In the realm of technology, monitoring your health is no longer thought of as the only way to maintain good health. As with any fashion trend, for many people, it has become a necessity. People use health or wellness apps because they offer solutions to many problems and immediate help.
The future of healthcare looks quite impressive and promising with evolving scenarios globally, thus resulting in emerging SaaS trends and technologies. Due to increasing demand in the market, it is important to put your leg in the industry with unique and effective solutions in the form of SaaS products. 
Keeping this in mind, here is the list of some untouched, unique, and high in demand healthcare SaaS ideas. It will definitely prove to be a great business idea for all the new entrants. So, to cut short your search for such healthcare SaaS ideas, we prepared a list for you.

Healthcare SaaS Ideas

1. Personal Medical Record Keeper

A diary kind of app is one of the most interesting SaaS startup ideas that allows patients to add their personal health records manually and share those records with the doctor.

2. Appointment Booking Facility

It is quite simple and mainly developed for doctors’ benefits to allow patients to make hassle-free appointments.

3. Online Therapy

On a paid subscription patients can connect with a therapist and can eliminate the hesitation of talking in-person about their health matters.

4. Drug Addiction Recovery

The app helps drug addicts to get out of this endless chain of hell and can get in contact with communities that overcome from their addiction.

5. Medicine Home Delivery

Home Delivery of medicines and other testing equipment are in great demand with the evolving medical conditions globally.

6. Women’s Wellbeing

As, women and men have different healthcare demands and needs. Thus, specialized assistance for women will be a great and one of the quite unique SaaS startup ideas.  

7. Health Reminder

It is a medication reminder app that allows a user to monitor pills intake, set reminders regarding medication, the dosage of the medicine.

8. Weight-Loss/Diet-Tracker

The app will allow its users to remain fit and fine while having regular reminders through the app for doing various activities at the definite time. 

9. Medical Training via Virtual Surgery

It is a medical app targeted specially for medical interns and could be one of the brilliant SaaS startup ideas. The app will take intern training at a new level with latest technologies, such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality.

10. VR Meditation App

Providing a Virtual Reality-based meditation or relaxation app by listening to soothing sounds, view aesthetic locations, and immerse in different 360-degree view videos. 

11. Nutritional Value Checker

On this app people can enter the name of the food, fruits, vegetable, and other eatables and get information about its nutritional contents along with suggestions, such as suitable for which type of peoples (allergic or other details).

12. Hospital & Medical Facility Finder

Helping people to find the suitable hospital and medical facility based on its rating, reviews, service delivery, and multiple factors.

13. Sleep Monitoring

It could be a perfect solution for people having trouble having a sound sleep. Users can choose some relaxing sounds to get to sleep like a baby.

14. Chronic Disease Track & Management

Chronic Diseases, such as Asthma, Cancer, Diabetes or Arthritis requires proper attention and on-time medication. The app keeps track of everything and monitors signs, symptoms, and patterns to alert in advance.

15. Suicide Control App

It will provide humanitarian assistance to those people who need to talk to someone to get convinced against such actions.


Hope your search for getting a unique and innovative healthcare SaaS idea ends here. These ideas will give a new lease and new life to your business and prove to be a great idea for your startup in 2021-22. 
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