Website development companies play a vital role in the success of any business. So, any entrepreneur or startup wanted to reach a wider audience, must prefer to hire web developers or website development companies.  Though
businesses are just not limited to websites, social media, network security, e-commerce, and web content development are mutually valuable. Therefore, to make your search easier and analyze the best companies in the UK, we
have compiled a list of the top 10 website development companies in the UK. In the current scenario, every business, organization, or company requires a website to promote its products and services. Along with that, make
people aware of their presence and become visible to a larger audience. So, in this reference, these enlisted top 10 website development companies in the UK offer the best services to their clients. We prepared this list by
keeping in mind the reliability and functionality of the companies and what their employees and clients review about them. Being an entrepreneur, organization, or startup, you all know that a good website always attracts a
wider audience towards your product and makes them ready to buy it or avail offered services. These enlisted companies in the UK have a well-trained expert team of developers which provides the best solution with the latest
tech stacks. Hence, to guide our readers, we have prepared a detailed information list about such companies that deliver powerful solutions for mobile app development. The expert companies listed below are because of the
recommendations and updates they received from past clients on the mutual platform. Thus, in this manner, we have determined the top 10 website development companies in the UK. Now, go through the list below, and have a
thorough view of this list. It will definitely help you to choose the most reliable and suitable website development companies in the UK for your business growth.

Here is a List of the Top 10 App Development Companies in the UK

Hedgehog Lab

Hedgehog Lab is a global digital product coordinator focused on multi-platform software and the design of connected devices. Therefore, they create apps for building, designing, developing, and selling, virtual reality
taxpayers we see, virtual reality, mixed reality, and other digital solutions for phones, tablets, TVs, kiosks, and other post-PC devices. Hence, it is one of the best-known website development companies in the UK. They help
brands & businesses prepare for the future dominated by post-PC technology. Apart from that, they work exclusively with their clients in Innovation and R&D on mobile and emerging platforms. Established as a pure
post-PC consultant play in 2010, and with offices in London, Newcastle upon Tyne, Boston, Austin, India, and Copenhagen. Thus, hedgehog lab has a fast-growing team focusing on providing the best post-PC experience and
campaigns for customers in the USA, UK, and abroad.

  • Founder: Sarat Pediredla, Mark Forster
  • Company Website:
  • Price Model: Hourly based
  • Charges Per Project: $100 – $149 / hr
  • Top 5 Customers: Microsoft, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Lloyds bank, Eon
  • Number Of Employees: 51-200 employees
  • Revenue Generation: $13.2 M Annually
  • Ratings & Reviews: 4.7/5 on Clutch and 5/5 on Goodfirms
  • Employees Verbatim:

    • “I have learned many things in HHL and I got some better experience which I know about IT companies, and Team and Management was Fabulous.”
    • “Hedgehog lab has flexible timings. The work environment is collaborative to the core and there is absolutely no sign of any politics.”
  • Clients Verbatim:

    • “They worked with us and helped us think through how to make such a technical product user friendly.” by Executive, Financial Technology Firm
    • “Their ability to communicate effectively and work with their customers sets them apart.” by Product Lead, Air Conditioning Solutions Inc.
  • Technologies They Work On: HTML, CSS, React, Angular, and JavaScript frameworks
  • Industries From Where Their Clients Belong:

    • Financial Services
    • Healthcare
    • Energy
    • Automotive
    • Retail
  • Awards & Certifications:

    • Hedgehog Lab has been recognized as one of the North’s Biggest Tech Companies
    • Recognized as one of the World’s Best B2B Companies.


Thoughtbot is a team of design and development consultants in the field of website development companies in the UK. They bring web and mobile products from authentication to success and teach you how because we are tired.
It’s time to dump her and move on. Don’t go for less than your full potential. The Thoughtbot team is driven by our mission and values. They continue to improve our process, do our best work with strong partnerships with our
customers, and openly share how we work. Gain more than 16 years of experience in designing and building successful products. From a visionary founder to product owners to large businesses and all that is in it, the cord
that binds our clients together solves logical problems in a design-led way. You will work with a small, dedicated team of product specialists focused on a project designed to fit your needs.

Website Development Companies in the UK

  • Founder: Chad Pytel
  • Company Website:
  • Price Model: Hourly Based.
  • Charges Per Project: $150 – $199 / hr.
  • Top 5 Customers: Splitfit, JoyDrive, Real simple energy, Digital Ocean, Bark & Co
  • Number Of Employees: 51-200 employees
  • Revenue Generation: $20M Annually.
  • Ratings & Reviews: 4.9/5 on Clutch
  • Employees Verbatim:

    • “Extremely well managed company. Great focus on work/life balance. Great tooling. Good benefits overall. Engineering culture is super collaborative (get your pull request read within minutes of submitting). Great
      apprentice program. I learned a ton while I was there and kept those lessons with me.”
    • “Thoughtbot is a great place to work. It fosters lots of growth, support, and fun as many others have said.”
  • Clients Verbatim:

    • “Thoughtbot committed to their client’s success.” by CEO & Founder, Health Care Startup

    • “I’m very impressed with the high level at which they are thinking about and producing their work. Everything—from the way they run their company to the way they organize their office—is set up in such a mindful,
      intentional way.” by Head of Product, Professional Network Startup
  • Technologies They Work On: Ruby on Rails, React, Elixir & Phoenix, Python, and DjangoElm
  • Industries From Where Their Clients Belong:

    • Health Technology
    • Fitness and Wellness
    • E-commerce
    • Fintech
    • SaaS


Ready4s is among the top custom software development agencies in Europe and the United States. Their vast experience in developing mobile apps, IoT, and web applications help them to be placed as a market leader, an expert,
and a reliable partner for mid-size as well as large enterprises. So, they are one of the most reliable to make into the top 10 website development companies in the UK. Their strong market position isn’t only established by
years of experience. However, they also build a vast portfolio of successful projects for top companies in the FinTech, Healthcare, Medical, and Education industries. Our proven ability to attach people, data, and machines
with one another during a hyper-connected world with mixed realities allows enterprises to securely experiment and implement the emerging tech. Hence, this further enables them to grow their customer base and be more

  • Founder: Elad Shoushan
  • Company Website:
  • Price Model: Hourly based
  • Charges Per Project: $50 – $99 / hr
  • Top 5 Customers: Coca-Cola, Trello, Snapchat, Amped, Extra Life
  • Number Of Employees: 38 employees
  • Revenue Generation: $7 M Annually
  • Ratings & Reviews: 4.8/5 on Clutch and 5/5 on Goodfirms
  • Employees Verbatim:

    • “Flexible hours, Atmosphere , Nice people.”
    • “Good place to start as an intern,”
  • Clients Verbatim:

    • “They understand our business relationship as well as the needs of our end-customers.” by CTO, Cloud Officer
    • “Despite my project being relatively small, Ready4S made sure to look after me and provide plenty of support.” by Manager, AG Consulting
  • Technologies They Work On: Webflow, Lua, Embedly, OVH Domains
  • Industries From Where Their Clients Belong:

    • Travel
    • Healthcare
    • Education
    • Law
    • Construction
  • Awards & Certifications:

    • Mobile App Developer of the year 2016, by AppFutura.
    • 1 UK App Developer on
    • Best Fintech App Development Company, by


Tivix is one of the most opted business solutions among the website development companies in the UK. It is based in San Francisco, with subsidiary offices in New York City, Europe (London + Wroclaw), and the Pacific
Northwest (Portland). Their team is well-versed in combining advanced engineering technology with Silicon Valley certified processes to help our clients build and deliver effective digital products.  However, their clients
belong from Fortune 1000 businesses (Zoetis, Apple, Bayer, Microsoft), newly funded businesses (Pindrop Security, Marlette Funding, CloudVelox, WikiRealty, SwiftStack), and major non-governmental organizations (World Food
Program, European Commission, UNICEF).

Website Development Companies in the UK

  • Founder: Sumit Chachra
  • Company Website:
  • Price Model: Hourly based
  • Charges Per Project: $50 – $99 / hr
  • Top 5 Customers: Apple, Tesla, Solarcity, Boston Dynamics, Zoetis
  • Number Of Employees: 51-200
  • Revenue Generation: $10 Million Annually.
  • Ratings & Reviews: 4.9/5 on Clutch
  • Employees Verbatim:

    • “Focused technology stack * Looks ahead at new tools * Great benefits, WFH flexibility * Has really great potential * Pretty solid communication standards established to mitigate the potential downsides of having
      to coordinate over multiple offices/time zones”
    • “I love the start up culture/environment and ability to work from home.”
    • “Working with different clients sometimes means working with different technologies, so engineers are given a lot of opportunities to learn.”
    • “Catered lunch is always a plus”
    • “Personal projects and contributing to open source software is highly valued”
  • Clients Verbatim:

    • “The company has done extremely well in delivering every single one of the requirements.” by Maritime Service Owner, NATO
    • “Tivix is a team of dedicated people who take a lot of pride in their work and in anything we ask them to create or do.” by Operations Manager, Legal Services Co.”
  • Technologies They Work On: Google Global Site Tag, Adobe Typekit, WordPress, GlobalSign, etc.
  • Industries From Where Their Clients Belong:

    • Retail
    • Non profit
    • Compliance
    • Healthcare
    • Finance
  • Awards & Certifications:

    • Top B2B Companies Global 2020 (Clutch)

DCSL Software

TDCSL Software is a name amongst the award-winning website development companies in the UK, with Headquarters in Hampshire,
Development Centers in London and Manchester, and the QA Center in Bucharest. Since 1994, they have created smart, inexpensive, and accurate web applications, desktop applications, and mobile applications for established
businesses, non-profits, government agencies, and start-ups. They are Microsoft Gold Partner Program Development Partners, which means they build state-of-the-art software based on Microsoft’s highly acclaimed partnership.
DCSL is an accredited Microsoft Cloud Solution provider, hence they can directly manage the entire Microsoft Cloud customer life cycle. If you are looking for a reliable and reputable company to build your operating software
or transform your existing systems to the next level, then DCSL software can be a great business solution for you.

  • Founder: Andrew Millington
  • Company Website:
  • Price Model: Hourly based & Project based.
  • Charges Per Project: $50 – $99/hr
  • Top 5 Customers: LDAT, Mitsubishi, Holland, Gladstone, Pearson
  • Number Of Employees: 51-200
  • Revenue Generation: $13.5 M Annually.
  • Ratings & Reviews: 5/5 on Goodfirms and 4.9/5 on Clutch.
  • Employees Verbatim:

    • “Excellent opportunity to learn and grow as a new/junior developer. Variety of projects to work on. Dedicated hours set aside for training. Brilliant workplace culture.”

    • “Flexible in home/work balance, offers excellent benefits such as a health care scheme. DCSL takes care of employees, for example providing mental health & well being support & regular social activities
      such as a ping pong tournament! Also during this COVID crisis, there have been many online social activities such as the Managing Director playing the piano at lunch time & staff quizzes!”
    • “Environmentally friendly offices, offering a cycle to work scheme.”
    • “Approachable Managers, both professional & fun!”
  • Clients Verbatim:

    • “We would definitely use DCSL again. They’re very professional, comprehensive and very thorough. We felt comfortable working with them and we’re very happy with the results”
      by Danny Foulstone, Forever Living

    • “No off-the-shelf package could have offered us this edge. DCSL’s agile approach to development allowed us full involvement in the specification of the system- and the ability to refine this as we want and
      deliver something powerful yet very cost effective” by Neil Beard, i-Cert
  • Technologies They Work On: Microsoft SQL Server, ASP.NET, MVC, and Web Services, HTML5
  • Industries From Where Their Clients Belong:

    • Healthcare
    • Hospitality
    • Insurance
    • E-learning
    • Retail
  • Awards & Certifications:

    • Lloyds Bank National Business Awards 2020: Business Enabler Of The Year – Finalist
    • Clutch Top Developers 2020 Award – Voted #1 For .Net Development In The World
    • Best Companies 2020 Accreditation – DCSL Achieves 2* Award
    • Clutch Top 1000 Companies Global 2019 Award

Tech Magic

TechMagic is among the top website development companies in the UK. The company had its headquarters in Lviv, Ukraine. They had a narrow technology focus in order to help startups and established enterprises build-remote
dedicated teams. TechMagic was founded in 2014 and now they have more than 140 employees in their team. Their technical expertise includes JavaScript, Node.js, Angular, ReactJS, ExpressJS, Typescript, Salesforce, Serverless,
Native iOS, and Android. They usually dedicate their major attention to becoming experts under the selected
technological domains. That’s why they put forward partnerships with global companies in order to strengthen their expertise and knowledge. They gained partnership as; – Official AWS Certified Consulting Partner since 2017.
– The Official Serverless Framework Partner since 2018. – Official Salesforce Consulting Partner since 2018.

Website Development Companies in the UK

  • Founder: Oleg Dats
  • Company Website:
  • Price Model: Hourly based
  • Charges Per Project: $25 – $49 / hr
  • Top 5 Customers: Good & Co.,, Movinga, Tide, Spott
  • Number Of Employees: 38 employees
  • Revenue Generation: $7 Million Annually
  • Ratings & Reviews: 4.7/5 on Clutch and 5/5 on Goodfirms
  • Employees Verbatim:

    • “Company is growing, but all employees could feel like they have a big family. Nice office with lots of things to do to relax from hard work. opportunities to work in Ukraine with clients, travel abroad. Flexible
      work time.

    • For me TechMagic is more than just an employer. Except doing what you love, you also have a great opportunity for self-development. The company organizes regular TechTalks, competence groups meetings (web,
      mobile, marketing, etc.), provides tickets to related conferences. It’s very easy and interesting to obtain new skills in such an ambitious and open-minded community. A great benefit is a cool and comfortable
      office located in the very center of the city, where you can choose any of hundreds of cozy restaurants for lunch or meet with friends near the city hall in 2 minutes walk.”
  • Clients Verbatim:

    • “They did an impressive job of understanding where we wanted to go without us having to explain it explicitly.” by COO, PeerPilot
    • “We’ve received the benefits of hiring the team, not just the individual.” by Lead Developer, Market Research Company
  • Technologies They Work On: JavaScript, Node.js, TypeScript, Angular, React, Vue.js, GraphQL, AWS, Serverless, Firebase, and Native Mobile with iOS Swift, Objective-C, Java Android, Kotlin
  • Industries From Where Their Clients Belong:

    • HR Tech
    • Mark-Tech
    • Fin-Tech
    • Health-Tech
  • Awards & Certifications:

    • Top 5 employers in LVIV (DOU)
    • CSM Alliance (Scrum Alliance)


DIGIS (formerly Do IT Programming Solutions) is one of the reputed and international website development companies in the UK. It
was founded to help businesses, which operate in Fintech, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Travel and Entertainment, Human Resources, Media and Entertainment, and Retail. Therefore, to stand out from their competitors by taking
advantage of the most efficient IT innovations they moved towards software or website solutions. Their strong team consists of highly talented developers and is capable of building all types of software products. Including
the products, such as Web applications, portals, and sites, mobile apps and portals, desktop systems, and many more. Their team specializes in migrating the existing applications to a new platform and technology to meet the
market trends and demands. Therefore, their development assets are supported up with perfectly arranged and time-tested QA procedures, to free the software from small or major errors.

  • Founder: Nick Nagatkin
  • Company Website:
  • Price Model: Hourly based
  • Charges Per Project: $25 – $49 / hr
  • Top 5 Customers: Blablacar, GemLightBox, Roomster, Parkopoly, Userlytics
  • Number Of Employees: 51-200 employees
  • Revenue Generation: $1 M Annually
  • Ratings & Reviews: 4.8/5 on Clutch
  • Employees Verbatim:

    • “Cool people have a nice environment. Great place to work.”
  • Clients Verbatim:

    • “The skills of their developers are very good.” by MD, CPN Satellite Services GmbH
    • “They always answered our calls and updated us on the progress of the work.” by Branch Director, Insurance Company
  • Technologies They Work On: React Native, Node.JS, Angular, Android, iOS, Blockchain Development, Java, PHP, React, React.JS, Laravel
  • Industries From Where Their Clients Belong:

    • Media & Entertainment
    • Fintech
    • Travel & Hospitality
    • Healthcare
    • Retail
  • Awards & Certifications:

    • Top React Developers (Clutch)
    • Top Custom Software Development Companies (Clutch)
    • The Best in Ukraine (Upwork)


Nopio is a familiar name in the market among website development companies in the UK. The company is based in Cracow with more than 8 years of experience in delivering websites and web applications for businesses and
startups globally. The team is expert in producing high-quality code, as well as, they provide proactive consultants with strong feedback culture and a fully dedicated team. As a result, almost 90% of their clients happily
recommend them to others and ensure to build business relationships lasting for years. The team is equipped in building custom business apps on different tech-stacks, such as Ruby on Rails and ReactJS, or a fully responsive,
customizable website in WordPress.

Website Development Companies in the UK

  • Founder: Piotr Nowak
  • Company Website:
  • Price Model: Hourly basis
  • Charges Per Project: $50 – $99 / hr
  • Top 5 Customers: Porter Novelli, Underwear Expert, Ceros Inc., Krubera Group, Every Pig
  • Number Of Employees: 11-50 employees
  • Revenue Generation: $5 M Annually
  • Ratings & Reviews: 4.8/5 on Clutch and 5/5 on Goodfirms
  • Employees Verbatim:

    • “Best company and amazing people to work with.”

      • Positive environment.
      • You will be constantly motivated to learn new skills.
      • Perfect balance of Work and fun.
  • Clients Verbatim:

    • “Managing outsourced technology partners can be challenging, but Nopio has an English-speaking staff with good communication and project management skills. I’ve done very difficult projects with them and every
      time they deliver because they understand the project inside and out.” by Michael Kleinmann, CEO, The Underwear Expert, Inc.

    • “Through a dynamic partnership, we developed a robust website that shares our history of social marketing and purpose in a compelling and meaningful way. The Nopio team is incredibly talented and exceeded our
      expectations in both design and function. We have a difficult time imagining a time in which our website was any different.” by Kate Cusick, Chief Marketing Officer at Porter Novelli
  • Technologies They Work On: Ruby on Rails, ReactJS, SASS, JavaScript, NodeJS, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap4, WordPress
  • Industries From Where Their Clients Belong:

    • Healthcare
    • Public Relations
    • Retail
    • Software
    • Education
  • Awards & Certifications:

    • Awarded by Goodfirms
    • Top B2B Companies in Poland 2018 (Clutch)
    • Top B2B Companies in Poland 2017 (Clutch)

CyberDuck Interactive

Cyberduck Interactive is an expert in delivering interactive business solutions for companies and web- and communications agencies. Their major focus is on the production of WordPress-based websites. Being a quality business
solution provider, they are considered in the list of top 10 website development companies in the UK. Cyberduck Interactive is an expert in building sites from scratch, either from the finished design sketches or they also
extend support to shape the design. Overall, their main aim is to yield results that should be great on the outside as well as on the inside. Hence, the site should not look good in outer appearance but also be user-friendly
for each visitor. Apart from that, the site has to be as simple as possible to maintain and update for the administrator. The team is equipped with modern technologies such as responsiveness, CSS3, and HTML5. These are the
major natural elements included in their site construction. They also provide extended SEO optimization to gain and maintain high rankings in the search listings.

  • Founder: Danny Bluestone
  • Company Website:
  • Price Model: Hourly based
  • Charges Per Project: $100 – $149 / hr
  • Top 5 Customers: Bank of England, Cadbury, Mitsubishi, Thomas Cook, Sport England
  • Number Of Employees: 45 employees
  • Revenue Generation: $8 Million Annually
  • Ratings & Reviews: 4.6/5 on Clutch and 5/5 on Goodfirms
  • Employees Verbatim:

    • “Cyber Duck was the only company which represented a creative flair in its branding and website which attracted me, which was not so common style in other websites. The most interesting thing which every designer
      or coder would like is, there is a room for experimenting new approaches in both design and coding.”
    • “A suitable place to earn enough experience to progress to mid-weight. Office manager, junior staff etc. all lovely.”
  • Clients Verbatim:

    • “They’re flexible, fluid, and responsive to requirements as they arise.” by Chief Assessor, Government Leadership Management
    • “They’re willing to get the work done that’s been scoped out, and they’re easy to work with.” by Marketing Lead, Biopharmaceutical Company
  • Technologies They Work On: Drupal (especially when augmented by Acquia), Laravel PHP framework, BigCommerce, Flutter, Google’s SDK , AWS, Azure, GCP
  • Industries From Where Their Clients Belong:

    • Healthcare
    • Pharma
    • Technology
    • Finance
    • Public Sector
  • Awards & Certifications:

    • Shortlisted for “Best Innovation in Student Recruitment” 2020 (Target Jobs)
    • Best Use of Technology nominee for Cabot Financial 2019 (The Drum Agency)

GearedApp Ltd.

GearedApp Ltd. is a name that ensures to build solutions based on their users’ and market demand. Such work specialty makes them unique in the market and a familiar name among the website development companies in the UK.
Hence, they are open to working with large enterprises and SMEs to construct their digital footprint and reach a wide audience. The company is based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Their expert team is equipped with developing
websites, cross-platform apps, and other bespoke solutions. They ensure to find the right business solution to every problem of their clients and overall deliver excellent work. GearedApp Ltd. came into existence in the
competitive market in 2013.  The team is filled with experienced candidates. They deliver excellent work in designing, developing, and deliver mobile-focused digital solutions also.

Website Development Companies in the UK

  • Founder: Lara, Josh, Andrzej
  • Company Website:
  • Price Model: Hourly based
  • Charges Per Project: $100 – $149 / hr
  • Top 5 Customers: Lindemann Healthcare, Ajenta, AWDis, HR Solver, Tourtag
  • Number Of Employees: 68 employees
  • Revenue Generation: $13 M Annually
  • Ratings & Reviews: 5/5 on Clutch
  • Employees Verbatim:

    • “The culture is great and it feels like a pleasure to go to work there everyday.”
    • “The projects are challenging which is something to get more experience.”
  • Clients Verbatim:

    • “GearedApp is always on time and very enthusiastic. They’re truly invested in our idea and success.” by Founder & Managing Director, Eventace
    • “They went above and beyond to ensure the project was a success.”” by Co-Founder and Managing Director, Tour Tag Ltd.
  • Technologies They Work On: Firebase, GraphQL, React, ReactNative, Gatsby, Netlify, NodeJS, AWS, NextJS
  • Industries From Where Their Clients Belong:

    • Sports
    • Digital Health
    • Fintech


There are a variety of companies that are actively working in website development to meet the superior-class demand of the
clients. Therefore, the above-mentioned list of top 10 website development companies in the UK will definitely provide valuable information to all the readers. It will help you to choose the best and most suitable business
partner to introduce your product to the market. The companies listed above have worked with a number of clients globally, as well as, have their presence in other parts of the globe. Therefore, they ensure the proper
understanding of the market and economy of their target regions. Thus, they are experts in delivering the best quality project to successfully cater to the market requirement. The developers in the companies are having years
of experience and can offer you sound business assistance too. The UK website development companies are mentioned hereafter the Supersourcing investigative team tested themselves based on a special analysis process. In
addition to that, Supersourcing also acknowledges each company’s presence in the industry and the years they have devoted to providing appropriate mobile app services. The companies listed above for app development in the UK
offer persistent, attractive, and robust application development solutions to consumers worldwide. Supersourcing also invites new and established
mobile app development companies in India to participate in future analysis processes by submitting proof of their performance and
being listed for registration.