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Andile Ngcaba Youtube Play

Andile Ngcaba

Chairman at Convergence Partners Investments

client Adam Youtube Play


Co Founder 4Thought Global

client Stephen Ngala Youtube Play

Stephen Ngala

CTO at Inq Digital

client Shubhramnyam Kasibhat Youtube Play

Shubhramnyam Kasibhat

Founder of Vegam

Pramod Venkatesh Youtube Play

Pramod Venkatesh

Group CTO at INQ

client Tarun Adani Youtube Play

Tarun Adani

Co-founder of One More Light

client Abhishek Dubey Youtube Play

Abhishek Dubey

Founder & CEO of Muskan Dreams

client Rihen Ajmera Youtube Play

Rihen Ajmera

Founder of AraFrames

tunde Dada Youtube Play

Tunde Dada

Group Head IT BCM at INQ Digital

client Baxolile Mabinya Youtube Play

Baxolile Mabinya

Founder of Deviare

client Akshay Pruthi Youtube Play

Akshay Pruthi

Founder of Calm Sleep

client Lakshmikant Singh Youtube Play

Lakshmikant Singh

Founder at MOKI

client Rupam Gogoi Youtube Play

Rupam Gogoi

Founder at Needle Innovision

client Evans Kachusha Youtube Play

Evans Kachusha

BDO at Inq Digital

client Mohamed Meman Youtube Play

Mohamed Meman

CEO of Payload

client danny schwartz Youtube Play

Danny Schwartz

Founder at Showground

Hire top 1% of VueJS Developers

Gleb G

Gleb G

Vue.js Developer

10+ years experience  •  Full-time availability

Verified Skills

check Vue.js - 7 Yrs | Expert
check Typescript - 5 Yrs | Expert

Other Skills

React js Redux Javascript HTML5 CSS +1
Binod R

Binod R

Vue.js Developer

9+ years experience  •  Full-time availability

Verified Skills

check Vue.js - 6 Yrs | Expert
check Javascript - 8 Yrs | Expert

Other Skills

React js Node js Typescript HTML 5 CSS +1
Krishna V

Krishna V

Vue.js Developer

6+ years experience  •  Full-time availability

Verified Skills

check Vue.js - 5 Yrs | Expert
check React js - 4 yrs | Advanced

Other Skills

HTML5 Flutter Bootstrap 3 Css3 +3
Chandosh K

Chandosh K

Vue.js Developer

5+ years experience  •  Full-time availability

Verified Skills

check Vue.js - 5 Yrs | Expert
check Angular8 - 3 Yrs | Advanced

Other Skills

React.js Javascript React Native Ant Design
Aishwarya R

Aishwarya R

Vue.js Developer

3+ years experience  •  Full-time availability

Verified Skills

check Vue.js - 3 yrs | Advanced
check Javascript - 3 yrs | Advanced

Other Skills

Typescript Java C++ +2
Nitish H

Nitish H

Vue.js Developer

3.5 years experience  •  Full-time availability

Verified Skills

check Vue.js - 3 yrs | Advanced
check CSS3 - 2 yrs | Expert

Other Skills

Javascript React js Java HTML 5 +4

Consider Hiring VueJS Developers for Work Like

From food to FinTech, thousands of companies use Supersourcing to hire, scale and grow faster.

Developing Custom Enterprise Applications:

Web Application Development

VueJS is a great choice for developing web applications, as it allows for the creation of highly interactive and dynamic user interfaces. By hiring VueJS developers, companies can ensure that their web applications are built using the latest technology and provide an excellent user experience, ultimately leading to better customer satisfaction.

Establishing MVC Architecture

Single-Page Applications (SPA)

VueJS is well-suited for building SPAs because it offers powerful routing and state management capabilities. SPA built with VueJS provides a fast and seamless experience to users. By hiring VueJS developers with experience in building SPAs, companies can ensure that their web applications are modern, efficient, and offer a superior user experience.

Mobile App Development

Custom Component Development

VueJS allows developers to create custom components that can be easily reused throughout the application, which significantly reduces development time and effort. By hiring VueJS developers who are experts in building custom components, companies can ensure that their applications are modular, maintainable, and scalable.

Creating Templates

Interactive Dashboards

VueJS can be used to create highly interactive and dynamic dashboards, which are essential for data-driven applications. By hiring VueJS developers with experience in building interactive dashboards, companies can ensure that their data-driven applications provide valuable insights and a superior user experience.

Creating Reusable Code Modules

Mobile App Development

VueJS can also be used to develop mobile apps using tools like NativeScript and Weex. By hiring VueJS developers with experience in building mobile apps, companies can ensure that their applications are accessible on multiple platforms and devices.

Defining Dynamic UI

Integration with Existing Systems

VueJS can be easily integrated with existing systems and libraries, making it an excellent choice for companies that want to modernize their legacy applications. Hiring VueJS developers who can integrate VueJS with existing systems can also save companies time and money, making it a smart business decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find the answer you are looking for?

Hiring can take something in between 2 to 10 days. We have so many clients who have found and hired the best developers on the same day of sharing their requirements as well. All you need to do is share a detailed JD with us and be as detailed as possible. Outline everything you want in your developer, from technical skills and experience, to soft skills and personality traits. The clearer your JD is, the faster we can help you find your best match.

Your dedicated account Supersourcing assumes responsibility for managing employee timesheets and availability. You will have an experienced account manager to ensure communication between you and your developers. Our senior account managers will be available to help you out even on weekends if need be. Just leave a text and your work will be done.

We first validate all the information and experience shared by the developer. Followed by in-depth evaluation of the developer's technical expertise through technical assessments. We then match the developer’s profile with specific requirements that top companies have shared with us to help both the developer and the business to find the perfect fit.

Freelancers are not who we work with. We predominantly work with experienced developers who are looking to expand and diversify their project experience through full-time positions in valuable projects. We feature developers who are eager and willing to contribute with their skills and experience to help you deliver better products and services.

Supersourcing brings to you a wide range of options when it comes to payment cycles. You can choose monthly or yearly payment models based on your comfort.

You will have a dedicated account manager to yourself who will be there by your side right from the developer onboarding stage till project completion. Your account manager will help you communicate with your developers, maintain timesheets, and also solve hiccups in team management. So, if you need to reduce or increase the size of your development team, you can discuss the same with your account manager.

Yes, you can hire developers for a full time position too. But that’s only after 6 months of working on a contract so that you don’t end up wasting money and in-house resources on hiring candidates that don’t fit your company culture. We give you the ‘try before you buy’ option to help you build the best development team.

Yes. Supersourcing has deployed senior remote developers to work on-location in many major cities in India and also globally. You can have a word with your account manager if you’re willing to hire remote developers to work on-site and check options and possibilities in terms of feasibility.

Hire The Perfect Match in Just 5 Days!

Supersourcing will match you with senior developers that fit your JD within 5 days. Sometimes, our expert team can match profiles in even less than a day.

Other Platforms Vs Supersourcing


10+ Days

Multiple Job Boards

You sign-up & subscribe to multiple job boards.

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48 Hours

Intelligent Hiring Platform

You sign-up & share your JD highlighting skills, experience, responsibilities.

Souring process illustration Souring process illustration

Screening & Assessment

20 Days

Wasting Time Interviewing Unskilled Talent

Scouring through multiple resumes & interviewing multiple candidates, wasting time & resources.

Screening & Assessment process illustration Screening & Assessment process illustration
2 Days

AI will Find the Best 5 Matches

100% Profile Matching ensures you need only one round of interview to select the best among the 5.

Screening & Assessment process illustration Screening & Assessment process illustration


10 Days

Waiting for Acceptance

Once you send the offer letter, there is no guarantee that they will accept, delaying your project.

Onboarding process illustration Onboarding process illustration
2 Days

Get Started Immediately

Team Supersourcing will take care of onboarding, timesheets, productivity reports, & post-hiring support.

Onboarding process illustration Onboarding process illustration

Traditional Sourcing- Hiring is Slow, Costly & Risky

Time Spent

30 Days

Hiring Cost


Supersourcing - Tech-Driven, Risk-Free, Futuristic

Less than a week

5 Days Less than a week checked icon

Zero upfront cost

$0 Zero upfront cost checked icon

Hire VueJS Developers

Looking for top VueJS developers for your project? Look no further than our team of expert VueJS developers for hire on a contract basis. With years of experience in building web applications, SPAs, custom components, and more, our VueJS developers can bring your project to life and deliver a superior user experience.

We understand the importance of building fast, responsive, and scalable web applications, and that's why we only hire the best VueJS developers who are experts in their field. Our VueJS developers have a proven track record of delivering high-quality work that meets our clients' expectations, on time and within budget.

By hiring VueJS developers on a contract basis from Supersourcing, you can save time and money while still getting access to the top talent in the industry. We offer flexible contracts that can be tailored to your specific needs, ensuring that you get the best value for your investment.

So, if you're looking to hire VueJS developers for your project, look no further than our team of VueJS developers. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help bring your project to life.

How to Hire VueJS Developers?

Looking to hire VueJS developers to join your team can be a daunting task, with so many qualified professionals in the market. To help you streamline the hiring process, we have put together a list of five tips to help you find and hire VueJS developers for your project. This list will assist you in navigating through the competitive hiring landscape and identifying the most suitable candidates:

Specify your requirements to hire VueJS developers

To ensure that you hire VueJS developers with the necessary skills, create a list of your project vision and requirements. This will streamline your search, and the number of developers on your list may vary based on your needs.

Finding the Right Fit

Identifying and hiring VueJS developers who can deliver excellent results in a highly competitive IT industry can be challenging. It's only the first step, and building a strong organizational culture and product delivery framework can require significant time and resources, especially when working on tight deadlines.

Assessing VueJS Developer Experience

To determine the suitability of VueJS developers for a particular job, it's important to review their relevant prior projects. This can provide valuable insights into their experience and help you assess their ability to meet your specific needs.

Assessing VueJS Developer Skills: Technical Evaluation

To evaluate the skills of VueJS developers, consider working with them on a project that aligns with their area of expertise. You can also assign a specific task to assess their performance and ability to meet their obligations, providing insights into their technical capabilities.

Evaluating Communication and Collaboration Skills of VueJS Developers

Since VueJS developers are a critical component of your team, assessing their communication and collaboration skills is crucial. Before hiring, convey your expectations for communication and collaboration, and observe how they interact with you and your team during the hiring process to ensure a good fit.

VueJS Developer Skill Sets

VueJS is a popular JavaScript framework used for building dynamic and reactive web applications. When hiring VueJS developers, it's essential to look for specific skill sets that make them proficient in this framework.

1. Expertise in Vue.js framework

The developer should have expertise in the Vue.js framework, which includes a deep understanding of its core features, tools, and libraries. The developer should be able to build efficient and scalable web applications using Vue.js.

2. Proficiency in JavaScript

Proficiency in JavaScript is vital as it is the programming language used to build Vue.js applications. The developer should have a good understanding of JavaScript libraries and frameworks such as jQuery, React, and Angular, among others.

3. Knowledge of CSS and HTML

The developer should be proficient in HTML and CSS, as these are fundamental components of building user interfaces. They should be able to build responsive and well-structured layouts and designs that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

4. Familiarity with RESTful APIs

The developer should be familiar with RESTful APIs and how they work. This is essential for building Vue.js applications that interact with external data sources.

5. Experience with Vuex and Vue Router

The developer should have experience with Vuex and Vue Router, which are essential for building complex Vue.js applications. Vuex is a state management pattern and library that helps manage state in large-scale Vue.js applications, while Vue Router is a routing library that helps with building single-page applications with Vue.js.

What is the Cost of Hiring VueJS Developer

How much it will cost your business for hiring VueJS developers will depend on multiple factors, including their years of experience, level & industry of expertise, location, contract terms and more.

In general, developers with more experience and expertise will command a higher salary. Additionally, developers located in regions with a higher cost of living, such as the United States or Western Europe, may also command higher salaries.

According to some reports, the average annual salary for a VueJS developer in the United States ranges from $85,000 to $120,000, depending on their experience level. However, the cost can be lower in other regions such as India or Eastern Europe, where salaries are generally lower.

When considering the cost of hiring VueJS developers, it's essential to consider not only the upfront cost but also the long-term value they can bring to your organization. Hiring the right developer can help you build efficient, scalable, and high-quality web applications that can provide a significant return on investment.

List of Responsibilities for VueJS Developers

When hiring VueJS developers, it's crucial to outline the specific responsibilities they will have as part of your team. Here are some key responsibilities that you may want to discuss with a top VueJS developer during the hiring process:

Develop high-quality, efficient, and reusable code

A top VueJS developer must have the ability to write efficient and reusable code that adheres to coding standards and best practices. They should be well-versed in developing modular and scalable VueJS applications that are optimized for performance.

Collaborate with cross-functional teams

A VueJS developer should be able to work collaboratively with other members of the cross-functional team, including designers, product managers, and other developers. They should possess excellent communication skills and the ability to translate complex technical ideas into simple terms.

Maintain project documentation

A VueJS developer must be able to maintain detailed and up-to-date project documentation, including code documentation, release notes, and other technical documentation. This is important for future maintenance and enhancement of the project.

Ensure high-quality deliverables

The VueJS developer should take ownership of their work and ensure that the deliverables meet or exceed the requirements and quality standards. They should be able to troubleshoot and debug code to identify and fix defects.

Keep up with emerging trends and technologies

A top VueJS developer should stay up-to-date with the latest trends and emerging technologies in the VueJS ecosystem. This includes attending conferences, participating in open-source communities, and continually learning and experimenting with new tools and techniques.

FAQs on Hiring VueJS Developers

1. What should I consider before hiring a VueJS developer?

Before hiring VueJS developers, you should consider their experience, skill set, and communication skills. Additionally, it's important to have a clear understanding of your project requirements and expectations to ensure that the developer is the right fit for your team.

2. How do I find the top VueJS developers to hire?

You can find top VueJS developers by searching online job portals, attending networking events, and seeking referrals from other professionals in the industry. Additionally, you can assess their technical skills and experience by asking them to provide examples of their previous work.

3. What should I expect to pay for a top VueJS developer?

The cost of hiring VueJS developers will vary based on their level of experience and the complexity of your project. On average, you can expect to pay between $50 to $150 per hour, but this can vary depending on the developer's location and other factors.

4. What are the key skills to look for when hiring a VueJS developer?

The key skills to look for when hiring VueJS developers include proficiency in VueJS framework, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and experience in working with REST APIs. Additionally, communication skills and the ability to work collaboratively as part of a team are also essential.

4. How can I ensure that I hire the right VueJS developer for my project?

To ensure that you hire the right VueJS developer for your project, it's important to define your project requirements and expectations clearly. Additionally, assess their technical skills, experience, and communication skills during the hiring process. Finally, consider asking for references from their previous clients to confirm their reliability and work quality.

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