Initially, Android app development was the business of only the most academically brilliant programmer. However, with the emergence of no-code development, non-mobile developers can easily create an android app online without
coding seamlessly. Thus, even if you lack considerable prior experience in programming or developing Android apps. This article will guide you through the best resources to create android app online without coding.

How to Create an Android App Without Coding?

There are primarily two ways to
create android app online
without coding:

1. Using App Builders

App builders are tools that enable you to build apps by conveniently filling in a few forms. Most of the prominent ones are flexible to facilitate the development of a wide variety of apps.

2. Convert Websites to Apps

If your business already has a blog or a dynamic web application, there are several tools online that can transform it into a native Android app. Such platforms typically use either Webviews or the WordPress API to execute this

Benefits of No-Code Android App Development

The benefits of no-code increase by the day because of the convenience and simplicity it brings. Here are the key benefits to creating an android app online
without coding:

create android app online


1. Swift and Simplistic Development Process

A simple app would hardly take hours, and a complex customer enterprise application will take up a few weeks at most in the no-code domain. The timelines of traditional app development start in months and extend enormously.

2. Easy Update Process

Software applications demand consistent changes to include additional features, squash bugs, and more. Typically, this is a laborious process that requires users to bring the application down at times. However, no-code apps have
no such restrictions. An extra feature can get developed instantly and without taking down the app.

3. Economically Efficient

No-code applications are economical as you do not have to allocate a substantial portion of your budget towards getting the app developed and deployed. Even during maintenance, you do not have to approach pricey development
firms to get the job done.

Limitations of No-Code Android App Development

Besides offering a ton of benefits, there also exist some limitations to no-code android app development:

Limitations of No-Code Android App Development

1. Limited Expandability

Sometimes, your company might want something in their Android application that differs from everyone else. Implementing such business logic involves some amount of coding.

2. Not-So-Straightforward Database Access

Most no-code platforms allow a certain level of database access. However, accessing these databases with queries is not always simplistic or intuitive as using the point-and-click interface.

3. Limited Maintainability

App developers feel restrictions when leaving comments for further updates and alterations. Building on such functionality or updating it to meet varying business needs can become tedious and sometimes even harder than coding.

Is It Good To Have a Code Free Application?

Code-free development has a simple UI that allows non-programmers to develop apps, is easy to maintain, and offers flexibility when updating and tweaking the app. It offers greater agility, reduced costs, and enhances
productivity. No-code is beneficial to developers, business users, and companies with a backlogged development team and must employ business users as developers. Forrester envisions that the no-code development platform market
is projected to grow from

$3.8 billion in 2017 to $21.2 billion in 2022.

Is Reducing the Cost to Develop An Application the Right Way?

Most people perceive that spending less will lead to an under-developed and buggy app, especially with a no-code environment. However, it has been proven that no-code offers equivalent benefits. Hiring developers can get expensive,
and thus, no-code solutions provide a way to bypass that by mitigating most of the overhead that comes with hiring a skilled all-time development team. You can create android apps online quickly and efficiently in the long run.

Looking to Hire an Android App Developer?

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Final Words

With the emergence of no-code app development, you no longer have to spend extravagantly to
develop an Android app. You can be a non-programmer and still be able to customize and update your app conveniently. No-code
development is not only more efficient and swift to work upon but is also economically efficient without compromising on the quality delivered.