The development of the financial system has led the global banking and finance world to a transition phase where it is much easier for people to access financial information anywhere and anytime. Thus, to enhance the overall banking experience the innovative FinTech ideas for app will deliver good and instant results to users.
Therefore, to ensure new business entrants can work upon unique and innovative FinTech ideas, here is a list for you to consider in 2021 and beyond. It will minimize your search to get a FinTech SaaS startup idea to deliver financial services and build a good business.

Innovative FinTech Ideas

1. Peer to Peer (P2P) Payment Apps

These apps remove the need for any intermediaries, and as a result, the app users can save money in the form of commission fees while making any online transaction.

2. Financial Advising App

The app uses Machine Learning (ML) concept and presents future-centric financial advice according to the user’s spending habits and income in a personalized way. 

3. Loan and Credit App

It is a type of P2P lending app and acts as a platform for lenders and borrowers. Such innovative FinTech ideas can be a good business opportunity to enhance monetary management experiences.  

4. Accounting

These apps can be used to manage personal, business, and banking accounts along with tax calculations.

5. Capital Management

Such innovative FinTech ideas applications enable organizations to manage their payroll system and eliminate the chances of frustration while maintaining the employee’s records.

6. Stock Day Trading

Stock trading apps provide easy access to available stock along with its buying and selling in the stock market trading space.

7. Auditing App

If you are knowledgeable in the finance field, then setting up an auditing firm could be one of the good SaaS startup ideas. With the ability to network, market and position yourself well, you can land yourself good business deals.

8. Finance Assistance E-Book or E-Magazines

In financial investment, everyone seeks assistance from reliable sources, so it can be a good platform to serve research work and personalized writing based on finances, stocks, investments, and many more.

9. Mortgage/Debt-Reduction Service

The app will help individuals/companies renegotiate their debts/mortgages and get them a better deal. It can be a good and innovative FinTech idea to grab a good market.

10. Build Investment Tools

Stock investment tools help business persons to analyze their desired investment fields after which it’ll present the investment that is most likely going to yield a good ROI.

11. Peer-To-Peer Lending

This service is applicable when you give small amounts of money to a business or private person while collecting interest on the returns.

12. Financial Advisor to Retirees

The app will help and guide those who are retiring from their businesses or from government or corporate organizations simply because they don’t know how to manage their retirement entitlements.

13. Mobile Money Shop

Mobile money is another concept in the financial services industry that is gaining ground rapidly. It is all about making payments for goods and services from your mobile phone.


The FinTech market is evolving rapidly and demanding among tech users. In this reference, new businesses and startups are entering the market and enhancing the overall finance transaction experience. We hope, from this list you might have finalized the innovative FinTech ideas for your startup. So, now it’s time to build the top quality app FinTech app serving a number of financial purposes.  
To build an enhanced banking experience FinTech mobile app, you can easily and instantly reach out to the expert agencies here and can build a quality product to get introduced in the market. These niche ideas can deliver good business value and attract instant and reliable end-users or customers.