred among a variety of organizations globally to ease their business processes. 

It helps your business in managing marketing, generating sales, commerce, and services. In addition to this, it allows IT teams to work as one from any location. In simple words, it is a business which helps you to keep your customers happy everywhere and every time.

3. How much does Salesforce Implementation cost?

Salesforce implementation costs can be somewhat around from $10,000 to $50,000 or more. It is solely based on the organization’s requirements and the level of implemented customizations in the software. You can take a glance over the variety of versions/modules salesforce has to offer to deliver different business needs, along with their prices. It will help you to analyze your business needs and the average expense it could cost to your business.