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July 15, 2021

UI vs UX: How UI Design and UX Design Work Together?

UI design
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When we talk about product designing, the terms UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) are often used and heard. Both are very much interlinked to each other or we can say are the two faces of a coin. They are usually put together as UI/UX design and are seen as describing the same thing. Hence, it is important to understand what is UI and UX design and UI vs UX.

People often consider UI design and UX design as the same but there are numerous analogies that explain how both concepts are different but fit together well. However, in recent decades, the UI design and UX design both have grown and become more popular in the tech industry. With the help of UI and UX design the designers solved the biggest puzzle when it comes to developing a product that attracts users and a lovable product too.

Well now it’s time to understand UI vs UX and what is UI design and what is UX design. Let’s understand both the concepts in detail that help you to build a user-friendly and an attractive product. 

What is UI Design?

UI design

UI Design, means User Interface Design. UI Design is a process which is used by designers to construct interfaces between software’s or software and computerized gadgets.  Basically, UI Design focuses on looks or style of the software. It develops and improves the nature of communication or interaction between software and users.

UI is majorly used by digital industries or software development agencies. The UI Design is a specifically designed plan by the developers that enables users to interact with.

The UI design process improves the format of every element of the product like text, images, buttons, and other visual interface elements with which users interact.

UI Design ensures to provide the best look of your product and give an easy to use feel to users. The UI design of your product is also responsible for its interactivity and responsiveness. The UI makes possible how the website and its content (text, image, video, animation, etc.) get adapted to different screen sizes.

What is UX Design?

UX design

User Experience Design, or UX Design was developed for the improvement in UI Design. User Experience is the experience that an individual has as they interact with the product. The term UX was introduced by ‘Don Norman’, during the 90’s when he worked at Apple.

UX Design begins with thorough user research. UX designers need to understand their target group and distinguish precisely what they need from the product they’re planning. As UX designers understand the requirement, they make user personas. Personas help users see objectives, desires, and limitations of target users. These understandings assist them with proposing design solutions that work the best for their users.

UX Design is the overall experience a user has with an organization’s products or services. Good and bad UX design is controlled by how simple or not it is to interact with every element or aspect of a product or service.

UI design

UI vs UX Designers: How do they work together?

Both UX and UI are systematically designed disciplines with a similar aim. It prepares a path for the phenomenal final product. In UI vs UX, it wouldn’t be incorrect to say that UX and UI design are integral parts of website design, where one is incomplete without the other.

As mentioned above, both of these can’t work without one another. While a UI Designer is liable for making designs that a user finds agreeable and likes to engage with. Whereas, a UX Designer ensures they’re developed in the most productive way for ideal results. Thus, regardless of what job role you’re considering getting into. Discover how interlinked these jobs are and how they cooperate to yield the best final result.

1. Start with Discussion Process

In the initial phase, it is important to conduct a team discussion when a new product or a feature is build. The discussion involves the company CTO and web development team along with the UI and UX designers.

When the introduction of any product or feature is under discussion, then the User Experience designer analyzes what is feasible and what not. On the other hand, User Interface designers perform the research work and share with the team what the target users like and what not.

It is important to have a thorough discussion and research with the team before starting something new as it will save time and manpower. The discussion process also helps to estimate the amount of work and resources required for that specific project.

2. Research in UI Design and UX Design takes place

Once the discussion takes place, the research work takes place for User Interface design and User Experience design.

The UX designer can simply discuss the scope of the work with its team and plan the next few weeks of work required in the project. However, the UI designer needs to do in depth research work. The purpose of in-depth research is to understand the user behavior, problem, responses, and their needs. This data gathering and analysis can be done through various surveys, interviews, focus groups, etc.

The level of research work and data gathering is based on the nature of the projects, its target audience, budget, its requirements, and other features. Apart from that, the crucial part of research is to find out whether the users are going to like the new features or not, what type of user experience they are expecting from the product, and other details.

3. Present the Findings

Once the individual research is complete for UI design and UX design. Now, it’s time to present all the findings with the team. At this point the exact expectations of the client, findings of the UI design team, and ideas of the UX design team are presented to formulate a plan in designing a concrete UI UX design.

Before that all team members were building designs on mere assumptions and user behavior. It could be risky, so at this point, the UI designer gives insight to the rest of the team. It is based on the detailed research they performed. Based on the research work, the web development team helps the team to understand the practicality of the plan. It can suggest some points of improvements as well.

4. Design Testing

After a long struggle of research and designing product as per target users requirement. Finally it’s time to see how your users react to the product. Initially, it is released with limited users or this testing can be done in person or over the internet.

Take the feedback from users like your product, easiness to use or not, and other points whatever they feel about the product. After that, the User Interface design and User Experience design can be updated based on user’s feedback, if required. User likes and dislikes about the product needs to be prioritized and make changes accordingly.

5. Deriving Final Design and Implementation

Once testing is done and the final prototype is prepared, it’s time to design the final product and hand over it to the web development team. If required, then UI and UX designers have to make design compatible based on the developers feedback.

Now, the final product gets introduce to the public and focuses on the targeted users. The UI and UX designer needs to be in touch with the team to avoid time loss in making updates.

Overall it can be concluded that, UI design and UX design are closely tied together, so as the designers. Till the product exists and to the tech team to ensure the quality product delivery.

UI Design vs. UX Design: Different Disciplines that Work in Harmony

UI vs UX; both are different yet similar to each other. It require to implemented together to ensure each other’s success. UI design and UX design are dependent on each other to make the product a success.

A design needs to be beautiful and attractive, yet easy to use, understand, and navigate. Failing to do so, will leave a bad impression on the user’s and might forbid them from visiting aging. Hence, both UI and UX design needs to be flawless and complement each other with users expectations to deliver an excellent user interface and experience. As both UI and UX design are align properly, it will undoubtedly yield astounding results.

Hence, if you are also concerned about your product’s quality and unable to understand UI vs UX and its advantages for your product. Then Supersourcing can be the right platform for you. Here, you can find expert and experienced agencies and designers to build top-class UI and UX design. For any further queries you can contact us, and also reach out to agencies for further details and discussion to get your idea live.

2 thoughts on “UI vs UX: How UI Design and UX Design Work Together?

  1. Remember that despite the extremely nuanced differences between the two disciplines, brands need to approach them in cohesion to make the most of any given strategy.

  2. Hi Mayank,

    This blog was a great read but the only thing I’d beg to differ in would be that UI is a subset of UX and not a different field per se. After all, it is guided by inputs and data from UX research activities. If we were to just design UI screens in device mockups, they’d be like graphic designs.

    Take the example of this case study:

    In this case study, the reason particular illustrations were used, and the platform was designed with a mystical theme was because it appealed to the target audience, making it more engaging to users.

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